Jeton Casinos

Digital wallets are exceptionally sought-after among gambling enthusiasts, and their booming popularity is justifiable with the promptness of the payments and their security. Boasting a global network, which operates in 100 countries and counting, Jeton is one of the most well-preferred e-wallets available out there.

Figures go to prove this beyond doubt as the customer base of the digital wallet continues to grow all the time, and currently, it runs at almost 550,000 people.

It is designed with the idea to offer businesses and individuals money transfers that are both highly secure and fast, no matter when it comes to receiving, sending, or exchanging funds, which perfectly fits the needs and preferences of gambling enthusiasts. In this context, gambling enthusiasts can wrap up their payments in more than 50 currencies, thus minimizing the chances that they will be left wanting.

Jeton started operating in full swing back in 2017, and it is backed by the London-based company La Orange Limited. It is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, and its growing popularity makes more and more gaming operators implement it into their cashiers, thus leaving players with a good range of options to select from.

One of the best things about Jeton is that cashouts are carried out this easily as deposits, which is another reason why virtual players are disposed to pick it over the other banking solutions.

Country Used InMore than 100 countries
Accepted ByOver 150 Online Casinos
Casino Games with JetonLive-dealer games, slots, roulette, blackjack, jackpot games, video poker, poker, and others
Available for DepositsYes
Available for WithdrawalsYes
Sign Up for an AccountFree
Connecting your bank account/card to JetonMostly free
Make a payment from your Jeton balanceMostly free
Transfer funds from Jeton to your bank accountFree
Transfer funds from a merchant to JetonFree
Online chatYes

The e-wallet is not the only service players can benefit from if they pick Jeton as their payment processor. Those who are looking to add another layer of security to their transactions might be more comfortable with the virtual JetonCash vouchers.

How Jeton Works?

Jeton methodAlthough Jeton is yet to acquire the popularity other e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill have already gained, the company undoubtedly has what it takes to leave its rivals standing.

There is no doubt that the most preferred service Jeton offers is its e-wallet, which can be found on the banking pages of a constantly growing number of virtual casinos. Yet, in order for players to start using the digital wallet to top up their gaming account or withdraw their winnings, they first need to register for an account.

To get an account, gambling enthusiasts will be asked to fill in a short form and provide their phone number, email address, and full name. Players should make sure that they have keyed in their phone number correctly as they will get a code to verify their account.

The next step from the registration process involves providing your address details, and these include your country of residence and your address. Once they click on the Go to Wallet button, gambling enthusiasts will be redirected to their new account’s page and will be all set up to start using the digital wallet.

Jeton does not cease to expand its presence, and presently, it can be used in more than 100 countries. The number of the currencies the digital wallet works in has also increased dramatically, and currently, players can select from 50 options, including GBP, SEK, NOK, BGN, CZK, PLN, RON, HUF, EUR, TRY, USD, AUD, CAD, DKK, INR, JPY, NZD, BRL, and RUB, among others.

Fortunately for players, they are given the chance to change the currency of their digital wallet and to do so, they simply need to navigate to the currency tab in their account.

Adding Funds to Your Jeton Account

Adding Funds to Your Jeton AccountSomething vital players should be mindful of is that based on their country of residence, they will be presented with a different range of deposit options to select from when uploading funds into their wallet balance. Normally, the deposit options are many and varied, and might include payment processors the likes of credit/debit card, PayPal, Sofort Banking, Giropay, Trustly, bank transfer, Entercash, and Jeton cards, among others. Nonetheless, loading your Jeton e-wallet with cash will require you to perform the same steps, no matter the preferred deposit method.

The company gives its best to ensure that its services will be appealing to as many users as possible, and to this end, the digital wallet now supports digital currencies, which is of crucial importance in today’s gambling world. In order for players to deposit crypto into the balance of their Jeton wallet, they need to click on the deposit button in their account and pick cryptocurrencies from the list of the available options.

For better convenience, the processing times for each of the available methods will be displayed before players have picked the preferred deposit option, and in the case of cryptocurrencies, the amount will be readily available in their e-wallet within a maximum of 2 hours. The next thing players need to do is pick an amount and currency and authorize the payment.

As gambling enthusiasts open their crypto account and click on send, they will be presented with the list of the accepted digital currencies. The last thing they need to do is copy their wallet address and paste it into their crypto wallet in order to complete the transaction.

Another vital thing to remember is that the bare minimum and the ceiling on the transactions varies between the different banking methods, and players will only be able to view them after they log into their account and jump into the deposit tap.

The affordability of the digital wallet is one of its biggest strengths as registering for an account, sending, and receiving funds through it is completely free. Keeping an eye on your account activities is made rather simple and this only takes heading over to the transaction part of your e-wallet.


JetonCashJetonCash is another option gambling enthusiasts can go for if they want to use the services of the company and want to find a payment method, which solves the security problem. This is a prepaid voucher, which can be used on a number of online platforms and which is a perfect fit for players who want to have the full confidence that they will not become victims of cybercriminals because while paying with it, they will only need to use the 19-digit code or PIN number. The reason why JetonCash is a cut above most banking solutions players can make use of is that they will not leave any of their financial information online.

It is important to note that the currency and the stated face value of the voucher cannot be associated with multiple PIN numbers. Using JetonCash is possible when purchasing goods, selling, or spending money online, and no matter the case, payments will be wrapped up with the same ease. Besides, the company only works with verified and validated merchants, which should give users of the prepaid voucher full confidence.

The prepaid vouchers are a perfect fit for gambling enthusiasts who do not have a credit or debit card, do not want to use them to pay online, or simply when they do not want to expose their personal or banking details.

Using JetonCash to pay online will not cost you a dime, given that you create your voucher through your Jeton wallet. To do so, players just need to pick an amount for their voucher and one of the 68 available payment methods. As soon as they make a payment, they will get their code and will be ready to use their prepaid voucher. Getting JetonCash is also possible from a number of authorized retailers.

What you should bear in mind, however, is that the JetonCah vouchers can be redeemed within 12 months from the date when they were issued. Another thing to consider is that the denominations might differ, and normally, the values players will get to choose from are $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Depositing to Online Casinos via Jeton

Jeton Casinos DepositWhen the preferred amount has reached your Jeton wallet, you will be ready to go ahead with your casino deposits. What you need to do in order to go ahead with your online betting session is head over to the casino cashier, select Jeton from the list, and pick an amount you wish to deposit.

At this point, players might be asked if they would like to take part in any of the available bonus deals the operator currently runs if such are available. Normally, when gambling enthusiasts choose to go ahead with the payment, they will get to see a summary of the transaction and the fees it will incur. Fortunately for Jeton depositors, casino operators tend not to apply extra charges on top-ins carried out through the digital wallet.

Once they have inserted their Jeton customer number, players will see the Jeton log-in window and will be prompted to provide their email or user ID and password.

The last thing gambling enthusiasts will need to before their transaction is authorized is to provide the one-time code they were sent by phone. As soon as the payment has gone through, players will get a notification and the transaction details, and they will be fully prepared to start their betting session. Players are advised to check the transaction details before they authorize the payment because once it is approved, the transaction cannot be canceled.

One of the strongest points of digital wallets, Jeton included, is that there are no wait times when depositing, which means that the preferred amount will be transferred to the gaming account of players right away, thus allowing them to immediately take up with their betting session.

Withdrawing from Online Casinos via Jeton

Jeton WithdrawingOne of the factors that dictate players’ choices of banking solutions while placing their bets over the Internet is the availability of the method for cashouts. There are a number of banking methods that cannot be used for payments in both directions, which is indeed quite inconvenient as players will need to pick another supported payment processor.

This is not the case with Jeton, and players will have their cashout processed in a timely manner and effortlessly, which is indeed one of the strong points of the digital wallet that attract the attention of most players. To transfer money from their casino account to their Jeton wallet, players simply need to select the payment processor from the list of the supported cashout methods and pick the amount they would like to pull out of their gaming bankroll in order to move it to the balance of their e-wallet.

Once gambling enthusiasts have logged into their Jeton account and have navigated to the cashout section, they will be able to view all banking methods they can opt for when they are ready to take their money off the balance of the digital wallet. Naturally, the available payment methods will differ from one country to another, but as it turns out, JatonCash and manual bank transfer are the most widely-used cashout methods.

Withdrawing their balance will take between 12 and 24 hours if players go for a bank transfer and between 1 and 2 hours if they prefer to move their funds to a prepaid JetonCash voucher. No matter which of these options gambling enthusiasts prefer to use, they can rest assured that extra charges will not be applied.

Something important to bear in mind is that account verification is a must when players have used Jeton as their casino withdrawal method and want to take their funds off the balance of the e-wallet.

Jeton Mobile App

Jeton Mobile AppJeton has indeed wanted to make the transfer of funds from and to players’ casino of choice simple, and to achieve this, users of the payment service can now take advantage of fully functional dedicated apps for tablets and smartphones that are based on iOS and Android. The apps are a perfect option for gambling enthusiasts who are constantly on the go and do not have access to their computers all the time. Тhe apps allow players to complete all gambling-related transactions without any effort, anytime, and anywhere, which results in great convenience.

Users of Android-run devices can start using the Jeton wallet on their handheld device after they download the dedicated app from Google Play. It requires Android 5.0 and up and offers a number of languages. The other downloadable app is available at the App Store and requires iOS 11.0 or later. The best thing about it is that it works like a charm on Mac, iPod Touch, and iPhone, thus promising that players will handle their funds without experiencing problems with their payments.

No matter which of the apps players are about to start using, they will be given the chance to send the preferred amount to over 100 countries around the globe in the utmost security and in the blink of an eye. Besides, while using the dedicated apps, players will once again be given a choice from the same range of currencies and the same extensive range of deposit and cashout options.

The apps do not lack in the security department as gambling enthusiasts can rely on two-factor authentication, which further strengthens the safety of the payments. On top of this, you will get a notification whenever a transaction is completed, which will allow you to keep your payments under control at all times.

Fees and Limits

Fees and LimitsOne of the biggest perks of using Jeton is the affordability of the digital wallet, which renders it a cut above a number of payment processors casino operators normally accept. The fee policy of the company is indeed something to pay close attention to, and what players need to remember is that registering for an account is fee-free. Besides, players will not face any extra charges when they receive or send money to a website. Although this might not always be the case, a fee might be charged by international payment providers when the transaction players have initiated is carried out in a currency other than EUR.

Yet, avid casino fans should be aware that on some occasions, using the Jeton wallet will result in extra charges, and this is exactly the case when they want to load their e-wallet with cash. The additional costs for deposits to the digital wallet using local payment methods run at 2.5%. To avoid paying the fee, avid casino fans should consider adding funds to their e-wallet through cash payment, online banking, or instant bank transfer. No matter which deposit option Jeton users will pick, the least amount they will be allowed to add to their balance will be €10, while the upper limit stands at €10,000.

Jeton users will be prevented from sending less than €10 and more than €2,000 per transaction. It should be pointed out that while there is no receiver fee, the sender will face extra costs, and the fee stands at 2%. With this in mind, the receiver will face extra costs, on the condition that six or more send transactions are carried out during the same month.

Exchange transactions that are executed in TRY and EUR are capped at €100,000, while such payments wrapped up in any of the other supported currencies have a ceiling of 2,000.


Jeton SecurityAmong the reasons why avid casino fans tend to choose Jeton over the other banking methods casino operators normally accept is that the company puts much weight on the privacy and security of its users. Obviously, the safety of its customers is one of the biggest concerns of the company, and it relies on a number of tools to maintain it to the highest standards.

The operating company has earned the approval of the Financial Conduct Authority, a financial regulator body, which oversees the operations of well over 58,000 firms that offer similar services. The regulator is focused on guaranteeing the protection of consumers and uses different tools to ensure that the competition between the different financial services is kept within limits.

Since Jeton is required to keep up with all guidelines and financial regulations, this should give players the full confidence that they are up against is a payment processor they can rely on. Additionally, the company has an exceptionally strict policy when it comes to identity verification.

As we mentioned already, Jeton has implemented two-factor authentication to further protect its customers and their funds. To this end, each time players wish to access their digital wallet, they will be prompted to provide their email address, password, and a unique code they will get via SMS.

On top of this, Jeton relies on an encryption system, which is also known as tokenization, and the aim of which is to turn the sensitive data players into tokens, which makes it useless for fraudsters.

Finally, it should be pointed out that using the digital wallet is not possible without going through an account verification process. As they go through this process, gambling enthusiasts will gain access to the full range of services Jeton offers, while the company will be able to prevent unauthorized transactions.


Jeton AdvantagesJeton is getting more and more commonly used digital wallet, and all the more so by gambling enthusiasts, and this can be easily justified with the benefits its usage results in.

First and foremost, gambling enthusiasts choose to manage their funds through Jeton because the preferred amount is transferred to their casino account immediately after the transaction is authorized. Indeed, this is a great benefit, especially when playing casino games over the Internet and gambling enthusiasts are impatient to begin their betting session.

Jeton is a highly secure digital wallet, and this is of paramount importance when gambling-related transactions are concerned. Players’ personal and banking details will not be exposed when managing their funds through the e-wallet, thus minimizing the chances of fraud. The safety measures the company takes are worth mentioning as well, and the approval of the FCA, two-factor authentication and the usage of elaborate encryption systems all go to prove that Jeton delivers in the safety department.

Jeton is way ahead of the pack also because its users can benefit from 24/7 customer support. The contact options are enough, and if players have experienced any difficulties with their e-wallet, they ask for assistance via email or using the live chat, which is available on their website.

Registering for an account is exceptionally easy, so is using the digital wallet while playing casino games online or when you want to send or receive money. Payments through Jeton are made a five-finger exercise while being on the go, thanks to the downloadable apps designed for devices based on iOS and Android.

Jeton does not disappoint also when its accessibility is concerned, as, unlike some other payment solutions that are available in a handful of countries, the digital wallet can be used in more than 100 countries.

The fee policy of Jeton is also worth giving plus points because gambling enthusiasts will not face any whopping fees to start using the digital wallet or when they want to send and receive money, which is rarely the case with most other payment methods.

The last advantage to consider is that Jeton’s usage is not limited exclusively to top-ins. This is a small yet important detail as players will not be troubled by the need to look for another payment processor to get their winnings, which is a convenience not all banking methods can offer.


Disadvantages JetonAlthough Jeton has so many strong points, players should also give enough attention to the shortcomings of the e-wallet in order to figure out if it fits their needs.

In the first place, players should bear in mind that Jeton is a relatively new payment solution and is not implemented into the cashiers of that many virtual casinos. This might lead to some inconvenience because gambling enthusiasts might need more time to find a web-based casino to start playing at.

In this context, some gambling enthusiasts might decide against using the e-wallet because of the short-term existence of the backing company. Indeed, Jeton does not boast the decade-long experience of some other payment processors, but it already has a good performance history.

Overall, Jeton ticks all the boxes when it comes to affordability, but players are most likely to frown upon the fee, which is charged when loading their e-wallet with cash through a local payment processor. As we said already, players can avoid these extra costs simply by using the other deposit options.

As it turns out, some Jeton users have reported that they have experienced delays with the verification of their accounts. The account verification might take longer than players have expected simply because of the legal practices the company abides by. Even if the verification requires more time, there are no reasons for complaints as this is done to maintain the high-security levels Jeton wants to guarantee.


Although it has a few shortcomings, Jeton is indeed a great option for gambling enthusiasts. Out of all e-wallets that are available out there, this one ticks all the right boxes with its promptness, ease of use, and reliability. Besides, it allows players to perform deposits on the spot, while cashouts clear within a couple of hours at the most. Jeton deserves the attention of players also because of the high-security levels it maintains and the lack of whopping charges. Not to mention JetonCash, which also stands out as a great option to rely on while gambling online.