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American Roulette by NetEnt

A. Antonova (editor) |

american roulette by netentAlthough many roulette fans prefer the European or French version of the game, there are still plenty of fans of its riskier American variation. This is why NetEnt has created American Roulette which is a game that can easily offer the authentic entertainment that brick-and-mortar casinos provide but virtual players can enjoy it in the comfort o their own homes.

If you are a fan of this casino classic, then you probably know that American roulette is not that different from the other versions of the game. However, with this type of roulette, there is a single-zero green pocket on the wheel and an additional double-zero pocket which makes the game more thrilling and riskier.

In order to provide virtual gamblers with a high-quality betting experience, NetEnt has launched their wonderful game American Roulette which can please even the most demanding players thanks to its crisp graphics, immersive sounds and advanced features.

Visuals and Layout

American Roulette NetentThe design of this game reminds of fancy land-based gambling facilities which carry the traditions of classic casino entertainment. The gaming developers stayed true to the look of standard roulette tables, which is why there is nothing unusual about the table layout. There are the numbers from 1 to 36 in black and red, as well as the single- zero and double-zero green grits on the left side of the table.

The visual effects are on a superior level and this is the reason why the spinning wheel looks so realistic. The interface of the game is extremely user-friendly and all of the advanced features of American Roulette can be easily accessed by the action buttons on the bottom part of the playscreen.

The typical inside and outside bets are also present in this variation of roulette and players can place their wagers directly on the table. There is also an option which allows players to open a racetrack. This will provide the possibility of placing neighbouring call bets. Players can opt for making a bet on up to 8 neighbouring pockets on both sides of the number of their choice.

The music background of American Roulette reminds of some of the most popular brick-and-mortar casinos in the world and players can choose from five different tracks that can make their betting experience as classy and pleasant as possible.

There is no doubt that NetEnt has put a lot of work into the creation of this games and the amazing results can be noticed in both the visual and the sound effects incorporated in American Roulette.

Bet Limits

When playing online, it is always important to know the table limits of the game you have chosen. American Roulette provides six different chips denominating several sums. The minimum wager that players can make in this variation of roulette is $/£/€1. According to the table limits, listed on the right side of the table layout, the maximum bet that players can place is $/£/€500.

Players should take into consideration the fact that depending on the online casino they have chosen, those limits may differ. However, as soon as you load the game, you should be able to see the bet limits, displayed on the roulette table.

Special Features

American Roulette featuresAs usual, it is the presence of special features what makes every game more exciting and entertaining. NetEnt has provided plenty of options which can make the game easier to control and tailored to the taste of every player.

From the settings menu in the bottom left corner of the screenplay, players have the opportunity to adjust the sound effects of the game, the quality of the resolution and the speed of the spins. There is also the AUTO option which allows players to pick several rounds that will be played without any interruption.

The statistics section, which can be accessed by clicking the third icon on the bottom left part of the screen, can show the results of previous rounds. In this section, players can also see the so-called hot and cold numbers which are also displayed on the top part of the playscreen. These numbers represent the sockets where the roulette ball has landed more often as well as the positions which were not that ‘hot’ during the last several spins of the wheel.

The star icon on the bottom left side of the game offers the option to save some of your favourite bets. This way you can place your preferred bet during the next rounds with just a couple of clicks. There are also several action buttons on the bottom right side of the playscreen which will allow players to double their bets, undo them, delete them or repeat the bet they have made during the previous round.

NetEnt is a leading software company in the iGaming industry and American Roulette serves as an example of the quality of its games. With a wonderful design, impeccable visual and sound effects and advanced features that make the game more exciting and rewarding, this variation of online roulette will most definitely be appreciated by many virtual gamblers.