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Roulette with Live Dealers

A. Antonova (editor) |

Live Dealer Roulette Games Replicate The Thrill of Playing in a Land-Based Casino

Roulette with Live DealersThe advent of the online gambling industry introduced a new option for playing casino games from home. Roulette fans can enjoy their favorite game online, without depriving themselves of the exciting atmosphere, which can be experienced in land-based casinos. Unfortunately, many people consider online casinos as untrustworthy. That is the reason why casino managers have put much effort into proving their trustworthiness.

As a matter of fact, roulette is a game, which is highly dependent on luck. Thus, online casinos should prove that their RNG (random number generator) games are fair. Roulette is one of the most appropriate games to be played in an online casino. The reasons for this are way more than one.

Live-dealer roulette games are among the most sought-after, and the unceasing popularity of these games is to be ascribed to the authenticity they offer. Playing live-dealer roulette online provides gambling enthusiasts with an experience, which cannot be closer to the real thing, and the added benefit of these games is that they are available anytime and anywhere. Not to mention that the software studios that design such games want to ensure that players will enjoy their time at the live tables, and to this end, offer a number of thrilling roulette variants.

The table limits are made to measure the needs and preferences of high-stakes and regular players, while the features most live roulette games are equipped with make them all the more exciting to play.

The present publication aims to outline the multiple advantages live dealer roulette games offer to players. We will also present the main differences between playing roulette at land-based and online gambling venues. Furthermore, we will dwell on some essential features of live dealer roulette games, including adjusting the language, sound, and streaming options, the opportunity to take up seats at different tables simultaneously, and keeping track of the betting history, among others. Finally, we will list some leading providers of live dealer roulette games and several popular variations.

The Core of Roulette with Live Dealers

Live Dealer RouletteLive Dealer roulette is one of the latest innovations of online casinos. It is played with a flesh-and-blood croupier, who manages the play in real time from a real roulette table, meaning that these games replicate the atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos. Thus, the winning number is not determined by a Random Number Generator, because the ball is tossed by a real dealer. Players observe directly the course of the play with the help of a high-definition video streaming, without any delay on the computer screen. The best thing about live-dealer roulette is that while some tables are available at a certain time, there are also live roulette games that are operated around the clock. Thus, gambling enthusiasts will be offered an experience, which is just as good as the one they will get in a land-based casino, no matter the time or the place.

The live dealer casino industry is proliferating on the basis of the realistic atmosphere it offers. You will feel as if you are literally in a brick-and-mortar casino. The only difference is that you will save yourself the traveling costs and dealing with the security checks. To play live dealer roulette, you do not need any special equipment, since the game is streamed on the Internet. The entire gaming process is captured by a web camera, which streams live footage. The presence of live dealer games is now a must for every established interactive casino.

The Difference Between the Land-Based and Live Dealers Roulette

The Difference Between the Land-Based and Live Dealers RouletteIn fact, the game itself follows absolutely the same pattern as in a land-based casino. Players can choose between the three variations of the game – American, European, or French. Every table has minimum and maximum bet limits players should check in advance to guarantee that the roulette variant they have picked will suit their preferences and bankroll. Fortunately for avid roulette fans, they will have an easy time finding a variant, which fits their style of play as most providers introduce live tables that accommodate high-rollers, low-stakes players, and such that prefer to avoid extremes.

While playing live-dealer roulette, gambling enthusiasts will be presented with the same table layout and bet types they are already well used to, meaning that they do not need to gain new knowledge before they go ahead with their betting session. Besides, live dealer casinos will give you the same emotion of the game as in a land-based one, which goes to explain why such games are in high demand.

The most feasible difference between the two variations of the game is that roulette with live dealers is played in a faster way than in a land-based casino. The reason is that the dealers do not need to pay out the winnings of every player.

The live dealer roulette game can be conducted in a dealer studio, land-based casino and broadcast. Depending on where exactly the game is held, there are three different variations.

The Dealer Studio

This is the most popular one, where the game is streamed from a special studio, which is a property of the specific casino. The studio is used namely for that purpose and it is equipped with all the needed cameras and special lighting. You can see in the background other tables and hear the sounds of the other games.

The Actual Casino

The game is recorded in a real land-based casino. You may be even sitting next to a player, who is playing on the same table at the same time. Of course, you will have the possibility to communicate with the dealer and the players via chat.

The Broadcasted Game

In this case, the game itself is cast not only on the computer but also on the TV. This provides players with the opportunity to play either from the TV or PC. All the rest is the same as in land-based casinos. Players are able to watch the spinning wheel, the tossing of the ball, the other players and so on, while staying comfortably at home.

Before You Create a Playing Account

Before You Create a Playing AccountTo play live dealer roulette, it would be a smart idea to explore the casino’s policy and legitimacy. Do not skip reading the specific rules and terms of the live dealer casino. Keep in mind that you will need to provide them with some personal information, so make sure that you go for a licensed and legitimate casino.

After finding a reputable live dealer casino, better check the available variations of the game in advance to ensure that they will tick all the right boxes for you. This is an important step because every player should be familiar with the house edge, rules, table limits, and payouts of the table.

After choosing the casino, which best fits your preferences, it is time to open an account and make a deposit. This process is simple enough, so that players should not bother themselves with clumsy documents. Every trustworthy casino provides information about the available deposit and withdrawal methods.

Features of Live Dealer Roulette Games

Features of Live Dealer Roulette GamesPresently, there are loads of live-dealer roulette variants, which works to the advantage of players as they can find a live table to join in next to no time, and the best thing is that they can do so even on their tablet or smartphone.

Live-dealer games were designed with the idea to replicate the experience fans of the table game will get in a brick-and-mortar casino, and there are certain features most such games share and players should look for.

First and foremost, roulette fans should check the languages in which the preferred live dealer roulette game is available. Normally, the game-making studios that create such games give players the flexibility and freedom to pick from a number of languages other than English. As it turns out, Evolution Gaming is the software provider, which gives players the widest range of languages in which players can communicate with the dealers, but Playtech, Ezugi, Vivo Gaming, and NetEnt also allow players to hand-tailor the chosen game.

Speaking of the croupiers, we should also mention that with most live-dealer roulette games, players can communicate with each other and the dealer using a live chat functionality.

Another great feature more experienced roulette players might be particularly interested in is the one which allows them to take up multiple seats at the same time. In this way, gambling enthusiasts will not be required to place a single bet at a time, and will have the freedom to cover the preferred numbers with ease. Players who find it hard to pick one of the available roulette tables should check if the multi-play feature is supported as thanks to it, they can place bets at multiple tables at the same time.

To ensure that players will be offered an engaging experience, they can go for a full-screen view. While playing on their tablet or smartphone, they might be offered the opportunity to choose between portrait and landscape modes.

Once they load the preferred live-dealer roulette game, players will be able to adjust the sounds, access the live chat, or change the quality of the streaming using the toolbar. With some live roulette games, avid casino fans will be able to switch off the background music. Vivo Gaming, for example, is a game-making studio, which allows players to decide if they would like to enjoy the preferred roulette variant in 2D or 3D mode.

Players who want to keep track of their bets can easily do so using the game history. Thanks to it, avid roulette fans can check the amount they have staked during the previous rounds, as well as their winning and losing bets.

The Convenience of Playing Live Dealer Online Roulette

The Convenience of Playing Live Dealer Online RouletteThere are many benefits to playing roulette with live dealers online. First of all, it is very convenient. There is no need to travel to a land-based casino, so you have no travel worries to concern yourself with. You can play live roulette while dressed in your pyjamas at three o’clock in the morning.

Another advantage is the fact that you will not have to wait in line. If you have ever been in a small land-based casino and have had to wait around for a spot to open at a roulette game, you know how irritating that can be. When you play live roulette online there are no such waits as you simply log onto the casino of your choice, select a table, place your bet and let the good times roll!

Another great advantage of online live roulette games is the fact that you will not be distracted. Inside every land-based casino, there are crowds of people everywhere talking, laughing, and watching your every move as you play the game. This makes many people feel uncomfortable and if you are one of them, you do not have to worry about it when playing live roulette online.

The Privileges of the Online Game

The Privileges of the Online GameThere are plenty of advantages to playing roulette online. Even though the game follows a similar pattern, it is a matter of fact that roulette with live dealers offers some additional settings, which are advantageous to the player.

The first and most important is that the player can follow every detail of the game. The technologies, which are incorporated in the live dealer casinos leave no doubts about the legitimacy of the game. To eliminate any suspicion that the game is pre-recorded, there are many casinos, which have a TV in the background, broadcasting news channels.

The smart betting interface provides easy options for placing a bet with a simple click of the mouse or even play at multiple tables at the same time. This is actually impossible if you play in a land-based casino.

Live dealer casinos offer different statistics information, which can help you track the most frequent winning numbers and your betting history. Thanks to the interactive nature of the game, you can easily communicate with the dealer or the other players via chat. Thus, playing roulette online does not isolate the player, but quite the contrary. The biggest advantage of playing in a live dealer casino instead of a web-based one is that you will not be playing by yourself.

Best-Known Creators of Live Dealer Games

Software providersThe introduction of live-dealer games has indeed turned the online gambling industry upside down, and presently, these games are among the instant attention-grabbing options most web-based casinos offer. There are a number of game-making studios that specialize in the creation of live games, which provides players with a plethora of options to select from. Here is a rundown of some of the software providers that cater to fans of live-dealer games

  • Evolution Gaming – There is no denying that Evolution Gaming is the software provider that takes the lead when the creation of live games is concerned. Roulette is one of the most popular genres for the provider as currently, it offers more than 10 gripping variants, including Lightning Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Auto Roulette, Speed Roulette, and Double Ball Roulette, among others. The studios of the provider are scattered across a number of locations, while the licenses it operates under are issued by the UK Gambling Commission and the Maltese Gaming Authority.One of the biggest strengths of the live games that are designed by Evolution Gaming is that they offer three bet limit levels that will fit the preferences of high-rollers, low-stakes players, and such who prefer more moderate play. Besides, the live-dealer games that are courtesy of the provider are rich in special features, and players can benefit from statistics and favorite bets while making up their minds.
  • Playtech – Although Playtech is mainly praised for the slots it creates, the company is also celebrated for its live games. Their live-dealer games stand out from the crowd as they offer personalization, features, and functionality.The company is dedicated to creating games that offer the look and feel of the VIP tables that can be found in land-based casinos, thus promising players an enjoyable betting session. To respond to the needs of all players, the provider allows them to select from a number of languages including English, Russian, Roman, Spanish, and Italian, among others.

    Roulette fans will have the chance to take their place at a number of tables, and some of the variants they might be particularly keen on include Speed Roulette, Prestige Roulette, and Single Zero Roulette.

  • Ezugi – Ezugi is an emerging software provider, which has managed to create an impressive portfolio since its appearance in 2012. The company gives its best to strengthen its position on the online gambling scene, and currently, it boasts 20 live games, 9 studios, and works together with 100 casino operators.Ezugi undoubtedly knows how to steal the show as the provider rolled out a unique 360 platform, which allows brick-and-mortar casinos to carry their offering over the Internet. The company is dedicated to offering fans of live games nothing but the best experience, and to this end, has based its games on the HTML5 platform, thus ensuring that they will work like a charm on all devices.

    It can safely be said that the provider has not overlooked the needs and preferences of roulette fans, and its gaming suite contains a number of thrilling variants, including Auto Roulette, Jackpot Roulette, and Live Roulette, among others.

  • NetEnt – NetEnt is also one of the major creators of live gaming solutions because its games grab the attention with the exciting atmosphere they offer, friendly dealers, and above all, the rich variety of options. The company has indeed been looking to solidify its position as one of the industry leaders and to this end, has unveiled several top-of-the-line live roulette games.Players who are passionate about live-dealer games, and roulette, in particular, will easily enjoy the releases of the provider as they offer everything from small bets to larger amounts. To ensure that it will stay relevant, the provider has given much thought to the preferences of fans of mobile play, and the best thing is that players are saved the pet hats, and do not need to download and install any software to continue placing their bets when they are out and about.
  • Pragmatic Play – Pragmatic Play got its operations going back in 2015, and it quickly evolved into one of the best-known designers of live games. It can safely be said that the launch of its live lobby marked a step forward for the provider, and its live games are worthy of attention because of their multi-lingual interface, which offers more than 30 languages. The immersive gameplay, thanks to the multiple 4K quality cameras and the experienced and professional croupiers that manage the games further add to their appeal.The reliability of the software provider is supported through the seals of approval it has earned from the Maltese Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of the UK, as well as the gaming authorities of Sweden, Italy, Denmark, and Romania, among others. Besides, customer support is offered around the clock to ensure that players’ experience will be nothing but thrilling.

    Roulette fans will easily enjoy the roulette games Pragmatic Play has rolled out because they are simple yet exciting, and best of all, they can be accessed at all times.

Popular Live Dealer Roulette VariationsCurrently, there are multiple roulette variants, and fans of the table game will be treated with a plethora of single and double-zero games. This is a list of some of the games that offer an experience, which is exceptionally close to the real thing because of the premium quality of the streaming and their advanced features.

Lightning Roulette

>Lightning Roulette

Screenshot from Lightning Roulette

Courtesy of Evolution Gaming, Lightning Roulette deserves the attention of avid roulette fans who are also heavily into the thrill of live gaming. It offers a unique player experience because, along with the standard range of numbers roulette wheels normally contain, players will also get to benefit from the lucky numbers that can bring them some juicy payouts of up to 500x the bet amount. Another great thing about this live roulette game is that there is no ceiling on the number of players who can join it concurrently.

Age of the Gods Roulette

Age of the Gods Roulette

Screenshot from Age of the Gods Roulette

Playtech’s Age of the Gods Roulette is tailor-made for gambling enthusiasts who are fond of the casino classic but want to get an extra twist on the gameplay. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy the spinning action among the Greek gods and potentially bag some handsome payouts of up to 100x the bet amount after they make a special bet. Besides, there is a multi-level jackpot game during which roulette fans will stand the chance to bag one of the four prizes that grow by the minute.

Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette

Screenshot from Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette by Pragmatic Play also lists among the live roulette games players might be eager to give a try. It is a single-zero roulette version, which grabs the attention with the multipliers that range between 50x and 500x that will be applied to randomly picked straight-up bets. Additionally, players can opt for the unique Mega Bets that allow them to cover a group of numbers. While enjoying the spinning action, players can place their bets even faster straight from the Statistics and Last Results sections.

Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette

Screenshot from Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette lists among the world-firsts that are courtesy of Evolution Gaming. As the name suggests, players will benefit from two winning numbers per spin, but the true appeal of this live roulette game stems from the fresh winning opportunities the provider has added. It might suit the needs and the preferences of roulette fans who want to enjoy more frequent and handsome wins, as while reveling in it, they can come by payouts of 1,300 to 1.

Ezugi’s Live Roulette

Ezugi's Live Roulette

Screenshot from Ezugi’s Live Roulette

Ezugi’s Live Roulette is also among the worthwhile live variants of the table classic because of the multi-camera set-up, thanks to which players can enjoy even more immersive gameplay. It uses a single-zero wheel, and together with the regular outside and inside bets, it also supports French bets. Yet, these are by no means all features players can benefit from as this live roulette variant is available in six languages and offers detailed history about the hot/cold numbers and the recent winners. Not to mention that it allows players to go for multiple games at the same time and communicate with the dealer and the other roulette fans through the chat box.

Final Thoughts

Many lovers of the game of roulette are rejoicing over the fact that they can now play their favorite casino game live from their homes. If you have not tried it yet, consider doing so because the experience is very much like what you will get in your favorite brick-and-mortar casino. The action is quick-paced and the live dealers are really friendly.


Well, live dealer roulette is your golden ticket to a more authentic online gaming experience as it features real wheels, real balls, and human dealers manning the tables. Every spin is streamed in crisp high-definition quality from dedicated studios built specifically for this purpose. It replicates the experience at landbased roulette tables, with dealer rotation and pit bosses closely monitoring the live action.

You can fully trust the fairness of live roulette as the outcomes are determined by physical roulette wheels and balls rather than by Random Number Generator. Professionally trained dealers host the games in real-time right before your eyes. Furthermore, the companies supplying the live roulette software are all licensed and strictly regulated.

Live dealer roulette allows you to dive right into the action without going through the inconvenience associated with traveling, following dress codes, or playing at noisy and crowded tables. With the freedom to hop between tables, 24/7 availability, and interactive chats with dealers, it’s like having the casino floor all for yourself.

Keep an eye out for games from big names like Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, and Ezugi as they ensure a top-notch experience at their live roulette tables. You should also consider your risk tolerance and the house edge you are comfortable playing against. If you can stomach the higher casino advantage in double-zero games, go ahead and opt for Live American Roulette. If not, you are better off playing single-zero games with the La Partage rule where you have only a 1.35% house edge grinding against you. Bankroll size should also govern your choice of live roulette tables but don’t worry, there are suitable table limits for every budget.

First and foremost, you should register at a licensed online casino and transfer some funds to your real money balance. Live roulette games are unavailable in demo format. Once you have topped up your account, open the live casino lobby, select a roulette table, and let the good times roll.