MiFinity Casinos

MiFinity is one of the newer fintech solutions that are supported by numerous online casinos. Offering a digital wallet service and other convenient payment options, MiFinity is extremely easy to use and it is preferred by many international casino players for their deposits and withdrawals on gaming websites. The service covers all important elements of online payments such as fast transactions, easy-to-use solutions, and safe handling of funds.

MiFinity is licensed to offer its payment services by the FCA and is authorized to issue prepaid cards, or offer other payment solutions by Union Pay International. The company has extensive experience of over 18 years in the online payment sector, providing top-notch solutions to its customers. Headquartered in Belfast, MiFinity also has offices in Dublin and Malta, striving to further expand its influence across different markets.

The most commonly used service of MiFinity is its eWallet, which enables customers to transfer money to almost any other MiFinity user in the world. The digital wallet of the company is also a popular method used by different online casino players who wish to top up their gaming accounts or withdraw their winnings. If you are interested in this solution and the ways you can use it for your casino payments, you can check the information we have provided below.

Country used inMost countries
Accepted byOver 50 Online Casinos
Casino Games with MiFinitySlots, Table Games, Video Poker, Live Casino
Available for depositsYes
Available for withdrawalsYes
Create account/Sign up for accountFREE
Make a payment from your MiFinity accountFREE
Transfer funds from merchant to MiFinity accountFREE
Annual or monthly feesNone
Transaction limitup to €2,000 per year for non-verified accounts, up to €10,000 per year for verified accounts
Online chatNo
TelephoneIreland: +353 1 205 7931 UK: +44 28 9587 0100 Malta: +356 2034 5600

How MiniFinity Works

How MiniFinity WorksIf you have found an interactive casino that supports payments via MiFinity, you will have the chance to easily control your deposit and withdrawals. Like any other digital wallet, MiFinity will first require players to open an account with the service to be able to fund their wallet. Creating a MiFinity account is extremely easy and takes just a few minutes to set up your wallet.

If you are planning to use MiFinity for funding your casino account and withdraw your winnings, when you are creating your MiFinity profile, you can choose to set up a Gaming type eWallet. You will need to fill out some personal information like your address, phone number, country of residence. You will also be asked to pick several secret questions and their answers, adding another security layer to your MiFinity account.

When you are creating your MiFinity account, you will also need to select your preferred currency, allowing you to use the same currency you are utilizing for your casino payments. Before you proceed with depositing into your gaming account, you will first need to fund your MiFinity eWallet. Conveniently enough, you will be able to choose from several deposit options to transfer money to your MiFinity account and use your digital wallet for casino payments.

Depending on your country of residence, or the type of payment instrument you have verified when setting up your MiFinity account, you might be able to resort to different payment solutions to fund your eWallet. Some of the options one could utilize include credit/debit cards by Visa, Mastercard, or UnionPay, specific local payment solutions, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and other convenient payment methods.

When you are ready with setting up your MiFinity account, you can select it as your preferred deposit option at the virtual casino where you play. This will enable you to instantly top up your gaming account without exposing any type of sensitive information. You can also use your MiFinity eWallet when you want to withdraw your casino winnings, allowing you to enjoy your money in no time.

Depositing to Online Casinos via MiFinity

MiFinity Casinos DepositWhenever players need to instantly top up their gaming accounts, they can often resort to the service of MiFinity. This virtual wallet allows players the chance to fund their casino account in no time, without risking exposing any sensitive information. When compared to other deposit options, MiFinity often provides a faster and more secure way to handle your casino payments.

As mentioned earlier, before you are able to deposit into your gaming account via MiFinity, you will first need to register with the service and fund your digital wallet. If you have done that, you can head to the Cashier page of your preferred online casino and select to make a deposit. As long as the casino supports the service, after you enter the amount you would like to deposit, you will be able to pick MiFinity as your preferred payment method.

Selecting MiFinity as your deposit option will redirect you to another page, asking you to log into your MiFinity account. Even if you have not registered on the official website of the service, you can still make the payment by providing your credit/debit card details. MiFinity will act as a mediator between the online casino and your card, allowing you to complete the payment without exposing your card information to the gaming website.

If you have saved your credit/debit card information when creating your MiFinity account, you can simply choose to use your card when initiating the casino deposit. There is also the option to select your MiFinity balance and use the money you have previously uploaded to your eWallet. Alternatively, you can also use other services to complete your MiFinity deposit and quickly top up your gaming account without exposing any sensitive information.

If you have a MiFinity account, you will be able to verify your deposit by simply logging into your eWallet profile, using your email address and password. Players who have not registered with MiFinity will be asked to provide their phone number, allowing them to receive a verification code via a text message. Once they enter that code, they will be able to proceed with the payment.

One very convenient thing about deposits via MiFinity is that they are processed instantly and most casinos do not impose any fees for using the eWallet service to top up your account.

Withdrawing from Online Casinos via MiFinity

MiFinity methodIn most cases, if an online casino supports MiFinity as a deposit option, players will also be allowed to withdraw their winnings using the same service. The entire payment process is very similar to the deposit one, allowing players to easily request a withdrawal of their winnings.

To be able to cash out your winnings via this eWallet method, you will need to head to the Cashier section of the casino and select the withdrawal option. Once you enter the amount you would like to withdraw, you can choose MiFinity as your preferred payment solution. Again, you will be redirected to another window, asking you to log into your MiFinity account. Once you do that and verify the payment, the casino will receive your withdrawal request.

Keep in mind that it is not possible for withdrawals to be processed as fast as deposits. This is due to the fact the casino will first need to approve your withdrawal, which may take up to 48 hours in some cases. Once your cashout request is approved, however, it is typically processed instantly. Another great thing is that usually casinos do not charge any fees for withdrawals carried out via MiFinity.

MiFinity Mobile Application

MiFinity Mobile ApplicationAs MiFinity is trying to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the fintech industry, it has also developed a mobile application that allows users to easily handle their payments on the go. Needless to say, this is extremely convenient for players who also enjoy playing their favorite casino games on their mobile devices.

The MiFinity app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, allowing as many users as possible to handle their payments with just a few taps on the smaller screen. If you are utilizing an iPhone or iPad, your device must run on iOS 11.0 or later to be able to install the MiFinity app. Meanwhile, Android users will need devices that run on Android 5.0 or higher to be able to use the app.

Thanks to the dedicated MiFinity app, you will be able to access your eWallet account no matter where you are. The app will allow you to easily send money to bank accounts, credit/debit or prepaid cards, and other MiFinity accounts. You can also verify payments via your digital wallet with just a few taps on the screen.

Since you will have access to your MiFinity eWallet no matter where you go, you will be able to easily check your balance and keep track of any transactions. This means that whenever you request a withdrawal from an online casino, you will be able to check on the app if the money has appeared in your MiFinity balance. Even if you do not have a MiFinity account, you can easily register via the app.

Security of Payments via MiFinity

MiFinity SecurityOne of the biggest advantages of using MiFinity is the fact that your funds will always be protected via industry-standard security tools. Since the fintech company operates in compliance with the PCI DSS Service Level 1 regulations, MiFinity is regularly tested, ensuring its payment solutions are always secure.

Whenever you are initiating your casino deposit and withdrawals via the service of MiFinity, you will simply be asked to log into your account. To do that, you will only need to enter your email address and password. In addition to that, MiFinity utilizes SSL encryption technology, ensuring that any piece of sensitive information is properly protected. What is more, the company protects its IT systems via state-of-the-art firewalls, ensuring even bigger protection for users.

To abide by the newest requirements imposed by European regulatory bodies, the company has adopted a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) along with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Another security measure taken by the eWallet is that you will be automatically signed out of your MiFinity account if you have been inactive for a longer period. If you still need to use the service, you will need to re-enter your email address and password to log into your account.

Fees and Limits of MiFinity

Fees and LimitsBefore you proceed to open a MiFinity account and start using the service, you should check the limits of the eWallet and the fees that you may be required to pay whenever you use MiFinity. If you have just opened an account and you have not verified it yet, you will be allowed to transact up to €2,000 over 365 days. Once you have reached that limit or the period of 365 days has passed, you will be asked to verify your account. Customers who have verified their MiFinity accounts will be allowed to transact up to €10,000 over the period of 365 days.

As for the fees that you will be required to pay for transactions via MiFinity, the surcharges may depend on your country of residence and the payment methods you use to fund your eWallet or withdraw your money. You can easily check all of the possible surcharges that your transaction may incur on the official website of MiFinity.

If you decide to fund your eWallet, you can pay a fee of anywhere between 0.8% and 8.7%. Typically, some of the lowest fees (1.8%) are paid for depositing via Visa or Mastercard-branded cards and cryptocurrencies. If you want to utilize another payment solution, however, it is best to check the Fees section on the MiFinity website.

Whenever you want to withdraw money from your MiFinity account, you will also pay a different fee, depending on the type of service you are using. If you withdraw funds via a bank transfer, or a Visa card (EEA), you will be charged a fee of €1. Withdrawals via an interregional Visa card or Mastercard in the EEA will impose a surcharge of €1.75. The highest fee of €2 will be paid by customers who utilize an interregional Mastercard.

If you support several MiFinity eWallets, transferring money between them will cost you a fee of 1% and so will sending money to friends and family who also utilize the service of MiFinity. If you are withdrawing your casino money to your MiFinity account, you will pay no fee as receiving money to your eWallet balance is free of charge.

Customers who decide to use the service of MiFinity to send money to China will need to pay a fee of $1.90 for transactions less than $250. Higher sums will impose a fee of 0.76% for transactions up to $2,500 and a surcharge of $19 for a transaction exceeding $2,500. Keep in mind that if you are paying in a currency different than the one you utilize for your digital wallet, you will be charged a standard 2.99% currency conversion fee.

While maintaining a MiFinity account is free of charge, if you do not log into your account for more than 12 months, you will have to pay a service fee of €1 per month.

Advantages of Using MiFinity

MiFinity AdvantagesIf you are wondering whether MiFinity is the right choice for your casino payments, you can compare the advantages and the disadvantages of the method. Whether it is for deposits or withdrawals, using MiFinity may be very beneficial for online players as it is a service that offers plenty of advantages.

While the main payment solution offered by MiFinity is a digital wallet that requires registration, there is also the option to use the service without having a MiFinity account. If you request to top up your casino balance via this method, you can simply use it as a mediator and deposit via your credit/debit card or bank account. The great thing is that during the process, you will not expose any sensitive information to the casino.

Since the fintech company utilizes a number of industry-standard security tools and software solutions, the personal information and money of players are always properly protected. This adds another layer of security to your online casino payments, making MiFinity a very reliable service.

MiFinity is a global payment service that allows its users to set up their digital wallets in various currencies. This is very convenient as it can easily enable virtual players to use the same currency as the one they have chosen in the online casino where they play. Currently, MiFinity supports payments in AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, NZD, PLN, SEK, USD, and ZAR.

When you wish to fund your eWallet, you will have a wide range of payment options to choose from. You can pick the method that is most convenient to you and be ready for your casino deposits in no time. Another great advantage is that you will be charged very reasonable fees for most payment solutions available both for MiFinity deposits and withdrawals. In addition to that, most casinos do not charge fees for payments via the eWallet, allowing players extremely budget-friendly deposits and withdrawals.

Disadvantages of Using MiFinity

Disadvantages MiFinityWhen it comes to the disadvantages of this payment solution, there are a few things to consider. While MiFinity offers easy, fast, and cost-effective payments, it is still a fairly new service in the iGaming sector. This is the reason why many interactive casinos still do not support payments via MiFinity and it can be a bit difficult to find a gaming website where you can utilize the service. This being said, more online casinos start offering their members to handle their payments via MiFinity, allowing even more players to enjoy fast, secure, and easy deposits and withdrawals.

Although MiFinity is supported in various countries, there are still jurisdictions where the payment services of the company cannot be used. This may be inconvenient for casino players from certain countries as they will need to look for alternative methods to top up their accounts or withdraw their winnings. When you open your account at MiFinity, you can check to see whether your country of residence is on the list of supported territories. Although there are several countries that do not support MiFinity payments, the countries that allow their residents to pay via the service are far more than the ones that do not support MiFinity transactions.


MiFinity is offering various services that enable fast, secure, and hassle-free online payments. The fintech company is mainly used as a digital wallet that allows its users to easily send and receive money and handle their funds in a smart and secure way. As MiFinity allows its users to set up different types of accounts, the Gaming eWallet of the company is extremely popular among online casino players.

A number of interactive casinos support payments via MiFinity, enabling players to top up their accounts and withdraw their winnings in a very convenient way. Using the digital wallet for your online gaming is extremely easy and cost-effective as players are rarely charged by casinos for utilizing the MiFinity service.

While players are required to open an account with MiFinity and fund their balance to be able to deposit via the eWallet, they can also use the service without having to register. Whichever option you decide to use for your MiFinity casino payments, you can be sure that any piece of sensitive information will be properly protected, allowing you to enjoy secure money transactions online.