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Roulette Game Cycle

S. Stoynova (editor) |

How to Play Roulette: The Ultimate Guide to Roulette Game Cycle

Roulette Game CycleRoulette is a game that provides a second to none experience to its fans. The adrenaline, which every player feels in expecting to hear which is the winning number is indescribable. That is the reason why the game has “conquered” not only brick-and-mortar casinos but also the Internet. More and more people are playing this exciting game, putting their luck to the test. Of course, everybody is familiar with the fact that roulette is a game of chance, so that no event is predictable using a strategy.

Even though there are no winning hacks for the game, it is a good idea to know how it is played. Roulette has been around for years, so that its rules are well-established. At first sight, it may look all Greek to the inexperienced player, but it is not hard to grasp the basic rules of the game. The main purpose of every player is to guess as accurately as possible which numbered pocket the ball will land on.

Becoming well-acquainted with roulette’s basics, including the types of bets is of essential importance to all players. Learn how to balance risk and rewards by getting familiar with the specifics of the roulette table you choose to place bets on and all associated equipment. Stay with us to learn more about roulette etiquette and some basic tips for playing this exhilarating casino game.

The Roulette Table

Roulette TableEven if you have never entered a casino, it is impossible to mistake the game of roulette. The spinning wheel has become iconic to the game. The wheel itself consists of two main parts – the outer part is called bowl and the inner one is called the wheelhead. Every wheel consists of numbered pockets, which cover the numbers from 1 to 36, not in a consecutive order. On the American wheel, the pockets are 38 in total due to the presence of two zero-numbered pockets, while the European and French wheels consist of 37 pockets and only one zero-numbered pocket. The pockets are alternately colored in black and red, and the zero-numbered pockets are colored in green. The dealer tosses a ball in the opposite direction of the wheel’s rotation, and the winning number is determined once the ball falls in one of the pockets.

Besides the wheel, the table consists of a betting layout, where all players place their bets. The dealer, also called a croupier, manages the layout. Usually, the American and European table are arranged in a very similar way, the only difference being in the double-ended layout in the American layout, which represents the second zero-pocket. On some French tables, though, you can notice that the wheel is placed in the middle of the layout.

Every layout consists of two parts – inside (it contains all the numbers on the wheel) and outside (it consists of different categories). In the American and European variations, the outside betting section of the layout is positioned on the same long side of the table. However, on the French table, the outside part is split between the two long sides of the table. This allows more participants to join.

Before You Start Playing

Before You Start PlayingThe most important thing is to find a strategic seat, allowing you access to all the betting sections, which are available on the layout. For that purpose, it would be best to take a central seat in front. Once you get the right position, you need to provide yourself with chips for the game.

Getting the Chips

Roulette Chips Caesars PalacePlayer can buy chips directly from the dealer or the cashier. The chips of every gambling enthusiast are of different colors in order to ensure that no confusion will arise during the gameplay. The reason why such chips are used is that once all players place their chips on the table, they might be easily mixed up, which will make it impossible for the dealer and the players themselves to keep track of the bets. Players should know that at the beginning of their betting session, they will be given the chance to set the value to the chip color they have selected. To avoid any confusion, total rookies are advised to set standard denominations for their chips.

Once players have chosen the color they prefer using during their betting session, they will notice that a chip will be positioned atop a rail next to the roulette wheel, and a marker will be put to determine the value of the chips.

It should be noted that it is allowed to play with the regular casino chips, but only if a limited number of people are playing as thus, confusion is less likely to occur.

After you finish playing the game, only the croupier is allowed to exchange the roulette chips with the regular casino ones. The value of every chip is marked by the dealer and it depends on what you have paid for it. They have no right to remove the colored roulette chips from the table and these cannot be used on another table, anyway. Players will not be allowed to leave the roulette table with their colored chips and exchange them at the casino cage for the simple reason that the casino staff will not know what value you have decided to set.

Still, the roulette table has multiple other components players should also pay attention to. One such is the win marker, and as can be expected from its name, it is used in order to indicate the winning number. As soon as the white ball has landed in one of the pockets, the dealer will move the win marker, which is also referred to as dolly, to the corresponding field on the layout.

It is vital to remember that once the dolly is placed on the table layout, players will not be allowed to remove their chips or place new bets until the dealer has collected the losing bets and players who have placed winning bets have collected their payouts. As for the actions of the dealer, they will collect the losing bets either using a rake or by hand. Players will be allowed to collect their winnings and place new bets only after the dealer has removed the marker from the layout.

The rake is also part of the equipment of the roulette table, and usually, it is used in brick-and-mortar casinos in Europe. It is also called roulette rateau, and the dealer uses it in order to remove losing bets from the table. Usually, rakes are not used in casinos in America, where the dealer scoops losing bets by hand.

The small white ball is another crucial element from the equipment of the roulette tables. Back in the days, roulette balls were made of ivory or wood, but today, casinos use roulette balls made of teflon, nylon, or phenolic, which goes to show why they might behave and bounce in different ways. Besides, there are several roulette ball sizes, and the most widely used ones are the ¾ or ⅝ inch ones.

The Start of the Game

The Start of the GameThe very first thing done in a game of roulette is the placing of bets. If you are playing online roulette, you can take your time with this step. If you are playing in a casino, you have to place your bet before the dealer says “no more bets”. This is usually said when the ball starts to slow down. To place your bet, you need to put your chips on the number, group of numbers, or section, which you wish to bet on. If the bet consists of more than one chip, you place the chips in a stack. To place a bet for the next spin, you need to wait until the croupier pays all the winning bets, collects the losing ones, and removes the win marker from the layout.

Every table is governed by different minimum and maximum betting limits, which are noted on a small sign on the table. The wording on the sign in every casino might be different, but they all refer to one and the same thing.

Understanding that aspect is essential for playing roulette since every player should place bets, which are within these requirements. Minimum bets are usually pretty low, generally around $5. Note that you cannot combine your inner and outer bets to meet the minimum. So for instance, if the minimum bet was $5, you could not bet $2.50 inner and $2.50 outer. On the other hand, you are allowed to place multiple bets (both inside and outside), and it is a good idea to spread out your bets. Inside bets are harder to win, but the payouts are much better.

The same thing applies to the maximum bets. However, there is sometimes a different maximum limit for each type of bet. Generally, the limit on inside bets is lower, as the odds are much better. In that way, the house puts a limit on the amount of money, which the player can win and protects itself from long-term losses.

Types of Bets

Types of BetsGenerally speaking, we may outline two major types of bets, which are common for all three variations of the game. As we already mentioned above, the layout consists of two parts, which represent the so-called “inside” and “outside” bets.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are much easier to win, but therefore, have much lower payouts. Outside bets are: 1-18 (pays 1:1), 19-36 (pays 1:1), red or black (pays 1:1), dozen bets – either 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36 (pays 2:1), even or odd (pays 1:1), and column (pays 1:1). Outside bets are relatively safe, they will never earn you much, but also never lose you much. For example, a $5 bet on black would give you $5, while a $5 straight-up bet would net you $175!

Column Bet

Column Bet

Dozen Bet

Dozen Bet

Black/Red Bet

Black/Red Bet

Odd/Even Bet

Odd/Even Bet

High/Low Bet

High/Low Bet

Inside Bets

There are many inside bets to choose from, but straight-up (1 number), split (2 numbers), and street (3 numbers) are the most common. This type of bet is based on a particular number or combination of numbers by placing the chips on the right place of the inside section of the layout mat. With this type of bet, a single chip or couple of chips can cover two to six numbers, depending on the bet you place. The point is that the larger section of the layout you cover, the lower the payout is.

Straight Bet

Straight Bet

Split Bet

Split Bet

Street Bet

Street Bet

Corner Bet

Corner Bet

Sixline Bet

Sixline Bet

Special Rules

pecial RulesSome casinos provide players with the possibility to win an even-money bet, when the ball lands on a zero- or a double-zero pocket. This, of course, is specified by the rules of the casino, so every gambler needs to take into account the uniqueness of the table. The following lines are devoted to representing briefly these rules.

En Prison Rule

This means that when the winning number is 0, players have the right to leave the entire bet for the next spin, without changing it. That is the reason why it is called “in jail”, because the player is not allowed to change the initial bet. In case the winning number is 0 again, all bets are lost. Otherwise, the bet either wins or loses in accordance with the usual rules of the game. This reduces the profit of the casino from 2.70% to 1.35%, which is advantageous to the player.

Le Partage

This rule is valid if the wining number is 0 and it allows the player to keep half of the bet and leave the other half to the house. The house profit is again 1.35% for even-money outside bets.

These two rules are closely related to the French tables, but they are also applicable even on some European ones. Before taking a seat at the roulette table, make sure that you are familiar with the specific rules, that govern the particular table.

The Surrender Rule

This rule is in effect on the American table and it is just the same as the Le Partage rule with the slight difference that it is applicable if the winning number is 0 or 00. It also halves the house advantage from 5.26% to 2.63%.

Roulette Etiquette

Roulette EtiquetteKnowing the proper roulette betting procedure is indeed a must when playing at a brick-and-mortar casino is what you prefer. What gambling enthusiasts should bear in mind is that good timing is one of the most important things in roulette. As soon as players have taken their chips, they will be good to go with their bet only after they see that the dealer has paid out and cleared all bets from the previous game. Once the betting layout is clean, this should serve as a sign that you can make your bet. Even if you are unsure if you have joined the table at the right time, just ask the dealer if this is so.

Gambling enthusiasts should bear in mind that handing cash to the dealer when they want to get chips is strictly against the casino rules, and what they need to do instead is slide the money forward to the table. Speaking of the roulette table, one of the most important rules total novices should not forget is that their chips are the only thing they should put there. The table railing is the place, which is reserved for drinks, so make sure that you will keep your glass there.

Once you have joined the table, you should always be prepared to place your bet, and most importantly, this should not take too much time. If you want to make sure that you will not miss your chance to make a bet for the next spin of the wheel, just try to pick a bet type and decide how much you wish to stake while the dealer is settling up the wagers from the previous round. As we mentioned already, players will only be allowed to place their bets after the marker is removed from the winning number from the previous game round.

Still, if this happens and you hear the dealer announce “No more bets”, this will mean that you will need to wait for the next round to place the preferred bet.

As long as players wish to place a distant bet and need the assistance of the dealer, they should make sure that they communicate with him/her clearly. Once you get their attention, you should not toss over your chips, but slide them forward, and tell what bet type you have picked.

One more thing players should avoid doing is trying to collect their payout after they have placed a winning bet. To make sure that you will not attempt to collect your winnings too early, just keep track of the marker. If it is still on the table, this should indicate that the dealer is yet to settle out all bets, but once it is removed, you will be good to go.

Tipping the dealer might not be mandatory for players, but this is indeed something they should not forget to do even if luck was not on their side during their current betting session. The same applies to the cases when gambling enthusiasts have spent quite a while at the table or they have had a good run. How much you will decide to give the croupier depends only on your preferences.

Finally, being considerate to the other players who have joined the roulette table is also exceptionally important, and is a rule many total novices overlook.

Basic Tips for Playing Roulette

Basic Tips for Playing RouletteWhen you first approach the roulette table, do not forget to stay disciplined, without being overwhelmed by excitement. Start with buying chips from the dealer, keeping in mind that the best moment to do that is when the croupier has finished making payouts and the win marker is removed.

Do not forget to be reasonable when you place your bets and wager amounts of money, which meet the limits of the table.

Last, but not least, keep in mind that whenever you decide to leave the table, you need to cash in your chips. Do not take any colored chips from the table!

The game is greatly dependent on luck, but also on the right money management. To avoid any pressure, it would be best to try and play online, since there will be no noises to distract you. This is a good choice, especially for amateur players.


Every roulette game kicks off with players selecting their seats and buying chips. Aim for a spot that grants easy access to the entire betting area. Purchase your chips either from the dealer or the cashier, ensuring they’re distinct in color to avoid mix-ups on the table. Remember, choose chips you’re comfortable with as this will set the pace for your game.

Inside bets are your high-stakes, high-reward choices, placed on specific numbers or small groups of numbers within the layout’s inner section. Outside bets, on the other hand, cover larger portions of the wheel, offering better odds but smaller payouts. They include options like red/black, odd/even, and high/low, making them ideal for cautious strategizing.

Yes, if you play roulette in a land-based casino, you can place bets even after the wheel starts spinning but only for a short window of time. You can place your bets from the moment the round begins until the dealer announces “no more bets,” as the ball begins to slow down and is about to settle in a pocket. This is your cue to finalize your wagers. Timing is crucial, so listen for the dealer’s call to avoid missing out.

Each table has minimum and maximum bet limits, clearly displayed. These limits ensure bets are within a set range, preventing extremely low or high wagers. Remember, inside and outside bets usually have separate limits, so plan your strategy accordingly to maximize your gameplay without hitting the table cap too quickly.

Definitely! Always wait for the dealer to clear previous bets and pay out winners before placing your new bets. Avoid touching chips or leaning on the table once “no more bets” is called. If the betting section where you want to place your chips is hard to reach, communicate your wager wish with the dealer rather than tossing your chips across the table. Lastly, consider tipping the dealer as a gesture of goodwill, especially after a winning streak or a lengthy play session.