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Sports Betting and DFS Operator FanDuel Set to Establish New Technology Hub in Georgia

Earlier this week, the sports betting and daily fantasy sports company FanDuel revealed plans to create over 900 new jobs in metro Atlanta in the next five-year period as part of its new tech hub project that is set to focus on product development and IT operations of the gambling giant.

As FanDuel shared, it plans to invest more than $15 million on the project, which includes an agreement with the higher education system of the state, under which students are being trained for careers in the technology sector. The gambling and sports betting operator announced that its technology campus is set to be established on a 68,000-square-foot site in Midtown. The new jobs that are expected to be created as part of the plans will involve program design, information technology, software engineering and product development.

For the time being, the tax credits and other benefits that FanDuel is likely to receive as a result of the investment still remain unknown.

Giorgia’s Governor Brian Kemp described the decision of the sports betting operator as proof of the state’s world-class universities and technology training programs, plus the strong and successful “ecosystem” of professional sports teams and leagues that had been cultivated within the state’s borders.

FanDuel Keeps Growth Stable as More US State Legalize Sports Betting

Part of the gambling operator’s project also aims at an agreement under which FanDuel will get an active presence on college campuses, job fairs and on-site events, with the company set to provide various mentoring programs and career workshops to local communities.

FanDuel has marked some remarkable growth rates that even remained strong over the coronavirus pandemic as an increasing number of states is aimed at making sports betting legal. The sports betting and daily fantasy sports provider has managed to cultivate a base of approximately 12 million customers, while its workforce has increased by about 40% over the last few years.

For the time being, the New York-based operator is one of the biggest daily fantasy sports companies on a global scale, not to mention that it is the largest mobile sportsbook in the US. It currently offers online sports betting services in 10 states, although Georgia is not one of them.

Unfortunately, the efforts seeking to amend Georgia state’s constitution and make online sports betting legal did not manage to overcome the hurdles that occurred in the final days of the latest Legislative session. The Democratic Party members in the House refused to give their support to the measure and the proposed amendment could not be revived because there were not enough Republican Party members to back it either.

Governor Kemp has not backed the measure either, even though he has previously indicated that he could not block a constitutional amendment seeking to allow casino gambling and sports betting if such is backed by the majority of local voters.

FanDuel has been a long-time supporter of the legalization of sports betting. According to state records, the gambling operator has made donations worth over $70,000 to Georgian lawmakers from both the Republican and the Democratic Parties since 2016.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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