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MGM Springfield Boosts Casino Field Diversity Levels after Successful Job Fairs

Springfield is well on its way to welcome its brand new $960-million casino resort operated by the international giant MGM Resorts which has been one of the leading topics in the region for the past several months. Now it has become clear that the major employer is performing well when it comes to the hiring process which is ongoing at the moment and the previously set diversity objectives would most definitely be met once all vacant staff spots are filled.

Just like in every other industry, the casino field is dedicating efforts in order to bring diversity to the workspace and make sure inclusion is introduced throughout every company. There are certain quotas fixed for every casino developer and operator which must be met in order for the given facility to commence operation. Among the main benefits of a diverse staff is, of course, the boosted performance of the company and its overall positive image in the public space.

According to the previously announced plans of the casino developer, as many as 3,000 people should be hired by the gambling operator prior to the official launch of the casino venue which is set for 24th August. With the help of several appointed job events people from the community and the region had the chance to meet their potential future employers and learn more about the career opportunities provided by the new casino resort, currently witnessing its final touches being put to it.

It has been confirmed that almost all of the vacant spots within the structure of the company have been filled in just in time. Members of the community who were approved for their new career path should reach 35 percent of the overall employee pool. People who live outside Springfield in neighboring towns and nearby communities and are employed by the casino developer and operator should not exceed 10 percent of the entire staff. The prevalent part of it should come from Springfield and the area.

Inclusion is Needed across the Field

This move is expected to bring more to the local economy and significantly boost it in the long run, providing people with a steady workplace and a guaranteed income on a monthly basis. Usually when a casino operator proposes the construction of a new integrated resort to the authorities of a given community, one of the leading arguments in support of the construction is that it would provide the locals with thousands of new work positions to choose from.

This, in turn, improves the unemployment rates within the borders of the township and the state, which is always a sought effect. Over the span of the past months the topic of women inclusion and their representation in the industry has also become prevalent, as the MeToo movement gains momentum and attracts more eyes towards the important topic.

As it has been pointed out in a recent report which goes by the name of Gaming Gender Equality Index issued by the Women of Diversity organization, across the 21 leading casino developers only 14 percent of the members of the Board of Directors are females. In addition to that, there are no women appointed to leading positions to the liking of President, Chief Executive Officer, or Board Chairperson. This raises concerns throughout the field which is seeking ways in which it could better the status quo.

The representation of females in the industry has also been a concerning topic, especially following the happening around Wynn Resorts former CEO Steve Wynn and the sexual misconduct allegations involving his subordinates. Veterans are also another minority group which witnesses more and more interest towards inclusion, especially across gaming hub Atlantic City.

Casino operators overseeing the two new casino resorts in the area, Ocean Resort Casino and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino have been seeking such individuals in order to attract them to their staff. For MGM Springfield, veterans hired should reach two percent of the staff. In the meantime, women should amount to some 50 percent of the overall workforce, equal to the percentage of minorities included in the staff.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.