Best Paying Video Poker Games

Video poker is considered to be one of the most enthralling casino games as it offers simple yet exciting game play. Its fairly low house edge also greatly contributes to the increasing popularity of the game as thanks to it, players have a very realistic chance of winning. Another thing which many gamblers also find appealing is the fact that it is a skill-based game, meaning that they don’t have to rely solely on luck in order to win. This gives them the opportunity to put their skills to the test and get the most out of every hand by applying a strategy.

Video poker has become a very widespread game which can be found in various land-based casinos as well as online. As one of the most popular casino games nowadays, it is no surprise that it has a number of variations. Even though all of them share the same basics and fundamental principles, they give you different chances of winning. At first glance, the minor changes in the rules that each one of them has seem rather insignificant. However, if you were to look deeper into the odds and the house edge they offer, you will notice that some games are truly more beneficial than others.

How to Choose the Best Video Poker Game

Video Poker MachineIf you want to be able to accumulate as much winnings as possible while playing video poker, then you should take your time to get familiar with the most important aspects of the game. The key to determining the best video poker games is to simply be able to tell the beneficial machines apart from the disadvantageous ones. In order to achieve this goal, you have to be able to analyse the most distinguishable features every game has correctly. In general, you should look for several crucial factors which will lead you to the final conclusion whether this variation is worth playing.

Perhaps, one of the most important things which should be considered is the payout for all of the winning combinations. In order to find out this information, you should take a look at the pay table the respective video poker machine offers. All you need to do is to check the payout for Full House and Flush. In the best-case scenario, the first combination will pay 9 to 1 and the latter – 6 to 1. If this is the case, you have found a full pay machine which works in your favor. The percentage of the expected return when you play on such a machine is approximately 99%.

You should also take into account the set winning combinations as they can vary, depending on the version and the casino. If you bump into a game which offers an unfavorable pay table, even if you follow a strategy and play your hands cautiously, you won’t be able to get much in return. This will directly influence your gaming experience as most likely you will be put off by the unfairly low amount you will get.

However, it should be noted that in most cases, the games which offer a lower payout for a certain winning combination, usually compensate for it by increasing the payout for another. For instance, in the variation Deuces Wild, Full House pays 15 coins, instead of the more common 45 coins. But the game also offers a new winning card combination – four deuces which pays 1000 coins, providing that you play with the maximum number of coins.

Another important thing which you should consider is whether the respective game features wild cards or any additional bonuses. In general, wild cards variations are very exciting as they give you the chance to form winning combinations much easier. Thanks to them, you can significantly improve your game and win more frequently. However, bear in mind that some variations have altered payouts in order to compensate for the advantage the wild cards give players.

The reason why it is essential to get familiar with it is that the pay table is not universal, meaning that different casinos offer different payouts.

Best Paying Video Poker Games

Nowadays it is possible to play a number of interesting video poker variations thanks to which you can find the game that suits your personal preferences best. Every video poker game has its subtleties, unique pay table and winning combinations which should be considered beforehand. The pay table a particular game offers is one of the most important things as it directly influences your chances of winning a decent profit. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular variations which offer high payout percentages so that next time you want to play video poker, you know what to search for.

9/6 Jacks or Better

Video Poker Jacks or Better LogoJacks of Better is the classic game thanks to which video poker has gained in popularity so much. Most of the video poker variations are based on the fundamental rules that are featured in this game. Therefore, if you are a novice player, it is best to begin by playing exactly this game. Also, as already mentioned, if you want to find the best paying video poker variant, you should look for full pay machines as they are the ones that offer the most beneficial pay tables.

The reason why it is best to play Jacks and Better on a full pay machine is that in such cases the expected return is 99.54%. Usually, these games pay out 250 to 1, providing that you manage to collect a Royal Flush and that you bet only one coin. However, if you opt for a five-coin bet instead, the payout for this winning combination is the impressive 4000 coins. This is the reason why it is always advisable, if your budget allows it, to bet the maximum number of coins as you never know when your lucky shot will be. Since Jacks or Better is the classic video poker game, it doesn’t feature any wild cards as they are considered as a deviation from the standard game.

9/6 Double Double Bonus Poker

Double Double Bonus PokerDouble Double Bonus Poker is known among avid video poker players as a variation with an extremely favorable expected return – 98.98%. The reason why this version has gained in popularity so much is that it offers payouts which are worth playing for. Another great thing which appeals to a number of video poker enthusiasts is the fact that this game features a bonus round. Thanks to it, you can increase your level of excitement significantly and have even more fun. Not to mention the fact that you also have the opportunity to double your profit. The rules of the bonus round are very straightforward which makes this option even more enticing.

This round is available every time you manage to form a winning hand. Should you decide to give it a try, you will be required to select one of the four cards which are dealt face down. In such cases, only one card is exposed and in order to win, you should choose the card whose rank is higher than the dealer’s. If you win this bonus round, you have the chance to double your profit once again and accumulate even more winnings.

In this variation, Royal Flush also pays out the impressive amount of 4000 coins, providing that you bet the maximum number of coins. This game also features various winning combinations which involve Four of a Kind. For instance, if you manage to collect Four of a Kind Aces, you will be paid 800 coins. However, bear in mind that in order to win this amount, you should wager five coins.

9/6 Deuces Wild

Video Poker Deuces Wild LogoDeuces Wild is another great version of video poker which offers you favorable payouts. It is famous for mainly two things – its impressive expected return of 100.76% and its wild cards. Since these two features work entirely in favor of the players, it is no wonder that this version is highly preferred. It offers a little bit different winning combinations which you can collect during the game. One of them is Four Deuces which pays out 1000 coins or 800 coins, if you bet respectively 5 or 4 coins.

This version also offers Deuces Royal Flush which pays out 125 coins as long as you bet the maximum number of coins. Of course, the most profitable winning combination remains Natural Royal Flush because if you manage to collect it, you will be rewarded with 4000 coins. If you play this version on a full pay machine and if you apply a reliable strategy, it is possible to almost completely remove the house edge. Therefore, whenever you have the chance to play 9/6 Deuces Wild, you should try and make the most of every game as it offers you very good chances of winning.

The available variations you can play are so many that sometimes it might be very hard to find the best paying game.


Video poker is undoubtedly a casino game which has a lot to offer. It gives you the chance to put your skills to the test and try your luck while having fun. Since it is one of the most widespread games, it has a number of exciting variations which can be found in various casinos all over the world. Most variations differ from one another because of the pay tables and winning combinations they offer. Some games have more beneficial pay tables which allow you to make a profit, whereas others limit your chances significantly. Thus, it is best to always consider the pay tables in advance in order to make sure that the game you are about to play is advantageous for you.