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Parlay Casino System in Roulette

S. Stoynova (editor) |

How Does the Parlay System Work in Roulette?

Parlay Casino System in RouletteRoulette is an exciting casino game that successfully accommodates various betting systems. What makes the game so suitable for these systems is the fact that the whole gaming process revolves around players placing wagers on the numbers of their choice. Nowadays you have the chance to take advantage of many betting systems and minimize your losses to a great extent. All of them feature a plan which you can follow and adjust your bets according to it. This way, you will no longer rely entirely on luck as your wagers will be in accordance with the respective pattern.

One of the most popular and efficient systems that can help you make wiser betting choices is the Parlay betting system. It is believed that it was invented during the 16th century which makes it one of the oldest betting systems that is still used today. Apart from roulette, the system can be also applied in other well-known games such as blackjack, craps and baccarat, providing that you take your time to make the needed adjustments. This system can be found under different names, including Let it Ride and Pyramid betting system.

The Parlay system can be applied to both inside and outside roulette bets, hence it is favored by players of varying risk tolerance. Let us take a look at its basics and what makes this system so widespread on a global scale. We will provide players with a detailed description of the system’s application in roulette. Additionally, we will cover its basic pros and cons, highlighting the fact that the system is most efficient when used over a short period of time.

Basics of the Parlay Betting System

Basics of the Parlay Betting SystemMany players confuse the Parlay betting system with the Paroli betting system, perhaps due to the fact that both systems are positive progression ones. In this type of systems, you are required to increase your stake whenever you win and decrease it whenever you lose. In the gambling world, the term ‘parlay’ is used when players wager their original winnings to turn a bigger profit. This system gets its name from it since it is based on the exact same principle. If you follow its plan, you will be able to win more money by placing bets from the funds you have won up to that moment.

In comparison to other betting systems, this one is considered to be rather straightforward and easy to grasp. There are no complicated mathematical calculations which you have to make during the gaming process and there is no need to remember any difficult patterns. Thanks to this betting system, you can increase your chances of accumulating more money by simply using your winnings. This way, you don’t risk damaging your own bankroll which is surely a great benefit when it comes to games of chance such as roulette.

How to Apply the Parlay Betting System in Roulette

How to Apply the Parlay Betting System in RoulettAs already indicated, it is fairly easy to apply this system as all it takes is to follow a few simple steps. In order to make this system work and get the most out of it, it is advisable to do some preparation beforehand. Just like in some other betting systems, you need to assign the exact amount for one betting unit before you enter the game. Another important thing which you should consider in advance is your win limit.

It is essential to think this matter through as the maximum amount of the funds you want to win plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to this betting system. In this sense, it is really important to set a goal which you have realistic chances of achieving. Otherwise, the winning limit won’t help you retain your winnings and you will most likely leave the game with empty pockets. It should be noted that in such cases, discipline also plays a crucial role as the players who lack this quality find it very hard to withdraw from the game when they are supposed to.

You are expected to start your gaming session by placing a bet which equals one betting unit. For the sake of clarification, it will be best to use an example which illustrates the plan of the game quite well. Let’s assume that you start by placing one betting unit which you have set to $10. When it to comes to your win limit, you have decided that $200 is a reasonable amount. You have also chosen to try your luck by placing an even-money bet on red. At the beginning of the game, the ball lands on such a number and your bet wins. According to the Parlay betting system, in order to determine your next bet, you should always take into account the outcome of the previous round. Therefore, in such cases you are supposed to increase the amount of your wager twice as much. As a result, the size of your next bet is increased to $20.

Your winning streak continues as red wins two more times and you have placed two more wagers respectively $40 and $80. You are supposed to continue wagering on red and increasing your bets as long as you are winning. If the next outcome of the spinning wheel is also pleasant for you, you are required to place a $160 bet. After that, there are only two possible outcomes which lead to the same circumstances. If you win once again, you will reach your win limit in which case you should start all over again by placing a $10 bet. In case that you lose, you are required to also wager your first initial betting unit. This applies for all situations in which you lose.

Roulette The Parlay Betting System
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Pros & Cons of the Parlay Betting System

Pros & Cons of the Parlay Betting SystemThe Parlay betting system offers a number of advantages which not many other betting systems have. For instance, its plan is not that risky since you are required to increase your bets gradually. Also, it is very easy to apply this system as its main principle is very straightforward. Thanks to it, you can focus more on the gaming process, instead of wondering what amount you should place for your next bet. This surely contributes to the overall pleasant gaming experience you are able to get from playing roulette and it increases your level of entertainment.

However, in order to make this system work, you need to have self-control and discipline. Otherwise, you won’t be able to adhere to your win limit and it is unlikely that you will manage to retain your profit. This system can be very efficient, providing that you follow the aforementioned steps and that you stick to your win limit. If you have trouble limiting yourself from playing, think of the win limit as a way to help you enjoy roulette more. After all, if you manage to put aside a certain amount at the end of every session, you will be able to have more funds for entertainment.

Just like the rest of the betting systems, this one also has its drawbacks. Perhaps, one of its biggest disadvantages is the fact that you can never know whether you will be lucky enough to experience a winning streak and reach your win limit. This is the main principle on which the system operates and you won’t be able to make a profit unless you win several consecutive times.

The Parlay system enables players to potentially capitalize on shorter winning streaks and focuses on gradual bet increases to boost profits. In a sense, it helps make the game more thrilling without requiring players to put too much money on the line. But like all roulette strategies, this one has some pitfalls as well as advantages.

  • Low Risk, Big Thrills: Keeps things exciting without involving too much risk.
  • Simple Strategy: A straightforward system suitable for less experienced roulette players.
  • More Bang for Your Buck: Aims to extend your playtime and help you to potentially generate more profits during good streaks.
  • Self-Control is Key: Without discipline, sticking to your win limit can be tough.
  • Luck-Based: You’re riding on the hope of hitting a winning streak.
  • Suitable for Short-Term Play: Knowing when to walk away is crucial for preserving your profits.
This betting system is also considered to be efficient only for short-term sessions and thus, it will be best to withdraw from the game at some point in order to retain your profit.

Final Thoughts

Final ThoughtsThe Parlay betting system is a great way to increase your chances of winning and as a result, enjoy roulette even more. Its plan is simple and fairly easy to follow which makes it perfect for all types of players. In order to manage to apply it correctly throughout the game, it will be best to get familiar with its subtleties and pros and cons. This system can be very useful, however only over a short period of time. Also, bear in mind that it has no impact on the outcome of every round, meaning that the house edge remains the same.

FAQ: Parlay Roulette System

The Parlay is a positive betting progression that tells you to flat bet until you experience a winning round and then double your bets until you land three consecutive wins. It is commonly implemented by roulette players with lower risk tolerance and smaller bankrolls as it uses a less steep betting progression. Keep in mind the system cannot overcome the house edge, so to answer your question, no, it is hardly a game-changer.

Randomness plays a crucial role in roulette where each outcome is independent from the rest and has no impact on the results to follow. This basically means chance, or Lady Luck if you will, still calls the shots. Sizing your wagers as dictated by the Parlay betting progression has no impact on your odds of winning. The wheel has no memory and doesn’t know how much money you have wagered, won, or lost during previous rounds.

With the Parlay, the player is flat betting and raises their stakes gradually after a win. Winning bets are doubled for the next round and the player drops down to their base betting unit after landing three wins in a row. Winning substantial amounts is less likely with the Paroli as its betting progression is not as steep and the system has a cap on the number of times players must double their wagers.

The Paylay system is considerably less risky compared to negative betting progressions like the Martingale and the Fibonacci. This is because players increase their wagers less aggressively and do so after winning rather than losing rounds. You can start with a modest base betting unit and gradually build up your bankroll during shorter winning streaks.

Yes, the Parlay requires discipline like all progressive betting systems applicable to roulette. Players must strictly follow the betting patterns recommended by the system and always increase or decrease their wagers according to the progression. Above all, it takes discipline to be able to drop down to your base betting unit in the middle of a winning streak.