Video Poker Advanced Strategy

Video poker is one of the very few online casino games that can be actually mastered due to the fact that besides luck, it also requires skills and knowledge. The outcome of the game can be influenced by using an appropriate strategy which gives players the chance to make a profit in the long term. They have the great opportunity to win some cash while playing a favourite casino game.

However, everything comes at a price and in order to be able to successfully gain advantage and win, players should put a considerable amount of time and efforts in learning a reliable strategy. They should bear in mind that video poker is truly a game of chance and skills and such, knowledge can really make the difference between winning and losing.

One of the most famous video poker strategies is the advanced one. It has proven to be both highly reliable and effective which is the reason why it is used by a number of proficient players. As its name hints, it is suitable for only experienced players who are already knowledgeable about the basic rules and strategy in video poker. If you already know a lot about video poker and you want to broaden your knowledge, then it is time to learn the advanced strategy and become an expert.

Video Poker Advanced Strategy

Video Poker Quad AcesAs already mentioned, the advanced strategy is suitable for highly experienced players who want to take their gaming skills and knowledge to the next level. In most cases, the strategies of this type require more efforts and time to be learned and usually, they happen to be the most complicated of all. However, it should be noted that they are also the most effective and efficient ones.

Thanks to them, it is possible to significantly decrease the house edge and even make a profit in the long term. Therefore, they are surely worth discussing and learning as they provide players with lots of valuable opportunities. Just like any other strategy, the advanced strategy suggests the best possible moves players can make in a particular situation by taking into account the available cards in their hand. It is also worth mentioning that this strategy depends to a huge extent on the payout of the game as every time players play a version that differs from the classic video poker, they should alter it accordingly.

If players have a hand that includes a high card and three cards to straight flush, then they should hold the high card. The reason for this move is that their chances of getting the rest of the cards for straight flush are much lower than forming a winning hand with the high card. In case that, players have a Queen and King or Jack and three more other cards, then they should hold the face cards. The same goes for the situations when they have a Queen, a Jack and an Ace as it is recommended to keep the face cards. If players have Flush or four cards to Royal Flush, then it is best to go for the Royal Flush. However, in cases when their hand has Flush, then they should hold the cards that for this combination.

If players have two low valued cards plus three other cards to Straight Flush, then they should hold the three cards and discard the rest of the cards. If they have a hand that places them in a situation where they need to choose whether to go for Straight or Straight Flush, it is best to choose the first option. In case that, they have a low pair and three cards to Straight, it is best to hold the low pair. If they need four cards to Flush and three cards to Royal Flush, it is best to choose to hold the three cards. In cases that they have a low pair or four cards to Straight Flush, it is best to opt for the four cards.

Anyone can read a guide and follow its simple instructions, but it takes a powerful mind to fully master a casino game that requires skills.

What it takes to Master the Advanced Strategy

Video Poker Jackpot WinnerTo truly master a game, players need to not only do an extensive research on the matter and read lots of guides, but also get a fair amount of hands-on experience. Thus, it is recommended to play video poker on a regular basis in order to improve and get the needed skills. Many inexperienced players argue that skills have nothing to do with video poker and that it’s all about luck, but that’s not the case. Gambling experts know that the game is all about statistics and if players take their time to get familiar with them, and more importantly learn how to use them, it is possible to consistently do well.

One very important aspect when it comes to mastering the advanced strategy is memorization as recalling the right move at the right time plays a crucial role in the gaming process. If players want to become consistent winners and make a profit, they should know their chosen strategy by heart. It is recommended to memorize the pay table for the particular game and to also know the difference between the most famous variations that are available in almost every casino. The reason why is that if players are not familiar with the version they are about to play, they won’t be able to successfully apply the advanced strategy. The more players practise, the easier they will remember the pay tables. If they play regularly, they will be also able to apply the advanced strategy and remember its suggested moves without even trying. However, in order to reach this stage, they should spare a few minutes every day and revise them thoroughly.

It is recommended for players to memorize the above pay table as this way, they will at least have some basic knowledge of the hand values. Even though the pay tables differ from one variation to another, the value of hands remains the same, meaning that Royal Flush is always the best hand, followed by Straight Flush, Four of a Kind and so on. Of course, there are certain variations (especially the ones that feature wild cards) that introduce new paying combinations, which is the reason why it is essential to get familiar with them, prior to playing.

The Importance of the Pay Table

Whenever players start playing video poker in a new casino, they should always pay attention to the payouts. The reason why, this is one of the most important aspects that should be taken into account, is that it directly affects the players’ chances of winning a decent amount of money. Even if they know the advanced strategy backwards and forwards, they still won’t be able to make a profit without a beneficial payout percentage.

Video Poker Pay Table
Royal Flush25050075010004000
4 Deuces2004006008001000
Wild Royal Flush255075100125
Five of a Kind1632486480
Straight Flush1020304050
Four of a Kind48121620
Full House48121620
Three of a Kind12345

The pay table that can be found above is for full-pay Jacks or Better, but there are many other different pay tables. Thus, it is best to check the payout level before playing in order to be aware of the game rules. Usually, most casinos that offer good pay tables (in full-pay mode) are often well-advertised which is extremely convenient for video poker enthusiasts as they can easily find a beneficial machine. In order to determine the game with the best payout percentage, players should have a look at two winning combinations – Full House and Flush. These winning hands are indicative whether the game offers a decent payout. In most cases, the video poker machines that have such a payout are known as standard 9/6 ones.


Now that you have enough knowledge about the advanced strategy of video poker, you can choose to put your skills and knowledge to the test by playing this game for free or for real money. There are various websites that offer free play mode as video poker has become one of the most popular form of entertainment. Nowadays, video poker machines can be found in almost every casino which gives players the opportunity to play this game whenever and wherever they want. With the right amount of knowledge and a reliable strategy, it is possible to become a consistent winner in video poker and make a profit in the long term.