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Baccarat Series Pro by NetEnt

A. Antonova (editor) |

Baccarat Series Pro by NetEntBaccarat is one of the most popular games in the casino world. Dating back several centuries, it has a history of being the game of the elite, with millions in today’s money exchanging hands each night. Nowadays, baccarat is much more accessible to the general public and nowhere more so than at online casinos.

Ever since the online gambling industry gained ground it has added ever more genres to the list of supported games. Baccarat was one of the first to be adapted to the online format and countless players have been enjoying it for more than two decades. Now, we would like to bring your attention to NetEnt’s Baccarat Pro Series game.

Visuals and Layout

Baccarat Series Pro visualsBaccarat Pro Series features the usual NetEnt look and feel. As soon as you start the game, you will immediately be impressed with the graphical fidelity of the game. NetEnt is known for developing some of the best-looking games in the industry and this one is no exception. Baccarat Pro Series is a feast for the eyes, with its sharp graphics and excellent animation quality.

The game portrays a baccarat table, with all of the traditional bets available on the mat. They are all accessible with a single click of the mouse button and the game will be underway. Baccarat Pro Series really succeeds in recreation an authentic casino atmosphere, supported by the relaxing background music. Immersion is a top priority for NetEnt and the company has never failed to provide. Playing Baccarat Series Pro will be much like gambling at a true brick-and-mortar casino and the company’s efforts are to be commended.

Betting Limits

Baccarat Pro Series is a highly accessible game, not only because of its sheer simplicity but also due to the wide betting limits. The minimum wager in the game is set at 1 unit of currency and can go as high as 100 units.

At the bottom right corner of the screen, you will find the chips which you will use to place your bets. They come in four denominations, allowing you to easily wager any sum that you wish. The chips are available in 1, 5, 10, or 50 units, allowing you to mix and match different chips, much like you would do at a land-based establishment. You can also easily clear your bet, by clicking on the gray chip and set a new sum at will.

Special Features

Baccarat Series Pro optionsBaccarat Pro Series is a loyal representation of the original game. As such, it retains all of the traditional rules and tries to replicate the experience as close as possible. There are three possible outcomes that you can bet on. A Player hand wins, a Banker hand wins, or a tie between the two.

Baccarat Pro Series is played with 8 52-card decks and the shoe is reset after every hand. The rules of the game are quite simple – bet on the winning hand. The Player and the Banker are initially dealt two cards each. If either the Player or the Banker has a hand with a value of 8 or 9, both hands stand. However, if neither of them does, then the Third Card Rule applies. If the Player hand has a value between 0 and 5, another card will be dealt. If the value of the hand is between 6 and 7, the hand stands. If the Player stands, and the Banker draws another card if the hand is between 0 and 5.

The value of the hands is decided by the value of each individual card. Basically, cards 2 through 9 keep their face value. Tens and face cards count as zero, while Aces count as 1. If the value of the hand exceeds 10, then the 10 is subtracted from its total value. For example, if there are a Seven and an Eight, it brings the total value to 15. From that 15, we subtract 10 and the true value of the hand becomes 5.

The betting scheme is quite simple to understand. There are three bets in the game – Player, Banker and Tie. Player and Banker bets each pay even money, essentially doubling your bet. However, a 5% commission is charged to all winning Banker bets. A Tie bet pays 9:1 and when a tie occurs, all Banker and Player bets are returned.

All in all, the game is quite simple to understand once you get the hang of it.