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Sic Bo by Microgaming

A. Antonova (editor) |

Sic Bo by MicrogamingSic Bo is a dice game which became extremely popular in Asia, especially in Macau. In recent years, it started gaining popularity in Western land-based casinos, as well, and Microgaming could not resist the urge to launch a virtual version of the game. Online fans of Sic Bo have the opportunity to sit back and relax in their own homes and still feel like they are playing at the biggest brick-and-mortar Macau casinos.

With great graphics and plenty of betting options, Sic Bo by Microgaming is ready to attract many players and introduce them to the intricate and fun nature of the game. If you are a person who is keen on risky bets, why not try your luck on Sic Bo? You will have to predict the outcome of not one but three dices, each of which can fall on the numbers from 1 to 6.

Although Microgaming has taken a rather classical approach, players can still appreciate a game with fun graphics, authentic design and different features. Do not hesitate to try the game that has been popular ever since the times of Ancient China.

Visuals and Layout

sic bo visualsEven if you are not familiar with the classic look of Sic Bo, you can have other Microgaming’s games as a reference for the company’s hard work. The table layout is authentic and resembles the one you will see in some of the biggest Macau land-based gambling facilities. If you are a fan of the dice game, you will instantly recognize the typical layout and have no issue grasping the rules of the game.

Every possible betting combination is available in this version of Sic Bo. This way players can place their bets easily on the positions they have picked as lucky. If you want to increase the odds of guessing the right outcome of the dice-rolls, then you can opt for making a handful of different bets. You can put your money on each number from 4 to 17 as well as various 2-dice combinations.

There are also sections with the so-called ‘Small’ and ‘Big’ symbols. The small ones are the numbers from 4 to 10, while the big ones are those from 11 to 17. On the right side, above the table layout, you can see the three red dices that will roll and determine the outcome of each round. Next to them, there is a chip holder which is full of playing chips in different colours. On the left side of the playscreen, you can see a section that shows the small and big symbols of Sic Bo.

Below the table layout, players will be able to see the section with the action buttons and the playing chips that denominate different values. It is possible to play the game in several languages which is a very convenient feature for foreign speakers. There is also a helpful information about the payout of each betting section on the Sic Bo table.

Bet Limits

Making bets in Sic Bo is extremely easy and players can adjust the value of the playing chips by the “-” and “+” buttons below the section that displays the different chips. The minimum bet that you can make in this game is $1, while the maximum you can wager is $180. You should be aware of the fact that the bet limits might change depending on the virtual casino where you have chosen to play the game.

Nevertheless, Sic Bo allows players to place their bets on different dice configurations and improve their chances of a big win.

Special Features

Although Microgaming’s variation of Sic Bo looks pretty simple, it does have a few features that can make every roll of the dice more exciting. The information line, which is located below the table layout, shows players how much they have wagered and what is the size of their win after each roll of the dices.

The Settings button allows players to control the sound effects, as well as other features of Sic Bo, which can make the entire gameplay more comfortable and accustomed to the taste of every individual.

Next to the Settings button, you can find the Statistics icon which will reveal the results of previous rounds. This can help players to follow the outcome of the last dice rolls and make up a strategy that may bring them better payouts. This version of Sic Bo promises pretty impressive payings which means that players may benefit from making the right decision about the most rewarding dice combinations.

Although Microgaming’s Sic Bo is with a more classic look, it can still provide the right amount of casino entertainment to the fans of the game. With different bet sizes and various dice configurations, you can put your bets on, Sic Bo can be both thrilling and lucrative.