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Penny Roulette by Playtech

A. Antonova (editor) |

Penny Roulette by PlaytechPenny Roulette is the type of game which fans of lower stakes will enjoy. As the name suggests, players can place bets as little as 1p and enjoy a classic game of roulette. There is nothing extraordinary about the gameplay, however, the general look of the wheel and table layout reminds of the classy tables you are used to seeing in land-based casinos.

To make the game even more exciting and rewarding Penny Roulette allows some advanced bets. It should be noted that the game runs on the Playtech software platform which explains the great quality of graphics and the immersive sound effects used in this variation of roulette.

Since there is only a single-zero green socket, it is clear that Penny Roulette follows the rules of European roulette which is the variation that most gamblers prefer. Not only can this game boost the gaming balance of players but it can also make their betting experience tailored to their taste since there are plenty of features that allows the alteration of the game’s look.

Visuals and Layout

Penny Roulette VisualYou may think that there is nothing special about the look of Penny Roulette. And although there is nothing pretentious about the layout of the table, you will definitely appreciate the high quality of the graphics. The smooth transitions and the effortless spin of the wheel make the entire game more authentic and as close as possible to the one played at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Just because you are playing on your personal computer, that does not mean that you cannot feel like the most important player on the table. This is why you can even change the view angle of the table and roulette wheel. It is easy to see that the goal of the creators of Penny Roulette was to allow players to alter the game in a way that will fit their preferences. This is why they can also pick a different colour for the felt of the table, as well as choose the spin direction of the wheel.

To make the experience even more authentic, Playtech has chosen a few classy tracks as the options for a music background. This way players can fully immerse themselves in the game and feel like they are in a major land-based gambling facility.

Bet Limits

In order to enjoy their real-money gambling properly, players should always be aware of the table limits. The minimum bet that players can make in Penny Roulette is, as the name of the game implies, £0.01 and the maximum is £20. These numbers are displayed on a brown plaque which can be seen in the middle of the playscreen or on the left side of the table, depending on which angle of view you have chosen to use. By clicking on the plaque, you will be able to see the full list with table limits.

You should know that these bet limits may be different in the virtual casino you have chosen to play at. This should not be an issue, however, since you will be able to see the wager minimum and maximum on the aforementioned plaque.

Special Features

Penny Roulette can definitely make the gaming experience of every player unique and rewarding. There are plenty of features which can help you accustom the look of the table to fit your taste.

Seasoned players will definitely appreciate the fact that in addition to the standard inside/outside bets, they can also place call bets thanks to the racetrack on the table layout. Among the advanced wagering options, you will find bets like Tier, Orphelins and Voisins du Zero. There is also a feature that gives players the chance to save some of their favourite betting combinations so that they can place them immediately during their following wagering rounds.

As mentioned earlier players can also choose the angle from which they view the roulette table and wheel. This can be done by the camera icon on the left side of the playscreen. Thanks to the brush symbols, players can also pick a different colour for the table layout. They can opt for the classic green felt or change the colour to red or blue. The last alternation they can make is to choose the spinning direction of the wheel. All these little changes can actually make the game more unique.

From the settings icon in the top right corner of the playscreen, players can have access to options that control the visual and sound effects of the game, as well as see the history of the game which shows the statistics that help players keep a track of previous rounds. The results of the past rounds can also be seen in the history section which is displayed on the right side of the playscreen.

The action buttons which are positioned below the roulette table, allow players to control their game in a fast and convenient way. They can undo, clear or double their bets with just a simple click on one of the buttons. There is no doubt that Playtech has done a great job with the design and special features of Penny Roulette.