Intercash Casinos

Below you can find the most reputable online casino sites that accept deposits with Intercash and allow withdrawals back to the same payment method.


Intercash is a global prepaid electronic payment option that is backed by MasterCard, which adds greatly to its credibility as being a very secure option at online casinos. Intercash e-wallet services allow for multi-lingual, multi-currency, quick and secure online transactions. Intercash offers prepaid cards which are ideal to use in international online gambling websites. Playtech, a leading software provider for casinos since the 1990s has partnered with Intercash to make online transfers easy. The Intercash option has been praised by casinos that are using it. There is no need for bank transfers, fees or check payments with this system as players can simply use their online MasterCard accounts to fund their pay.


  • No set up fees
  • Payments made instantaneously
  • Fast – Funds are instantly deposited and can be used immediately thereafter
  • Convenient – Cards are not associated with a personal bank account making activation easy
  • Instant access to winnings
  • Winnings are deposited directly onto the card
  • No checks to hassle with
  • Highly secure
  • Banking

The Intercash card is used in exactly the same way as a debit card. Historically, casino customers have either had their winnings paid to them via a check or transferred directly into their bank account. With Intercash however, winnings are paid out instantly. This allows gamers to access their funds immediately, resulting in a fast, simple and convenient payout method. Players must order a Intercash card which is delivered via the mail.

Deposit Limits and Supported Currencies

The Intercash card must be activated on the Intercash website and cardholders can deposit funds up to a maximum of €2,500. This upper deposit limit can be increased to €50,000 by providing relevant verification documents. USD and EURO are the supported currencies.

Withdrawal Options

Intercash’s ‘Pays 2 Ways’ feature enables instant authorization on withdrawals and deposits to and from casino sites. Funds can be withdrawn to the Intercash card from any participation Intercash casino.

How to Deposit with Intercash in your Casino Account

To deposit into your casino account you simply load funds to the Intercash card from your bank account. You then use the card to transfer funds to your online casino account.