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Live Dealer Casino Games

S. Stoynova (editor) |

Live Casino Games Enjoyed by Most Online Players

Live dealer games represent a different type of online casino experience, offering players the chance to play with real dealers, in an authentic casino environment, with all of the action happening before their eyes. Several software providers have been dominating the Live Casino scene, bringing unique and high-quality solutions to members of prominent virtual casinos.

At the beginning of its journey in the iGaming scene, the Live Casino industry had very few titles to offer to players, providing several variations of classic table games. As this subgenre started gaining a massive fanbase, software providers started adding more features, bonus games, and advanced mechanics to their live dealer solutions.

Nowadays, players can pick from VIP dedicated tables, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack games featuring multipliers as well as live game shows and even slots that can be played in a fun augmented Live Casino reality. Despite the huge diversity, however, popular Live Casino games can be divided into several categories, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

Why Players Prefer to Play at Live Casinos

live casino technologyIf you are a gambling enthusiast but you do not have the opportunity to visit a brick-and-mortar casino, then you have probably discovered the opportunity to play online at an interactive casino. During the past several years, virtual gaming has become extremely popular, and more and more people are looking for an opportunity to have fun, enjoy exciting games, and maybe even win some money.

Any respectable web-based casino nowadays offers the full range of classic table and card games that can be found at any physical casino. Virtual players usually have plenty of options to choose from and they can easily replace the traditional casino experience with its more innovative virtual variants. However, there are a lot of people who find playing virtual games not that satisfying. The reason for that is the lack of personal interactions with other players and live dealers. This is why software companies have provided solutions that are capable of transcending the limits of virtual graphics and providing an authentic gambling experience that can be achieved in the comfort of your own home.

Nowadays, Live Casinos are one of the most attractive points of online gambling. With high-class purpose-built studios, amazing equipment, professional dealers, and advanced technology, online players are bound to enjoy an outstanding betting adventure. Thanks to the live dealer games available at numerous virtual casinos, seasoned players have the opportunity to enjoy live table or card games which are played in real-time, with the presence of a live dealer. There is no RNG and no computer animations involved. Every game evolves before your eyes and you can follow every movement of the dealer or the roulette wheel with the help of advanced technology.

As software companies strive to improve the quality of their live dealer games, many of them are using the newest Optical Camera Recognition Technology which allows players to keep track of every card that has been dealt, every move of the roulette ball, or the shuffle of the cards in the deck. This makes every game more realistic and players have the chance to play in the comfort of their own homes but still enjoy the excitement that a land-based casino can bring.

The reason why so many players enjoy playing Live Casino games is the thrill that they experience. It cannot be compared with any RNG game. The best part of this type of game is the presence of a real dealer as well as other real players who have joined the same table as you have. Those interactions allow virtual gamblers to immerse themselves in the game and feel as if they have set foot in a physical casino.

The best part about this category of games is that software developers are expanding their services and there are more and more Live Casino Studios opening in different parts of the world. In addition to that, some companies hire bilingual dealers who can communicate freely with different players and make their betting adventures more personalized. There are also new games being launched and they are designed to fit the needs of a certain group of players. Whether you prefer to play with lower stakes or you do not like waiting for an open seat at the blackjack table, you are guaranteed to find a game that can fit your betting needs as well as other preferences.

As mentioned before, there are multi-seat tables but there are also tables available for a single high roller who wants to enjoy a VIP service and try his luck at a live dealer game of roulette or maybe blackjack. With tables that resemble those at top land-based casinos, players can instantly immerse themselves in the game and enjoy an unforgettable betting experience.

Simply put, most players prefer to enjoy Live Casino games because they can still play in the comfort of their own home but at the same time, they would get that real action and interact with live dealers who make every game more exciting and authentic. With modern technologies, there are even Live Casino games that can be played on portable devices. This is an amazing opportunity for those who are constantly on the move but still want to enjoy that realistic Las Vegas experience.

How to Play at a Live Casino

live casino players turnSome players who are new to the Live Casino scene might feel intimated, however, there is nothing to be scared of. Playing at a Live Casino lobby is just as easy as playing any of the RNG games available at the online casino. All you need to do is create an account at the web-based casino of your choice, go to the selection with live dealer games, and select the title you want to play. This may redirect you to the Live Casino lobby of the respective provider or it can instantly load the live stream of the game you have selected.

Before the game begins you will be asked to pick a nickname, which can be seen by the dealer whenever you use the live chat feature to communicate. All newcomers are greeted by a real dealer who will prompt players to place their bets as soon as a new betting session starts. Although you are playing at an online Live Casino, the rules of the games are the same as those that apply to land-based casino roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. The great thing about Live Casinos is that you are presented with several options that will allow you to choose a table that fits your needs. You can join a game with higher or lower stakes and most of the games will even accommodate an unlimited number of players so you do not have to wait for a vacant seat.

The dealer will be the one to deal the cards or launch the ball into the roulette wheel, take the bets, and announce the result of every round. You can even use a live chat option to communicate with the dealer or the rest of the online players who have joined your table.

Types of Popular Live Casino Games

The best online casino operators make sure to provide a good amount of gaming options when it comes to live dealer games. No matter the provider that has powered the Live Casino lobby of the brand, chances are, you will find versions of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Table games were the first type of casino entertainment adopted to real-dealer play, which explains why they are still most popular among Live Casino players.

Leading software developers in the virtual gaming industry provide numerous variants of classic table games, with some of them presenting exclusive benefits. We cannot miss mentioning live game shows as well, as this subgenre has become extremely popular with many Live Casino fans.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack Live DealerBlackjack is a top pick for a casino game of many gaming enthusiasts online. This is why the majority of Live Casino lobbies feature different variants of the card game, with classic rules, side bets, and even bonus games included in some live dealer blackjack variants. For those who are fans of the classic game of 21, there are plenty of options with real dealers that make the entire betting experience more realistic and at the same time more convenient.

In the past professional blackjack games were allowed only in brick-and-mortar casinos. Thankfully, nowadays the technology that Live Casino Studios use provides players with a next-level gaming experience that can offer both lifelike interactions with a real dealer and the comfort of playing from your own home.

The best part about playing blackjack in an online Live Casino is that players can easily find tables with a betting limit that will suit their needs. Often land-based casinos announce a minimum bet which is far from what many players consider a reasonable minimum. At Live Casinos, however, there are plenty of blackjack variations that offer low table limits and can fit the preferences of players who would like to play lower stakes.

If you decide to join a blackjack live dealer game, you will experience a thrilling betting adventure that is very similar to the one in high-class Vegas casinos. That said, one great feature of live blackjack tables is that even when there is a limited number of seats and all of them are occupied by other players, you may be able to place a bet behind any of your fellow players who are currently playing certain hands. That means you do not have to wait for a vacant position in order to play the live blackjack game you enjoy. Live Casinos can offer games for fans of both lower stakes and higher stakes.

While until recently the maximum of players who could join the same blackjack live table was seven, providers like Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play have launched games like Lightning Blackjack, Power Blackjack, ONE Blackjack, and many more, allowing an unlimited number of players to join a single table at the same time.

Live Roulette

Live Dealer RouletteRoulette is popular at both land-based and virtual casinos. This is why it is a part of the gaming selection of the majority of Live Casinos. Although the European style of roulette is the version that is most preferred by virtual gamblers, fans of American and French roulette can still find plenty of their live dealer variations online. Every game flaunts tables and wheel designs that are authentic to the ones land-based casinos use, further implementing the realistic element.

Thanks to the Optical Camera Recognition Technology (OCR), players are capable of keeping track of every detail on the table and the roulette wheel. Modern Live Casino studios have incorporated the newest technology and software in order to improve the quality of the gaming experience. One of the advantages of playing a live dealer version of roulette includes having the chance to place advanced bets on a majority of live roulette games you can find online. As this type of wager is enjoyed by many high-rollers, live roulette tables make sure to cater to high-stake fans as well. The multi-player variants of the game allow players to enjoy the game alongside their fellow casino members. Typically, Live Roulette games offer direct communication through a live chat feature, making the experience even more entertaining and realistic.

Although the main idea of Live Casino games is to enjoy an experience that comes as close as possible to the one in brick-and-mortar casinos, some software companies offer roulette versions with automatic dealers. These will mostly appeal to players who enjoy quick-paced games, allowing them to enjoy more sessions in a shorter amount of time.

One great innovation that has been added to many roulette variants powered by Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and other providers is the presence of multipliers. Thanks to this type of feature, a simple straight bet can award a massive payout, making the live roulette experience extremely exciting.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat DealerBaccarat was actually among the first games that some Live Casinos started streaming online. This may be due to the fact that back in the day it was considered a game for high-rollers and live dealer games tend to have slightly higher betting limits than some of their RNG counterparts. Thanks to its glory represented in movies, books, and classy land-based casinos, nowadays, nowadays the game is adored by many, making it a popular variation at Live Casino lobbies online.

The beauty of baccarat is in the interaction with the dealer, which can be sometimes a missing element in RNG-based baccarat options. If you do not feel entertained by the virtual versions of the game that web-based casinos offer, you can head to online Live Casino sections where you can explore numerous live dealer versions of the card game.

High-definition cameras record the gameplay and players can keep track of every key action by following the moves of the dealer on the screen. Thanks to the live chat feature, casino members can communicate with the dealer or fellow players who have joined the game. This definitely makes the entire experience more realistic and a convenient alternative to land-based baccarat tables.

There are a handful of interactive casinos that can offer live dealer versions of baccarat, perfect for both high-rollers and low-stakes players. Although throughout the years, baccarat has become popular as the game of high stakes, there are still plenty of live dealer tables that can offer players a seat for a rather low bet.

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

live casino pokerOnline gamblers who decide to play Live Dealer Casino Hold’em will have the opportunity to enjoy a very interesting rendition of Texas Hold’em which is a popular game among poker fans. As soon as you open the streaming of this poker variant, you will see that players are playing against the house, rather than competing against other gambling enthusiasts who have joined the game. Players from all over the world have the opportunity to play on the same table but they will play against the hand of the house which is dealt by a live dealer.

Some live dealer poker games will also include a casino employee who will shuffle the deck of cards and then handle it to the live dealer. This is done after a deck has been fully played and is then discarded.

To participate in the next round of Live Dealer Casino Hold’em, players need to make an Ante Bet. After placing their entry bets, the participants in the game are dealt two cards from the deck which are placed face up. The Dealer’s two cards and the ones which are dealt face down will not be shown until all players place their final bets. After that three cards which are known as the Community Cards will be dealt. The goal of the game is to beat the hand of the dealer.

If you decide that your hand will be of a lower rank, you can ‘fold’ your hand and at this point, you will lose only your Ante Bet and your cards will be removed from the table. If you decide to participate in the next round, you will have to wait until this game is played out by the rest of the players on the table. You should know that you have a set time to decide whether you will Fold or Call a bet. If the house has a higher-ranked hand compared to the one you are holding, you will lose both your Ante and Called bets.

For players who enjoy a more thrilling betting experience, Live Dealer Casino Hold’em is a perfect opportunity to win money while playing against a real dealer. Thanks to the high quality of the streams, poker fans are guaranteed to enjoy an authentic gambling adventure.

Live Game Shows

With live table games becoming a hit among online casino players, software providers were facing the challenge of introducing something new to the audience. To make one’s live dealer casino experience even more interactive, fun, and different, Live Casino providers introduced live game shows.

Evolution Gaming was the first one to try something different, bringing a new era of Live Casino games to life. Dream Catcher was the very first live game show launched by the provider, offering players a money-wheel style of gameplay. With charming, quirky, and fun hosts, this title quickly became one of Evolution Gmaing’s staples.

Nowadays, a wide range of Live Casino providers make sure to add at least a few game shows to their portfolios, with Playtech even launching a couple of live slot variations.

Playing live game shows is extremely easy and intuitive, but you should always check the rules, bet types, and payouts of every game before you start playing it. A few exciting titles we believe might pique your interest include Dream Catcher, Live Monopoly, Boom City, Sweet Bonanza Candyland, Buffalo Blitz Live, and many more.