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Professional Golf Player Backs the Newly-Announced Deal of LPGA and BetMGM

After the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) announced a multi-year partnership agreement with the US gambling giant BetMGM about a fortnight ago, the LPGA Tour revealed that it is to host the Bank of Hope LPGA Match-Play event this week at Shadow Creek, the pivotal venue for Las Vegas high-roller customers.

The Association has not yet released the information of the new partnership, so no further details could be found on-site so far, but the two parties are expected to still be able to see whether the announcement of the deal would have an impact on customers’ interest in the tour.

As Gold Digest reported, according to the professional golfer Danielle Kang, who is being sponsored by the local gambling operator MGM Resorts, the agreement would definitely be helpful, especially considering the fact that, in her opinion, gambling is “a huge part of golf”.

She further shared that gambling has to be promoted because the game of golf itself involves a lot of gambling. Ms. Kang further shared that it would be a great thing if people are able to have fun and bet on their favorite players. According to her, this is exactly what could make the game of golf and the abovementioned Match-Play event more interesting to people.

Besides, Ms. Kang has shared her belief that such a move will help fans relate more to the action. She has said that golf is associated with always “playing for something”, which makes it more relatable to gambling.

LPGA Tour Has Been Offering Sport Betting Integrity Services since June 2019

As of this weekend, Golf Channel started incorporating some odds and other features associated with sports betting into its broadcast. As Justin Thomas, a member of the Player Advisory Council at PGA Tour, highlighted in February this year, the increase in focus boost the chance for people, who have placed wagers and are present on-site and who are looking to affect outcomes.

The LPGA Tour started offering sports betting integrity services to its players as a result of a collaboration agreement with Genius Sports in June 2019.

As mentioned above, the Ladies Professional Golf Association officially entered the gambling space in mid-May.

At the time, the LPGA Tour officially announced a multi-year deal with BetMGM, which was made its official betting operator and partner. Under the provisions of the agreement, BetMGM will start offering LPGA Tour odds in addition to the ones that have already been available for the PGA Tour, European Tour and a number of other events. Also, the deal provided BetMGM with the opportunity to use the LPGA logo.

Just like other gambling companies, such as FanDuel, DraftKings and PointsBet, BetMGM is also a gambling partner of the PGA Tour. That deal was officially revealed in 2018 after the US Supreme Court announced its decision to lift the federal ban on sports betting services and allowed all US states to decide for themselves whether to legalize the new form of gambling or not.

 Author: Harrison Young

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