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iGaming Entities Betway and 888 Have Been Partnering with Hackers to Expand their Online Influence

The industry of online gambling has been a riveting topic for many people involved in it and its ongoings have sparked many conversations regarding its nature. A fact which most people working with the Internet on a daily basis are familiar with is that the distance which the cyber space creates and the relative isolation it provides is just enough to create the right environment for various illicit actions to flourish.

The presence of money in the picture is also something which inevitably attracts the attention of numerous criminals who make a good use of the sector as a tool for money laundering and redirecting users to their own iGaming affiliate websites. The latter is a vicious practice which has been going on in the Internet space for quite some time now and there have been many evident signs leading to the conclusion that the hacker individuals are partnering with major affiliate gambling entities such as Buffalo Partners, as well as two of the leaders in the sector, worldwide known gaming brands 888 and Betway.

All entities mentioned are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and firmly deny all accusations that they are in any way involved with the criminal, even though there have been many pieces of evidence of the opposite. It is obvious, however, that the web pages do not effectively prevent the hacker, or the hacking group, from continuing their unlawful actions One of the potential reasons why this might be happening on the murky side of the online realm is that there are other people with more privileges and power, which they use to direct the online gambling industry in the most favorable for them way.

Who Wins from the Additional Traffic Redirected to their Web Pages?

As in real life, there are weaker links in the chain and in cyber space there are web pages which are much more prompt to being attacked by criminals following their agenda against the law. Online gambling sites are an example of such occurrence which is considered to happen much more often than usual. The deliberate redirection of players to the web pages of other iGaming brands is a way to hit the affected websites where they are most vulnerable and reduce their traffic to dangerously low levels.

A possible suggestion based on true facts obvious to everyone in the industry is that some of the biggest brands in the online gambling field might be benefiting from the additional players’ traffic redirected towards their sites. This will explain the funding of such actions and the ongoing hacker attacks which do not seem to be effectively prevented for good. It will also reason as to why the UK Gambling Commission still has not taken any adequate measures against these law-violating acts, which happen on the regular and are not a secret for anyone.

The news outlet and iGaming affiliate Casino Games Pro has always striven to provide its readers with the most accurate and objective information, and this piece aims to start the conversation and address this long-existing problem in the iGaming community.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.