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Canadian Twitch Streamer xQc Opens Up about Gambling Addiction

The famous Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has a complicated relationship with gambling. The 26-year-old Lengyel, who became popular for streaming gambling-related content on his Twitch account for years, however, has not admitted that he is fighting an illness as he has been dealing with a gambling addiction.

This is not the first time when the Canadian streamer has talked about his addiction to gambling. In 2021, he opened up about his addiction to Gambling Simulator and betting but this time, he decided to go further and officially acknowledge that he has a more serious problem with gambling, as he pursues it in every game he plays. Last weekend, xQc shared that gambling was involved in every game he played, and these habits of his did not only involve the Gambling Simulator.

The Twitch streamer confessed that he had an extremely addictive personality and got hooked on everything he did. He acknowledged that he should simply not gamble anymore but he was still doing it.

Surprisingly, xQc may have openly admitted his problem gambling behavior but it does not seem that he is planning to stop gambling for the time being or take further measures to tackle his harmful habit. The reason is quite prosaic, actually – he simply currently has enough money to afford to be more reckless about his gambling.

Gambling Simulator’s Streaming Has Deteriorated xQc’s Addiction to Gambling

The popular Twitch streamer sees himself in a more privileged position because he simply has the financial opportunity to continue gambling. The good thing is that he is fully aware of the fact that compulsive gambling is an issue. The Canadian streamer has noted that not everyone is fortunate as him, so people in a more unfortunate financial position should not be gambling as he does.

So far, the streaming platform’s superstar has posted various content on his Twitch channel, with the Gambling Simulator – an online casino where he has risked losing money while betting on games – being extremely popular among viewers.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel has always been controversial – on one hand, he is much loved by his fans, and on the other hand, he has collected many banks throughout his career. Along with his streams, he is also popular for having taken part in various Twitch metas and is considered one of the individuals who are partially responsible for the rising popularity of the recent gambling meta of the streaming platform that provides streamers with the opportunity to spend real money while playing gambling games on the Internet.

This, however, could lead to falling into extreme debt because of gambling. In fact, the Canadian streamer has already shared that he intended to quit gambling and stop streaming gambling games on his channel. However, he has still not done so, but at least he has been honest about his gambling addiction, opening up to his fans about his problem and acknowledging the harmful effects such behavior could have on their finances and personal lives.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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