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King’s Casino Rozvadov Unveils Unprecedented Access Ban for Italian Players to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

King’s Casino Rozvadov, which is currently the largest poker room on the territory of Europe, has revealed radical access measures in the light of recent coronavirus outbreak. The poker room announced its intention to suspend all Italian players from entering the venue as part of its measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The unprecedented decision was made public in a post published on the official Facebook account of King’s Casino Rozvadov at the beginning of the week. It followed the announcement of the first cases of coronavirus infection registered in the city of Prague. As explained in the post, the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic was the main reason for the decision of the casino as part of the venue’s efforts to preserve the health of its international clientele.

As a result, Italian residents would not be able to access the casino and to make any hotel reservations. The new policy has taken immediate effect and, as revealed by the casino, it is set to last for an undetermined period of time. Also, as part of the prevention measures, all the events that targetted Italian players that had been scheduled at King’s Casino Rozvadov for March and April 2020 have now been canceled.

As the post on the casino’s Facebook account reads, the schedule remains as planned after May 1st, 2020, so, for the time being, things are expected to get back to normal relatively quickly. The staff members of the gambling venue are also expected to be monitoring the situation.

King’s Casino Rozvadov Remains Silent on Measures Regarding Other Countries’ Residents

As shocking as the announcement might have been, the measures taken by King’s Casino Rozvadov are not illogical. As the largest poker room in Europe, the casino organizes events that target players who originate from a specific country, including Italy. So far, almost 100,000 cases of the dangerous coronavirus, which according to the World Health Organization (WHO) has a 3.4% death rate, have been reported globally. As of March 3rd, 2020, there have been 3,089 coronavirus cases registered in Italy and 107 deaths.

What still remains unknown is whether the poker room plans to impose similar measures to players originating from any other country that is experiencing the coronavirus issues that Italy is. For the time being, King’s Casino Rozvadov has not revealed whether it would impose the same restrictive regime on players from such countries, including China, as the ones traveling from Italy are.

Despite the announcement of the casino access ban for Italian players was made at the beginning of the week, King’s Casino Rozvadov has so far remained silent on the afore-mentioned issues. In any case, the recently unveiled protective measures have been a precedent in the history of the biggest European poker room.

 Author: Harrison Young

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