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Caesars Entertainment Employees Prepare for New Five-Year Contracts Ballot Thursday

Las Vegas is well-known around the globe as the region which has gambling entertainment on offer at all times, since the casino field is one of the most developed in the world. This is the reason why the threat of a strike led by the casino employees was considered a potential significant setback for the region. Now it was confirmed that the workers employed by Caesars Entertainment are going to vote on the conditions of their renewed contracts.

Over the span of the past several weeks, one of the prominent gambling capitals in the world has been shaken by the prospect of a workers strike which has the potential to cripple the field. As many as 50,000 employees working at some of the largest casino operators in the field made it clear that they are willing to take matters to the streets and temporarily cease working in order to have their demands fulfilled. Their contracts were set to have their expiration date on the last day of May.

Thousands of workers approved of strike action with the help of a two-session vote which witnessed an almost unanimous agreement to authorize the Culinary Union to call a strike at any given moment. According to the estimations, a potential full-fledged strike would have resulted in considerable losses for the operators, amounting to some $10 million over the span of a single day of the strike. The very beginning of June witnessed a tentative agreement between Caesars Entertainment and the employees willing to go out on a strike.

Improvement of Work Conditions is on the Way

Now it has become clear that the casino developer and operator has offered them the chance to vote on their new contracts which will provide the guidelines for their work in the following five years. This Thursday will witness the arrangement vote which was defined as potentially the most favorable for the employees.

Every employee affiliated with Culinary Local 226 as well as Bartenders Local 165 will have the chance to cast their vote in person on the arrangement. For the time being, there are no additional details provided by the casino developer, but it has been confirmed that the salaries will witness one of the largest surges since this was one of the important conditions stated by the employees.

They have been seeking a 4.2-percent increase in their wages over the span of the next five years, according to the tentative agreement. There is the possibility that this ultimate contract is going to witness an even larger increase in their salaries.There was also the need for better protection in situations endangering a worker’s well-being, which is why they were seeking ways in which they could notify their supervisors if they feel threatened in any way at their workplace.

Immigrant workers will also be taken into account and they will have their rights protected within the workspace, as this is one of the hot topics across the states at the moment. The arrangement aimed to see the contracts of there workers extended with another five years, as this was their initial goal in order to reach a certain level of security.

Some 12,000 of the total 50,000 employees were affected by the previously contemplated tentative arrangement which is still a considerable number of them. They are employed at the nine casino resorts overseen by the casino developer located on Las Vegas Strip and once the vote passes would be the first ones to accomplish their goal of contracts renewal.

 Author: Harrison Young

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