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Hacking Attacks Render Two EOS-Based Gambling Platforms Short of Combined $260,000

Hackers are a real threat to the operation of many online-based businesses and the gambling field is not a stranger to their malicious impact. The last few days have been rough for a couple of blockchain-based gambling platforms utilizing EOS that were deprived of a combined $260,000.

Large blockchain platforms with wide popularity are targeted by international hackers at all times since hits on them are able to provide them with a substantial capital boost. Such has been the case with two of the most renown EOS-based platforms – DEOSGames and EOSBet. The former one was the first target hit by a user registered under the nickname runningsnail, who decided to drain the platform of some $23,640.

The way this happened was through the special $1,000 jackpots available on the platform. By simply utilizing a flaw in the system, the punter managed to hit the jackpot a total of 24 times in a row over the span of a single hour.

DEOSGames Experiences Critical Hit

The deposit utilized for the jackpot claiming amounted to some EOS339, estimating to $1,695, but the overall earnings of this winning streak reached EOS4,728. Less than 30 seconds were needed for the system to pay out the next jackpot to runningsnail, following an individual deposit of EOS10. According to the logs, the hacker’s account has been created only a day prior to the malicious attack on the platform.

The platform is striving to provide its users with a fully-rounded decentralized gaming experience and extend it to uncharted lands unreachable by Ethereum-based networks. Since it is still in its beta stage of development, the platform instantly becomes an easy target for hackers’ attacks, but what should be taken into account is that this is not a solely negative situation. Such situations provide the developers with the opportunity to fortify their security system and see where existing platform fails to provide the needed protection.

Shortly after the unpleasant situation took place, the platform rolled out an update striving to improve the user experience. Players would have the chance to participate in Dice with other tokens to the liking of KARMA, HORUS, and BLACK.

EOSBet Gets to Know Karma First Hand

Rival EOS-based platform EOSBet was among the first to share its thoughts in relation to the hackers’ attack on its rival and competitor, but as it turns out bad karma might be the best revenge. In a recently deleted tweet, the platform pointed out the unfortunate situation in which their competitor was put due to the malicious attack, thus striving to point out its superior level of security in contrast. Among the claims expressed was that EOSBet has the biggest bankroll and the most reliable platform in the field.

However, the only certain feat it managed to accomplish with this move was that it attracted unwanted attention to itself and deserved a hackers attack proving otherwise. A breach of the bankroll was registered following the hit. It amounted to some $236,000 bagged by the criminals with the help of a flawed code allowing them to have the money deposited to their accounts for every time they were winning, but losing money was rendered impossible.

This is how the criminals were certain that amassing a significant amount of money on their account over a limit amount of time.

The platform made an effort to thoroughly explain the situation in a public manner keeping the occurrences as transparent as possible, which has been highly valued by users, while convincing others that the team might lack expertise and skills. Both platforms are recovering well from the said attacks and have ensured that their security level is amped up and any potential flaws are patched as a result.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.