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Live Dealer Baccarat

A. Antonova (editor) |

Live Dealer Games Offering Top-Notch Baccarat Play Online

Adored by high-stakes lovers, baccarat used to be one of the most exclusive games across brick-and-mortar casino floors. Nowadays, the card game is widely accessible, especially if you play online. While virtual baccarat tables offer a decent gaming experience, many prefer to play the game against a real dealer, making the whole gameplay more authentic and enticing.

To please the die-hard fans of the card game, leading software providers have launched their live dealer variations of baccarat. That allows players to communicate with fellow players, pick a side, and play against a real dealer, just as they would at many land-based casinos. Baccarat’s rules are extremely easy, which is why Live Casino providers were able to recreate the game even in their purpose-built Live Casino studios.

If you are wondering whether you should give Live Baccarat a try, we recommend checking our article. We will cover the strengths and weaknesses of live dealer baccarat as well as the best Live Baccarat options you can play online.

Thanks to the newest technology and high-quality equipment, live versions of baccarat resemble entirely the table in top-class physical casinos. Some of the leading software companies have made sure to provide a realistic and entertaining gambling experience that can grant any player the ultimate casino adventure.

Many games are streamed from studios around the world, built for the purpose of providing gambling enthusiasts with impeccable table games. Some live-dealer variants of baccarat may be streamed from real land-based casinos, which only contributes even further to the authenticity of the game.

What is the Difference Between RNG and Live Baccarat

baccarat rng netentIf you are wondering why you should choose to play Live Baccarat then you can take into account several things that many players consider advantageous when it comes to virtual gambling. Although good casinos use Random Number Generators (RNG) which are constantly evaluated by independent auditors, there are many interactive players who do not believe that the outcome of RNG games is completely arbitrary.

Live dealer games, on the other hand, use a live dealer, just like any land-based casino. This is why many virtual gamblers prefer live-dealer games as they believe that the outcome of the games is just as random as it would be in any brick-and-mortar gambling facility.

Another reason why a lot of virtual casino members prefer to bet money on live-dealer versions of baccarat is the authenticity of the games. Players have the opportunity to play with a real dealer which is the beauty of most casino classic games. After all, the essence of the game of baccarat is the competition between the Player and the Banker and only live-dealer variants can actually provide a game that is this close to the original one.

If you are looking for authenticity, then you would definitely appreciate the live-dealer versions of baccarat quite a lot. Even though software companies work hard to improve the quality of their computer graphics, the look of the RNG games could never come as close to the real as Live Casino Baccarat does. The true beauty of table games that are streamed live, is that players can enjoy the same betting experience they would in land-based casinos.

Since most games are streamed from special studios built with the purpose of providing players with top-class gaming solutions, Live Casino members can anticipate a very realistic betting adventure. Some games are even streamed from actual physical casinos which contribute even further to the authenticity of Live Casino Baccarat.

Playing an online variant of baccarat may be fun, however, there is yet another thing you can enjoy while testing your luck at the live-dealer version of the game. As mentioned earlier, live-dealer games have real dealers who conduct the entire game. What is even better, you can chat directly with them, as the majority of Live Casino variants of the game offer a live chat feature. As soon as you log into the Live Casino of your choice, you will see that there are actually baccarat tables that can accommodate several players. This means that you can also communicate with the rest of your fellow gamblers who are at the same table as you are.

If you were not that familiar with the rules and the specifics of baccarat, then you must have asked yourself why so many people enjoy this game. Although the game is pretty simple, there is a certain aspect of the game that can make the entire experience more thrilling. The so-called squeeze, which is a signature move in many baccarat variations, is what makes the game more exciting.

In reality, the squeeze cannot change the outcome of the game in any way, however, it can slow down the pace of every round and raise the anticipation level of players. Simply put, the process of squeezing includes the slow reveal of each card’s value without simply looking at it.

There are various ways to ‘squeeze’ the cards and different players have specific preferences about that. This feature is included in many live-dealer versions of baccarat and as you would expect, only professional dealers would know how to make the game more exciting with the right technique. This is definitely an experience you can only enjoy in Live Casinos where players have a close look at the ‘squeezing’ of the cards.

When it comes to games with different table limits, RNG games can provide quite a few variants, however, live-dealer baccarat versions can provide an experience that is entirely different depending on the game players have chosen. Although baccarat is well-known as a source of entertainment for high rollers, there are a handful of Live Baccarat options with lower stakes.

If you enjoy the riskier type of baccarat, you can join tables that are perfect for high rollers. Since there are various games with numerous side bets, players can actually accumulate a pretty impressive win.

If you join a Live Casino, you will be able to enjoy quite a few variants of Live Baccarat which are provided by a handful of the leading software companies in the iGaming industry. Some games are streamed from special studios, specifically built for the purpose of streaming live-dealer table and card games. All of the following games provide players with classic baccarat entertainment that can also provide some pretty amazing additional features.

Live Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

Evolution Gaming is the software company which is responsible for this game. To provide online players with the ultimate thrill, the leading software name relies on high-quality video streams directly from its studio in Riga, Latvia. If you are a fan of this classic casino game which has become popular as a casino entertainment for high rollers, then you should definitely try playing Live Baccarat Controlled Squeeze.

Live Baccarat Controlled Squeeze
Screenshot of Live Baccarat Controlled Squeeze
Live Baccarat Control Squeeze (Evolution)
Streaming fromLatvia
Bet range€1 – €10,000
Max win11x
Side betsYes
LanguagesAlbanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
Live Baccarat Control Squeeze (Evolution) Bets and Payouts

Prior to this live-dealer version of baccarat, Evolution Gaming has launched Live Baccarat Squeeze where the dealer makes the game even more exciting by performing the squeeze while numerous cameras follow every move and show players a close-up of the squeeze. The difference in Live Baccarat Controlled Squeeze is that players can control the squeeze themselves. The game even allows you to practice the squeeze without actually betting any money. This game is streamed in a specially designed multi-camera room.

The cards are dealt with the face down on a glass table and a couple of HD-cameras underneath the table reveal the cards. By using optical filters and an overlay mask, the faces of the cards are blurred. If you simply click or tap on one of the edges of a card, the overlay mask will be peeled and you will be able to see the value of the card. With the help of numerous cameras, players can follow up-close every little move in the game.

Prestige Baccarat

There are several reasons why so many people enjoy playing baccarat. Since it is one of the casino classics and it has remained in the history of gambling as the game for high rollers, the game has numerous online variants in the majority of good virtual casinos. Although nowadays there are plenty of games that can provide players with a thrilling betting experience, a lot of gambling enthusiasts feel like there is something missing and this is the interaction with a real dealer. This is why Playtech has provided plenty of Live Casino baccarat versions and Prestige Baccarat is one of the most popular ones.

Prestige Baccarat
Screenshot of Prestige Baccarat
Live Prestige Baccarat (Playtech)
Streaming fromLatvia
Bet range€1 – €5000
Max win220x
Side betsYes
LanguagesCzech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish
Live Prestige Baccarat (Playtech) Payouts
Player/Banker Pair1:1
Either Pair5:1
Perfect Pair25:1
Egalite45:1 to 220:1

The reason for the word ‘prestige’ in the title of the game is the fact that it is streamed from a room that helps players immerse themselves in an environment that is just as classy as the one in land-based casinos, if not even classier. This version of Live Baccarat allows players to follow the gameplay from five different angles and thanks to the feature that replays the winning hands, they can see up-close every move of the dealer. The cameras in the studio are specially placed in positions which allow you to see every detail of the squeeze which makes the game so exciting and authentic to the one in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Golden Baccarat

Playtech never disappoints with its games and Golden Baccarat is a proof of that. Despite the background of the table being gold, there is yet another reason for the title Golden Baccarat. With this live-dealer version, Playtech makes sure that players have the opportunity to enjoy a classic game of baccarat with features specific for land-based casinos. If you decide to play Golden Baccarat you will see that the experience is in no way inferior to the one in brick-and-mortar casinos and if anything – it is even better.

Golden Baccarat
Screenshot of Golden Baccarat
Live Golden Dragon Baccarat (Playtech)
Streaming fromLatvia, Romania, Philippines
Bet range€1 – €5000
Max winx220
Side betsYes
LanguagesCzech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish

Although the look of Golden Baccarat does not differ that much from the other variations of the game, there are certain dealing features that the game offers to its players. If you decide to join the table of Golden Baccarat you can play with regular deals, speed deals, squeeze controlled by the dealer, squeeze controlled by the player/players or you can have a game where the player with the highest stakes controls the squeeze.

The game begins with six cards that are being dealt with the face down. Two of the cards are for the Player, the other two for the Banker and the last two are additional cards which can be used if the Player and Banker need a third card. Then the cards are revealed and if needed, the third card is applied to the Player’s and Banker’s hands.

Grand Baccarat

Grand Baccarat is one of the first all-access tables that was launched in the new purpose-built studio of Playtech in Riga, Latvia. There is nothing new about the game as it follows the standard rules and looks of classic baccarat that you are used to seeing in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, it is a perfect variant of the game for those who do not have the opportunity to play at a physical casino.

Grand Baccarat
Screenshot of Grand Baccarat
Grand Baccarat (Playtech)
Streaming fromRomania
Bet range€1 – €1,000
Max winx150
Side betsYes
LanguagesCzech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak
Grand Baccarat (Playtech) Payouts
Banker/Player Pair11:1
Perfect Pair25:1
Egalite Extra150:1
Either Pair5:1

The quality of the streams is impeccable which is a trademark of Playtech’s live games. Players have the opportunity to follow every action of the game and play against a live dealer. As it is with classic baccarat, the dealer draws two cards for the Player, two for the Banker and then, if necessary a third card is being drawn. The user-friendly interface of the game allows players to put their bets in an easy way and thanks to the various options of Grand Baccarat, casino members are able to follow every move in the game.

Additionally to the standard bets (Banker 0.95 : 1, Player 1 : 1, Tie 8 : 1), players can also place several side bets which include Banker Pair (unsuited) 11 : 1, Player Pair (unsuited) 11 : 1, Perfect Pair (Player or Banker suited) 25 : 1, Either Pair (Player or Banker unsuited) 5 : 1, Small (only 4 cards are dealt) 1.5 : 1, Big (5 or 6 cards are dealt) 0.54 : 1, Egalite Tie side bets.

Mega Baccarat

Mega Baccarat is one of Pragmatic Play’s live dealer games from the Mega series, with generous multipliers often giving the chance to hit significantly higher payouts. Streamed from the software’s dedicated Live Casino studios, the game allows a top-notch gaming experience, with a bonus round adding some twist to the standard card game.

Mega Baccarat
Screenshot of Mega Baccarat
Mega Baccarat (Pragmatic Play)
Streaming fromRomania
Bet range€0.1 – €3,000
Max win1,000x
Side betsYes
LanguagesChinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
Mega Baccarat Payouts
Player1:1 – 100:198.79%
Banker1:1 – 100:198.54%
Tie8:1 – 800:195%
Player Pair10:1 – 1,000:197%
Banker Pair10:1 – 1,000:197%

The rules of Mega Baccarat are rather straightforward, allowing players to make the standard baccarat bets – player, banker, or tie. There is also the option to make side bets on player pair or banker pair, with each side wager paying 10 to 1. Banker and Player payouts are your typical even money payouts, while tie bets pay 8 to 1. As you can see, there is nothing unusual about the base game of Mega Baccarat.

The fun element of this Pragmatic Play is the Mega bonus, which can add up to a 100x multiplier to your bet. That means player/banker bets can award up to 100 to 1, ties can pay up to 800 to 1, and side bets can grant up to 10,000 to 1 when a multiplier is applied. Beware that multipliers are not active on each round as a pair of dice will determine whether you will enjoy an extra boost on payouts. For a random multiplier to be applied to your bet, the dice must roll either eight or nine. Keep in mind that the game will collect a 20% Mega Fee on each betting round, contributing to the bonus feature. What is more, the fee is not counted toward the return.

XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat

Continuing its series of multiplier live casino games, Evolution Gaming has launched XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat, giving players the opportunity to land a multiplier of up to 1,000x their bet. As soon as you load the game, you will notice the extremely nice design of the table and the setting around the dealer.

XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat
Screenshot of XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat
XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat (Evolution)
Streaming fromLatvia
Bet range€1 – €5,000
Max win$500,000
Side betsYes
LanguagesArabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Payouts
Player1 – 1,000:198.68%
Banker1 – 1,000:198.53%
Tie2.85 – 2,850,000:192.67%
Player/Banker Pair8 – 800:190.45%

The game follows standard baccarat rules, with the hand with the closest value to the total of nine winning the round. There is a 3% commission on banker wins, which is great news as the standard commission on this bet tends to be 5%. The game uses eight standard decks with 52 cards in them, with the multiplier cards being chosen from a separate virtual deck of 52 cards. With the addition of the XXXtreme Lightning bonus game, players will be charged a 50% fee on each betting round.

In each round, between four and eight cards will be chosen from the virtual deck, applying a multiplier between 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x, and 10x to the selected cards. If the side you have placed your bet on consists of multiplier cards, their cumulative multiplier will be applied to your bet.

Super 8 Live Baccarat

If you enjoy your Live Casino adventures but you are on the search for a more thrilling game of baccarat, you can try the Pragmatic Play’s live dealer version of the casino classic. Super 8 Live Baccarat offers players seven fun side bets in addition to the standard player/banker, and tie wagers. You can choose to make all of the side bets, just a few of them, or none of them.

Super 8 Live Baccarat
Screenshot of Super 8 Live Baccarat
Super 8 Baccarat (Pragmatic Play)
Bet range€0.2 – €5,000
Max win40:1
Side betsYes
LanguagesArabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
Super 8 Baccarat (Pragmatic Play) Payouts
Main Bets
Player/Banker Super Pair Side Bet
Pair of 4s20:196.35%
Pair of Diamonds30:196.35%
Pair of Diamond 4s40:196.35%
Player Red/Black Side Bet
2 cards of the same color2:196.54%
3 cards of the same color4:196.54%
3 cards of the same suit10:196.54%
Banker Red/Black Side Bet
2 cards of the same color2:196.25%
3 cards of the same color4:196.25%
3 cards of the same suit12:196.25%
Super 8 Side Bet
Player or Banker Natural Win4:195.45%
Tie with two Natural 86:195.45%
Player or Banker Natural Loss6:195.45%

The basic goal of the game is to get 9 or be as close as possible to that lucky number. You can bet on whether the Player’s hand or the Banker’s hand will be the closest one to 9. In addition to this standard bet, you can also choose to play with the Super 8 side bets which pay 4 to 1 or 6 to 1, depending on the bet you have made. One major feature of Super 8 Live Baccarat to keep in mind is that the Super 8 side bet will be active only for the first 30 hands played from the dealing shoe.

With high-quality video and plenty of advanced features that make the game more interesting, players are bound to have an unforgettable baccarat experience that can easily make them feel like they are playing at a top-class land-based casino.


Live Dealer Baccarat offers the authentic, pulse-racing experience of playing against a real dealer, mirroring the vibe of a swanky land-based casino. It’s all about the real-time thrills, the joy of being in the company of other players and the dealer, and the sheer elegance of the game unfolding live on your screen. RNG lacks this personal, interactive feel, relying purely on algorithms.

Absolutely! Live Dealer Baccarat isn’t just about the cards; it’s about giving players the opportunity to be a part of a like-minded community of baccarat fans. The live chat feature lets you banter with the dealer and fellow players, adding a sociable dimension to your gaming experience. It’s the social butterfly’s dream, turning a solo game into a lively casino party.

Yes, it’s 2023, and mobility is key! The best live baccarat games are perfectly optimized for your mobile device, ensuring you can chase those high stakes whether you’re lounging at home or on the move. Just make sure your internet connection can handle the live-action without hiccups.

The “squeeze” is baccarat’s most tantalizing ritual, where the card’s reveal is dramatically slowed down for suspense. In Live Dealer Baccarat, the dealer performs this artful reveal, heightening the drama and anticipation. It’s a nod to the game’s traditional roots, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Indeed, Live Dealer Baccarat caters to all bankrolls. Whether you’re looking to place lofty wagers like a high roller or prefer more modest bets, there’s a table for you. The game’s inclusive nature ensures everyone gets a slice of the action, regardless of their budget.