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Jack and the Beanstalk Slot

A. Antonova (editor) |

jack and the beanstalk slotThe fresh style of the 3D animation used in this game and the good chances of winning have attracted many players over the years. It was released by NetEnt in 2011 and is still pretty widespread. Initially people thought it was a little too similar to another game that came out at around the same time which is Creature from the Black Lagoon, but later on proved itself to be unique.

The high-tech 3D animation is stunning, the sound effects are exactly what you would expect to hear if you found yourself in a fairytale and the bonus elements really make this game worth your time.

Jack and the Beanstalk is a slot offering 5 reels, 20 paylines and 10 bet levels, with an additional round of free spins, and both wild and scatter symbols. The game has had positive reviews ever since it has been on the market and even though recent reviews have been a bit lower, you have a great chance at making some real money by playing it.


jack and the beanstalk themeThe funny intro with the ridiculous purple two-headed giant demonstrates the true abilities of the artists involved in its making – the facial expressions and the clouds really give it the feel of an animated movie you are about to see in a theater, with an additional animated sequence for the free spins that adds to the atmosphere of fantasy and evokes childhood memories.

With that said, the theme itself is based on the famous tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, with a few slight differences from the original, like the giant’s overall appearance. It is a perfect story for a slot game – who would not like to have a goose that lays golden eggs, so it is no wonder that NetEnt took the opportunity (even if the goose is more of a chicken here).

We mentioned the music earlier but it is also worth noting that it changes when you enter the free spins round, it switches to a more mysterious tone and it feels bigger, as if you have entered a whole new realm and something important is about to happen.


There are low-paying symbols as well as high-paying and special ones. The least helpful ones are the letter/number symbols, which represent all high-playing cards (A, J, Q, K, 10). The best you can get out of them is 100 coins. Other than that, the design of the symbols themselves is beautiful.

The next level symbols are the picture ones, which represent Jack, the giant, a goat, an ax and a watering-can (the goat is a bit confusing, we know). The best you can do with these is earn 1,000 credits, which is a solid amount with the right bet.

The game also has a scatter symbol, which bears the image of a treasure chest and has its own designated sound effect of glistening gems every time it appears even if it is not in a winning combo. If you get 3 of these – you get 10 free spins and if during those, you hit another 3 or more, you get 5 additional free spins, which take you to the bonus level. There you can collect key symbols which unlock a bag of gold, then a golden goose and finally, the golden harp.

Each of these three is a substitution wild symbol along with one accessible before the bonus round, which is the symbol of Jack and the Beanstalk. What they do is cause re-spins for as long as there is a wild symbol present. All of these give you a better win and bonus credits with higher multipliers.

Combinations and Jackpots

jack and the beanstalk big winThere are 20 different paylines on this 5-reel game with a maximum win of 3,000x the stake. The only way to get to this prize is through the free spins additional level and get all the keys, bags of gold, geese and the harp. The payout percentage of the game is just below the average but this is no cause for concern. You still get that pretty solid jackpot chance.

Overall, this game has aged well and offers a great deal. The only letdown was the lack of a magic bean symbol. We recommend trying it for it can be a real golden goose.