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Double Exposure Blackjack Pro by NetEnt

A. Antonova (editor) |

blackjack double xposureIf you are a fan of the classic game of 21, you will definitely enjoy the variation that NetEnt has prepared for virtual players. Double Exposure Blackjack Pro is a game that stays true to the brick-and-mortar model of blackjack but at the same time, it allows more advanced actions that can ultimately make the game more fruitful.

If you are wondering what is the reason for the title of this game, it is pretty simple. In this version of blackjack, both of the dealer’s cards are dealt facing upwards. Both the graphics and the music used in the game make any player feel like he/she has sat down on a table at a classy land-based casino.

NetEnt has definitely done a perfect work with the creation of this game and the team of developers has made sure that players will have the chance to set the game in a way that will suit their taste. Double Exposure Blackjack Pro definitely knows how to provide exciting and fruitful online gambling adventures to its players.

Visuals and Layout

Double Exposure Blackjack Pro by NetEntWhen it comes to the quality of the computer graphics, Netent definitely knows how to provide a game with high-quality visual effects, smooth animations and immersive music background music. As soon as players load the game, they will see the classic table layout they are used to seeing in brick-and-mortar casinos. On the right side of the playscreen, you will see the deck of cards that will be drawn by the dealer and dealt to the player. In the middle of the green felt table, there are three sections where players might choose to place their bets and play with three different hands.

Since Double Exposure Blackjack Pro runs on a NetEnt software platform you can be sure that the quality of graphics is more than impeccable and players can enjoy a gameplay with smooth animations and a blackjack action which comes very close to the one in land-based casinos. The classy piano track which is used as a music background can easily make any player forget that he/she is enjoying this game in the comfort of his/ her own home.

On the table layout, players will be able to read a few rules that apply to Double Exposure Blackjack Pro. One of them is that all ties are won by the dealer, with the exception of a blackjack tie.

Bet Limits

When it comes to table limits, online players can choose the game they would prefer to play in accordance with the bet limits it provides. Double Exposure Blackjack Pro allows a minimum wager of €1, while the maximum bet that is allowed on the table is €40.

It should be noted, however, that depending on the interactive casino where you choose to play the game, the table limits may differ. Even if this is the case in the web-based casino of your choice, there is no need to panic as the table limits of the game are displayed on the left side of the blackjack table.

Special Features

Double Exposure Blackjack Pro featuresAlthough Double Exposure Blackjack Pro might look like quite the ordinary game, NetEnt’s developers have made sure that it offers enough options to make each player’s experience unique and fulfilling.

In the bottom left corner of the playscreen, there is the icon that will open the settings of the game. This menu allows players to enable or disable the audio, sound effects and background music. There is also an option that can speed up or slow down the actions in the game. This gives players the chance to tailor the game in a way that will suit their taste.

If you take a look at the right bottom corner of the game, you will see the chips denominating €1, €4 and €10. In addition to these three betting chips, there is also a grey one with a red cross symbol. If you place a chip on the table but you change your mind and wish to undo the bet, you can choose the grey chip and click on the one you have placed on the table. This will cancel your wagering move and you can make a new bet that will suit your budget and strategy better.

The interface of the game is very simple and players should have an easy time controlling their moves and the gameplay in general. Once you place the bet you would like to play with, you can press the button ‘Deal’. This will activate the dealing of the cards and beneath them will appear the other action buttons which prompt players to either hit, stand or split when there is an opportunity to do it. After the first round, there will also be buttons which will allow players to place a new bet or repeat the one from the previous play.

Double Exposure Blackjack Pro provides gambling enthusiasts with the opportunity to enjoy a classic, yet fun game of 21 in the comfort of their own homes. With a layout that reminds of every blackjack table in land-based casinos and easy-to-use interface, this game knows how to entertain players and award them with a fruitful wagering experience.