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Call of Duty Developers Respond to Criticism Regarding Video Game’s Gambling-Like Microtransactions

A week after the Call of Duty: Mobile faced strong criticism associated with some gambling-like microtransactions from the community, the video game developers responded to the accusations and suggested what measures could be taken so that the situation is improved.

Lately, the popularity of Call of Duty: Mobile has been on the rise, with considerable seasonal updates providing players with new gameplay opportunities on a monthly basis. The new additions to the game have included various updates, including new maps, game modes and new content.

The popular video game could be constantly evolving, but it has fuelled some controversy and faced some criticism for the outdated microtransaction model that is being used by it. For the time being, plates are given the chance to purchase some items directly, although a large number of features are associated with randomized loot boxes.

At first, loot boxes and microtransactions provisions were not a huge deal. However, they soon became an issue, as players made a comparison between the prices in the Call of Duty: Mobile store to the ones offered in Modern Warfare. After an increasing number of players reported that they have been spending hundreds of dollars and barely get any rare or special item to make progress in the game, the video game developers were forced to respond to the accusations.

CoD Game Developers Say on Reddit They Will Continue Reading Customer Feedback

As CasinoGamesPro reported at the time, the existing microtransaction system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare disappointed many players, as the guaranteed purchases disproportionately surpassed the ones offered by the game’s mobile version.

The last few years saw considerable changes to be brought to the video games monetization system, with the microtransactions available in the Call of Duty being no exception. The Community Update held on September 25th saw the developers touched on all kinds of upcoming challenges and new content, but they also took their time to address the controversy.

As a response, they reminded that in April 2020 they hosted a test involving all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on a global scale to check the bundles’ popularity in comparison to loot crates distributed by a random number generator (RNG). Now, CoD developers revealed that based on the layer behavior and the feedback they received from the community, they arrived at an approach that provided users with maximum choice. However, they have not unveiled a prioritized singular method for Call of Duty: Mobile. Instead, the video game developers shared that all types of features would be available, including a credit store, draws, bundles, crates, etc.

All of the aforementioned methods are available to every CoD player as part of the developers’ efforts to offer maximum choice to their customers. They have also highlighted the fact that many options are available, no matter if players pay for a bundle outright or purchase an unlock through points.

In a post on Reddit, the Call of Duty developers explained that they would continue taking their customers’ feedback into account and discussing new ways to add further improvements that would enhance the customer experience.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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