Roulette Strategy

Strategies for Roulette

The dynamics of roulette game make it a game that many internet gamblers at sites like and others have grown to love. The multiple betting options, strategies, and risks all add to the level of excitement that is unmatched by other popular casino games.  However, with a little mathematical breakdown it is no secret that the odds are clearly in favor of the house.  Despite this realization, internet gamblers today continue to jump at the opportunity to spin the wheel.

Experts in the gambling industry have calculated the odds of winning roulette and have also taken into consideration the house's advantage.  This advantage is generally referred to as the house edge.  In the French style of roulette, the house edge is said to be around 2.7%.  For American roulette, the house edge is known to be roughly 5.26%, making the French style of the game much more favorable for regular gamblers.  The process for calculating the house edge is a bit complicated, but in simplest terms it is found by taking into consideration the presence of the zero pockets on the roulette gaming wheel.  In addition, the payouts for roulette are a little less than what the odds would predict, meaning the house doesn't exactly match every dollar wagered.

Despite the clear unfavorable risk associated with the game of roulette, it has undoubtedly become one of the most reputable titles in not only regular casinos but internet casinos as well.  Several strategists have devised theories that aim to give a player an advantage.  Most of these theories are proven to be ineffective.  However, some of them do provide an interesting perspective.  For instance, the double street quad strategy is probably one of the more notable. This type of approach involves placing a wager on two double streets and either a quad or corner bet and on a single number.  In total, this type of bet covers seventeen numbers and leaves no more than five adjacent slots on the wheel uncovered.  From a gambler's perspective, the layout is extremely enticing since the board actually appears favorably covered.  The payout is also attractive, especially since the double streets pay out five to one.  The quad or corner bet pays eight to one, while the most difficult number to land, the one number bet, pays thirty-five to one.  Though the wager can end up being costly if no pockets are landed, it does provide for an interesting experience.

Probably the next bet worth noting is the five squad strategy.  It is pretty self-explanatory, as it involves wagering five quad or corner bets along with one single number.  Roulette players must remember that it is important to know the proper chip placement on the roulette gaming mat.  The placement signals the type of bet to be wagered, and in most casinos it is assumed that the participant fully understands the chip placement positions.  All house dealers usually consider bets in terms of chips.  As one would guess, the five quad strategy covers twenty-one numbers in total.  As stated in the previous betting technique, the quad or corner bets pay out eight to one, while the single bet pays out thirty-five to one.  Combining all of the bets on one spin mitigates some of the risk of losing on the other bets.

Certain casinos also offer paybacks for bets that land on either the zero or double zero pockets.  These stipulations should not go overlooked, as they can significantly decrease the risk associated with a particular bet.  For instance, the surrender rule allows a gamer to take back half of his or her bets if the marble lands on either zero or double zero.  This bet is only applicable when a participant bets an even number bet, such as high/low, red/black, or odd/even.  Another rare stipulation is the En Prison rule, which allows the gamer the opportunity to win back a wager if the ball lands on zero.  If this is the case, then the gamer gets to spin again, and if a winning pocket is landed the original wager is returned to the participant.

As can be seen, there are several different approaches one can take at the roulette table.  Probably the first and most important consideration is the presence of a double zero pocket.  This presence almost doubles the house edge.  In addition, it is crucial to be aware of all of the gaming stipulations.  Applying these tips will hopefully prolong your time at the table and help maximize the excitement level that roulette has to offer.

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