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Catawba Indian Tribe Currently Expanding Its Two Kings Casino in North Carolina

Catawba Indians’ tribal leaders revealed that the Tribe is expanding its gambling site in North Carolina due to what they called overwhelming success since the venue started operation on July 1st.

The planned expansion works at the casino, which is situated at Interstate 85 Exit 5, only 35 miles west of Charlotte, have already started. At first, the tribe is set to add 600 gaming machines to its Kings Mountain-based gambling facility called the Two Kings Casino. According to the statement made by some tribal leaders a couple of days ago, the expansion works started in September.

As far as the new gambling machines are concerned, they will be in the same type of prefabricated modular structures as the existing casino venue and are set to be attached to it.

The Catawba Tribe has shared that it expects the electronic gaming machines’ addition to be completed by the end of 2021. The president of the Catawba Nation Gaming Authority, Mike Ulizio, said in a statement that the tribe is seeking to finalize the expansion as quickly as possible because of the “overwhelming success” of the casino.

At the time the process is finalized, the casino will have a total of 1,000 gaming machines.

1,000 Gaming Machines to Be Available at Catawba Nation’s Casino When Expansion Closes

Tribal leaders said that further updates on the venue’s expansion are set to be published on the Two Kings Casino page on Facebook.

Despite making the claims that the Two Kings Casino has been going very well, the Catawba Tribe did not release any revenue or attendance figures with its latest announcement, neither has it announced such details since the casino’s opening. A couple of months ago, in August, the North Carolina Department of Revenue rejected a local media’s request for some details about the state’s first-month tax revenues generated by the casino, saying that such information classifies as private under state statute.

Meanwhile, a further expansion of the larger Two Kings Casino Resort is being planned by the Catawba Nation and its consultants. The gaming facility started operation in July. For the time being, the latest news release of the tribe has not provided any construction timetable for the Catawbas’ larger casino.

The gambling facility that opened in July and operates 24/7 represented the first phase of the establishment of the Two Kings Casino Resort, which has been estimated at a total of $273 million. As previously reported by The Charlotte Observer, work on a larger temporary casino building situated in close proximity to the resort is scheduled to start by the end of 2021 and is expected to take about a year to be finalized.

The addition of the gaming machines is set to double the size of the pre-launch building’s existing 14,700-square-foot gaming area, with the overall number of gaming machines at the facility set to reach 1,000. The expansion will also include the opening of new jobs, with additional personnel being hired. At the time it started operation earlier in 2021, the pre-launch facility had a total of 259 staff members. The total capacity for the original pre-launch building was 1,100.

 Author: Harrison Young

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