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Aichi Prefecture in Japan Still Considers Whether to Apply for Hosting Integrated Casino Resort

The Aichi prefecture in Japan is still considering whether or not it is willing to host an integrated casino resort, the prefectural authorities revealed in the prefectural council’s most recent meeting. As shared by local officials, a total of 13 entities had taken part in the request-for-information (RFI) phase in Aichi, which was focused on attracting companies operating in the private sector, including nine domestic operators and four casino companies.

The authorities in the Aichi prefecture explained they have not made a decision yet whether the prefecture would officially file an application to the Central Government of Japan for the opportunity to host an integrated casino resort, also known under the abbreviation IR.

As CasinoGamesPro previously reported, the coronavirus pandemic has interrupted the decision-making process that was carried out by some of the operators of such large-scale casino complexes that had demonstrated their willingness to participate in the application process and, if approved, to establish an integrated casino resort in the prefecture.

A Japan-based correspondent of GGRAsia revealed that Aichi prefectural authorities shared that the future of the integrated casino resorts’ application process is to be largely dependent on how the international health crisis develops and would be based on the communication between government officials and representatives of the private sector.

Aichi’s Potential Integrated Casino Resort Could Be Hosted on Airport-Related Land

The Central Government of Japan is to allow a maximum of three casino resorts in the first phase of the country’s gambling market liberalization. Several cities and prefectures across the country that manage to qualify to host one of these integrated casino resorts will have to make an offer to the nation’s government once they have completed the so-called request-for-proposal (RFP) phase and have chosen the companies that would serve as their commercial partners to operate such resorts.

The potential site for an integrated casino resort in the Aichi prefecture is set to be on reclaimed land that has been related to the Central Japan International Airport, a facility that is currently owned by the prefecture. Back in February, Aichi prefectural authorities had announced their decision to extend the deadline of its request-for-information phase from the end of March to the end of May 2020. The extension was largely due to the significant delay in the announcement of the basic policy on integrated casino resorts of the National Government.

As revealed by a local media, the Japanese Central Government has not yet made a final decision on the timeframe for the upcoming release of its integrated casino resorts’ basic policy. The much-awaited basic policy of the country’s government will establish the period for interested companies to file applications for the development of the IRs. Since a regular cabinet meeting took place on October 2nd, no further information on the issue was unveiled.

 Author: Harrison Young

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