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Casino Hold’em by Playtech

A. Antonova (editor) |

Casino Hold’em by PlaytechFor those who enjoy Texas Hold’em as a variation of poker, there is also Casino Hold’em which is not that different when it comes to the rules that apply to the gameplay. Playtech has released a great virtual version of the game where poker fans can test their luck and try win some pretty impressive payouts.

With great graphics, immersive sound effects and advanced features, Casino Hold’em can provide in-home players with an authentic and fruitful betting adventure. This online poker variation has the ability to combine the classic style of land-based casinos and the advanced features of interactive gaming. To make the gambling of players more exciting and rewarding, Casino Hold’em also provides the AA side bet which is optional. If players want to make a bet on whether the first five cards that are dealt will include a pair of Aces or better.

The game runs on the Playtech software platform and throughout the years, the company has proven that it is a leader in the iGaming industry. The compatibility of Casino Hold’em with portable devices is yet another proof that Playtech can always provide very innovative gaming solutions and please even the most demanding players.

Visuals and Layout

Casino Holdem visualsPlaytech’s team of gaming developers has made a great job with the design of Casino Hold’em. The interface of the game is simple but it also offers every piece of information that players might want to know before they start their game.

The layout of the table is in blue colour and the decks of cards are in unison with the entire blue theme of the game. They also have Playtech’s logo on them. On the top part of the screen, you can see the gaming chip sorter with various chips in different colours. On the left side of the sorter, there is a silver plaque which displays the bet limits of the game.

On the table layout, there is information about the AA bet and the Ante bet as well as the payouts these wagers will bring players for the different winning combinations in poker. There are three seats on the table and in front of each of them there are three betting sections where players should place their bets. The first small circle is for the AA bet, the following one is for the Ante bet and the biggest circle which is closest to the players’ seats is for placing Call bets.

On the left edge of the table, there are six playing chips denominating different chip values that vary from 0.01 to 10. On the right corner of the table is the deck where the cards are drawn from and dealt.

Bet Limits

As it was previously mentioned, there is a silver plaque which shows the bet minimum and maximum that players can place while playing Casino Hold’em. The lowest wager that is allowed on the table is £5, while the maximum is £10. It should be noted that depending on the online casino where the game is played, these limits may differ. This, however, is not that big of an issue as the figures are always displayed on the silver plaque positioned on the left side of the table.

Special Features

Casino Holdem featuresThe design of this game is pretty basic and the game’s developers have made sure that most of the information that players might need during the game can be seen without having to open additional windows.

Of course, like the majority of Playtech’s games, this one can also be altered to make the gambling experience of every virtual player as convenient and pleasant as possible. This is why there is the settings menu that can be accessed by clicking on the wrench icon in the top right corner of the playscreen. By clicking on the ‘options’ section, you will load a window that will allow you to control the general, audio and game settings.

The general setting will allow you to enable and disable warning messages and the intro video. Although there are three tracks you can choose from for a background music, you can also disable any sound effects and the dealer’s voice. From the game settings, you can also pick the option ‘Fast Play’ which will speed up the tempo of the gameplay.

From the wrench icon, you can also load the History of the game. This will load a new window where you can choose a few options which can show the results of your game for a certain time period. The history can even show you your balance after the end of the game.

The Help section is also very convenient for players who want to learn more about the rules of the games and the specifics about the bets that are available at Casino Hold’em. Although this poker variation is quite simple, it definitely provides players with some freedom to customize their betting adventure.