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Video Poker

Nowadays, video poker is one of the most played games as it is extremely exciting and entertaining. It is no longer a Five-card draw game that has outdated rules and features as it was adjusted a few times in order to meet the present needs of the players. Throughout the years, video poker has been developed greatly and as a result, a number of interesting variations have emerged.

Thanks to them, it is possible to enjoy it in a very different way and get a whole new experience from it. Active players who like to be able to play on the move also have the opportunity to enjoy video poker as presently, the game can be also found in a number of online casinos.

History of Video Poker

William Redd aka Si ReddVideo Poker is considered to be a fairly new game as it was released for the first time in the 1970s. The history of slots is closely related to the invention of the video poker machine as both games were developed during the same period. Due to the fact that the video poker machine highly resembles the slot one, many players are left with the impression that both games are pretty much the same. However, this is not the case as in video poker skills play a crucial role for the final outcome of the game.

One of the key figures that has greatly contributed to the video poker we know today is Si Redd (William Redd). The first video poker machine was very simple and it required much more work in order to be qualified as an innovative and entertaining device. In 1979, SIRCOMA, released a new generation of video poker machines which quickly gained in popularity. Ever since, the game has been attracting a number of players worldwide and nowadays, it is one of the most challenging and exciting casino games.

Why Play Video Poker

Video Poker Play CasinoThere are many reasons why video poker is one of the greatest arcade games of all time. One of the biggest advantages it has is the fact that it offers high payouts and low house edge in comparison to the rest of the popular casino games. It gives players the valuable opportunity to increase their chances of winning significantly by applying a reliable strategy. They have the chance to put their skills to the test and influence the final outcome of the game.

The rules of the game are very easy to learn which makes it suitable for even inexperienced players. They can play a number of different variations and this way experience the game in a whole new way. Nowadays, it is extremely easy to practise video poker on a regular basis as it is possible to find the game in a number of places, including casinos, clubs and restaurants.

Video Poker Rules

Video Poker MachinesOne of the reasons why video poker is played by all types of players, regardless of their playing habits and experience, is that its basic rules are fairly easy to learn. The standard video poker game uses a single deck of 52 cards, but some variations also feature wild cards. Throughout the game, players have to make up their mind whether to replace or hold the cards in their hand. It is possible to discard or keep all of the cards or none of them and it is entirely up to the players to decide how to proceed.

Their main goal is to manage to form one of the winning combinations – Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House and others in order to get paid. The amount of the money they will get depends on the pay table of the variation and thus, players should always take their time to consider it. In general, video poker highly resembles the standard poker however there are some differences which should be taken into account.

How to Play Video Poker

Fun and Enjoyable Game of Video PokerIt is very easy to play video poker as its basic rules are significantly simple. The whole gaming process is also very straightforward which makes the game perfect for novice players. In most cases, gamblers can insert up to 5 coins, however video poker machines differ from one another when it comes to the maximum amount of money that can be bet. Even though the video poker machines highly resemble the slot ones, it is worth mentioning that they operate on a different principle.

Seemingly video poker is similar to slots, however there is one major difference – in video poker, players can influence the outcome of the game by using a strategy, whereas in slots skills don’t play any role. At the beginning of every game, players are dealt five cards and after that, they need to make the important decision whether to hold or replace a particular card. If they manage to form a winning hand, they get paid according to a preset amount which depends on their bet and the pay table of the variation.

Video Poker Tips

In order to be able to master video poker and make a profit in the long term, players need to pay special attention to all of the aspects of the game. For instance, it is extremely important to know which video poker machines are the most beneficial as the amount of money players will get when they form a winning combination depends to a huge extent on them. In general, players should always seek full pay video poker machines as usually, they are the ones that offer the best payout percentage.

Another prudent advice when it comes to video poker, is to always play with the maximum number of coins as this way, players will be able to qualify for the special bonuses in case they get a Royal Flush. Even though this winning combination doesn’t occur that often, it is always a good idea to be prepared for it by placing the maximum bet. These and many more useful tips can significantly improve their game and increase their chances of winning.

Video Poker Basic Strategy

If players want to improve their game and decrease the house edge, they need to implement a reliable plan. The basic strategy is one of the most used strategies as it is both simple and efficient. It is perfect for novice players as it provides them with valuable information about the fundamental principle that all strategies use. It is also extremely easy to understand how it works and to apply it. The basic strategy as its name hints, is the simplest of all strategies, however it is still very effective.

The reason why it is so efficient is that it suggests the best possible move players can make in a particular situation, taking into account their hands value. Due to the fact that every variation offers different winning combinations, every time players decide to try a new version, they should take their time to adjust the strategy of their choice accordingly. This rule applies for all strategies, regardless of their level of difficulty.

Video Poker Basic Strategy

Video Poker Intermediate Strategy

The intermediate strategy is more complicated than the basic strategy as it requires solid knowledge about the game
. It is perfect for players who are already familiar with the basic strategy and rules of video poker. By learning the intermediate strategy, players will be able to significantly improve their game and to further develop their skills. It is used by hundreds of gamblers as it has proven to work very well. It operates on the same principle as the rest of the strategies, meaning that it shows players the best possible move they can make for their current hand.

The decision whether to hold or discard a certain card is no longer difficult as players have the chance to derive this information from the strategy chart. By using it correctly, they can significantly decrease the house edge and improve their chances of winning which makes it worth learning. It can be also applied when video poker is played online however before playing, it is essential to make sure that the chosen game offers decent pay table and winning combinations.

Video Poker Advanced Strategy

Video Poker Machine in Casino Card AcceptedWhen it comes to video poker, a reliable strategy can really make the difference between winning and losing and therefore, players should take their time to learn the one that suits them best. The advanced strategy is perfect for proficient players who wish to take their gaming skills to the next level. It requires a lot of time and efforts to be fully mastered however it is the most accurate and efficient of all strategies.

It gives players the needed information how to proceed in the most difficult situations which is one of the reasons why it works so well. In order to be able to follow the advanced strategy, they should be able to memorize its chart and be disciplined enough to stick to it during the game. However, nowadays it is also possible to find a number of already made strategy cards which can be extremely useful while playing video poker. It is worth mentioning that whenever players decide to try a new variation, they should take their time to review the advanced strategy and adjust it if needed.

Video Poker Variations

Video Poker Jacks or Better LogoVideo poker is one of the most played casino games and as such, it has a number of interesting variations. All of them use the basic rules and principles of the classic video poker, but in order to make the game even more enticing, they have some extra features and bonuses. For instance, the version Deuces Wild is played with wild cards and the Double Bonus offers two bonus payouts. It is also possible to play either a standard video poker or a multi-hand one. Thanks to the huge variety of video poker games, players can significantly diversify their gaming experience.

The classic game along with some of its most popular variations can be found in many reputable online casinos which enable players to enjoy video poker at the comfort of their home. Jacks or Better is considered to be the original version of the game and therefore, it is the most widespread one. Other variations that are extremely popular among all types of players are Double Bonus, Aces and Eights, Jokers Wild, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild and others.

Video Poker Money Management

Video Poker CoinsIf players want to make a profit in the long term and most importantly, manage to retain it, they need to have a good money management system. They should be also disciplined enough to be able to follow it throughout the game. One of the most important things that players should do in order to be able to manage their funds successfully is to set a loss limit and a win goal. This way, they will be more organized when it comes to money and won’t spend more than they can afford.

These restrictions should be determined in accordance with the available bankroll players have for the particular day and therefore, they are strictly individual. Another good advice for video poker enthusiasts is to keep track of their winnings and losses as this way they can determine whether their chosen strategy truly works. It is also essential when playing video poker, to take breaks in order to be able to make better betting decisions and fully enjoy the game.

Video Poker Myths

There are many myths and stories when it comes to video poker as it is one of the most popular casino games. The virtual nature of the game is probably one of the things that contributes to their creation as many players feel uncertain about the fairness and the credibility of the game. However, players should rest assured that video poker machines are completely legitimate as they use a Random Number Generator. Thanks to it, the game cannot be preset in any way and the cards are dealt in a completely random manner.

Another popular belief is that online video poker games have the worse payout percentage which is also a misleading conception as this is rarely the case. Many players are also convinced that the game cannot be won which is a statement that couldn’t be far from the truth. It is essential that players get familiar with these myths in order to be able to distinguish them from the true video poker facts.

Video Poker vs Video Lottery Terminals

Video Lottery Terminal DifferencesVideo poker is so popular that nowadays it can be found in a number of casinos and even in some public places. Not many players know that there are actually two types of machines which offer this game – standard video poker machines and video lottery terminals. They are almost the same in terms of appearance and layout, however the way they operate is very different. Your odds of winning greatly depend not only on the variation you have chosen to play but also on the machine that offers it.

What sets video lottery terminals apart from video poker machines is the fact that the outcome of the games they offer cannot be influenced by a strategy. The reason why is that all of the machines of this type are linked to one another as they are operated by a central computer system. The final outcome of the respective game is still random, however it is determined at the time you press the deal button. Thus, at the beginning of every hand you are already bound to either lose or win, regardless of which cards you choose to hold.

Video Poker Random Number Generator

Video Poker MachinesThe Random Number Generator is a device, used in many casino games that have a virtual nature such as video poker. As its name hints, its main function is to generate numbers in a completely random manner and in this way create virtual games whose outcome is not set in advance. The numbers are produced according to an algorithm and the generating process continues even if no one is playing on the respective machine. Several types of RNGs can be distinguished, depending on the principle the machines use.

The reason why it is a good idea to get familiar with this device and its many functions is that by doing so, you can understand the mechanism behind video poker games much better. This will also bring you the needed peace of mind that whenever you play the game online, its outcome won’t be pre-set in any way, providing that the respective online casino uses a RNG. The reason why these devices have become to serve as indicators for fair games is that they are strictly regulated by independent testing authorities.

Video Poker Tournaments

Video Poker TournamentLong gone are the days when the tournaments the casinos held were limited to only one game. Nowadays you have the chance to participate in various special events which give you the chance to compete against other players and diversify your gaming experience. Many dedicated video poker players share the opinion that video poker tournaments are undoubtedly one of the greatest innovations that the casinos have come up with. Thanks to them, you can win various prizes which greatly contribute to the exciting experience you are able to get from playing in a tournament.

These events can be categorized into several basic groups due to the fact that you can take part in tournaments which differ from one another in terms of duration, rounds and prizes. In order to be able to fully enjoy yourself while playing in a video poker tournament, it is really important to only take part in events that suit your personal preferences and gaming style. Before you enter a video poker tournament, it is also essential to get familiar with all of its requirements in order to make sure that you can meet them.

Best Paying & Progressive Video Poker Games

Video Poker Jacks or Better LogoVideo poker has become one of the most widespread games and as such, it is no wonder that a number of exciting variations have emerged. Some video poker games offer better rules and pay table than others which make them more beneficial. In such games, every time you form a top winning combination, you win a decent amount. Moreover, knowing that you have realistic chances of winning can also greatly improve your gaming experience and make the whole gaming process much more enjoyable. This is the reason why it is recommended to always search for the best paying video poker games in order to be able to get a decent amount whenever you win. Some of the video poker variations which offer a great payout are 9/6 Jacks or Better, 9/6 Double Double Bonus Poker and 9/6 Deuces Wild.

Another type of games which appeals to a great number of players is progressive video poker. What makes them so exciting and enticing is the fact that they feature a jackpot whose amount increases every time someone plays. As a result, these games usually offer a life-changing prize which is definitely worthwhile. One of the things that make progressive video poker games so great is that they offer the thrill of anticipation which greatly contributes to the overall pleasant experience you are able to get from playing them.

Mobile Video Poker

Mobile Video PokerApart from going all the way to a brick and mortar casino or playing the game on your computer, there is one more way you can enjoy video poker. Thanks to mobile casinos, you have the chance to play video poker on your smartphone or tablet. Every self-respecting casino has developed a user-friendly mobile platform which is compatible with a number of modern smartphones, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This way you can carry your favorite casino game wherever you go and enjoy it on the move.

Mobile casinos offer a number of advantages which no brick and mortar casino can provide you with. For instance, land-based casinos cannot give you the convenience of playing video poker at the most comfortable place and time for you. The fact that video poker can be played on a number of mobile devices opens many new opportunities for players such as the possibility to enjoy the game whenever and wherever. Furthermore, there are many mobile casinos which offer exclusive promotions and bonuses only to its mobile users. Not to mention the fact that most mobile games have excellent graphics and quality, providing that they are powered by a leading software provider.

Popular Video Poker Online Casinos

ios app storeNowadays you have the chance to play video poker in various online casinos as the game attracts a number of players. Most of them offer a broad selection of video poker versions thanks to which you can experience the game in a new, more exciting way. However, you should bear in mind that even the slightest changes of the rules a particular version has, influence your chances of winning greatly. Therefore, it is best to always get familiar with the pay table and the winning combinations the respective game has beforehand in order to determine whether it is beneficial or not. Most popular online casinos offer a wide range of video poker games, state-of-the-art security systems, fair gaming conditions, exclusive bonuses and reliable customer support in order to provide you with an ultimate online gaming experience.

Playing Video Poker for Real Money

Video Poker Jacks or Better ScreenshotThanks to the many casinos which offer video poker, you can put your skills to the test and play the game for real money. Apart from playing the game on a video poker machine in a brick and mortar casino, you also have the chance to do so in a number of online casinos. In order to enjoy video poker virtually, you need to create a real money account and fund it. Once you have completed these steps, you can place bets and win real money. However, before you decide to risk your own funds, it is a wise decision to try and play the game in practice mode in order to get used to its virtual nature. This and many other useful tips can help you get a better gaming experience when you play the game online and fully enjoy yourself.


Video Poker is undoubtedly one of the best arcade games that can be found in a number of casinos, restaurants and bars. This game seems to offer the happy medium between luck and strategy which is one of the reasons why hundreds of players opt for it. Moreover, it is possible to make a profit in the long term as its outcome can be influenced by using a reliable strategy and a money management system. Of course, other factors such as a beneficial pay table and winning combinations also play a crucial role and thus, players should always take their time to consider them.