EntroPay Casino

Founded in 2003 EntroPay is an online service that provides users with virtual Visa cards. Their parent company Ixaris Systems is based in England, UK and is fully licensed by UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that they are subject to the strict norms and regulations of FCA.

The cards, that EntroPay offers, can be used in the same manner as regular plastic Visa cards to make payments and purchases online where the cards are accepted. These cards are funded by other conventional means such as credit card or bank transfer. The funds are immediately available and online gamblers can use them to play at once.

How the Method Works

EntroPay Casinos LogoThe only principal difference between virtual Visa cards and regular ones is that the virtual cards do not exist in physical form. Otherwise they function in the exact same way. The cards are issued by the Anglo-Maltese Bank of Valletta. They are used to pay online or offline regardless of location. Similarly to normal cards they have an unique 16 digit code, an expiry date and a 3 digit CVV number. Unlike traditional credit cards these do not require a pre-existing credit score or credit worthiness and anyone can acquire one within minutes. Furthermore the user may create more than one Virtual Visa, should they wish. If a gambler plays on more than one betting site it would be easier for them to keep track of their money if they used a separate card for each site.

A quality many people would appreciate about this card is the fact that it is not a credit, rather a debit card. This means that one cannot spend more than they have available at any time and no debt is accumulated. Cards are loaded first and used second.

Withdrawing money from an EntroPay account back to a bank account could be a tricky and inconvenient process. The user must email Customer Support that they wish to transfer their funds and must pay the transfer fee of $6 / £3. There is no limitation on the amount one might transfer over to a bank account but they must have enough to pay the transfer fee.

Opening an Account

Opening an account is fast and simple. The system does not require any type of complex verification from the user. To apply for a Virtual Visa the user only needs to supply their name, date of birth, country of residence and email address. The user also needs to come up with a username and a password for their EntroPay account. Following this the user has to put in the details to their credit or debit card to charge their Virtual Visa or alternatively use a Local Bank Transfer.

The funds will become immediately available and players can top up their betting accounts as soon as they complete the registration process.

Deposits to Online Casinos

EntroPay Casinos DepositDepositing with EntroPay Virtual Visa is as simple as when using a normal credit card. On the cashier page choose the EntroPay payment method, fill out the form requesting your card number, name of card holder, expiry date and the CVV, then confirm the payment.

Withdrawing from Online Casinos

Withdrawing is essentially the same process as depositing and just as easy. You need to go to the cashier page and choose to withdraw your winnings, select the sum you wish to cash out and choose EntroPay as the transaction method, then confirm the action and you are done.

Fees and Limits

EntroPay has a lot of fees, associated with its services, unlike a lot of their competition. Opening an account with them is free, but there seems to be a price tag for every other service they offer. Withdrawing money from an EntroPay account to a bank account costs $6 / €4,5 / £3 for every transaction. Loading an EntroPay card with a credit or debit card has a flat rate of 4,95% of the total sum. While purchasing something in a foreign currency will cost you 2% more in favor to EntroPay. Charging an EntroPay card from a personal bank account will set you back 3,95% of the total sum.

There are also funding limits to virtual cards and bank transfers. To their credit however, EntroPay has posted all of this and more in black and white on their website, so that consumers may judge for themselves whether they wish to pay all the fees related with this service.

Physical MasterCard

Entropay Casinos MasterCardSince 2010 EntroPay also offers the issue of physical MasterCard cards, for use at vendor terminals and ATMs. Existing users can apply for these and be approved. After which a fee will be deducted from the default Virtual Visa card and physical MasterCard, along with the PIN for it, will be transported via mail within 3-4 business days. These cards are available in every country with the exceptions of some Middle Eastern and African countries. Users can charge these cards using their Virtual Visa or their traditional credit cards. The minimum sum a user can upload on their MasterCard is $20 and the maximum – $5000.


EntroPay boasts of a state-of-the-art security and firewall system. All data and correspondence between clients and EntroPay is encoded using 128-bit encryption software, making it unreadable to anyone who might be monitoring their systems.

Currencies and Dynamic Currency Conversion

EntroPay supports the most commonly used currencies including EUR, GBP, USD and more, 14 in total. They also offer what they call Dynamic Currency Conversion. This allows users to exchange foreign currency for a selected currency at competitive rates. Naturally these rates tend to fluctuate daily based on those at the foreign exchange market. For this service EntroPay applies a fee of 2% for each exchange.

Customer Support

For customers looking for assistance EntroPay has an extensive selection of frequently asked questions, regarding verification and security, bank transfers, account management etc., posted on their website. This section covers a great deal of any issues or misunderstandings that may occur and it offers excellent explanations to their resolution. When it comes to client and service provider contact EntroPay is found wanting. The only means of communication they provide is via email. Although they claim to respond to all queries within a maximum of 48 hours, this is an inefficient method of correspondence when compared to live service chats or even a phone line.

Clients wishing to speak with a person directly will be disappointed.


EntroPay Casinos AdvantagesPayments are secure and fast. With EntroPay playing the mediator between the gambler and the casino, none of the user’s personal or bank information is made available to the betting site. Security conscious players can remain anonymous for as long as they wish.

Furthermore the Virtual Visa in practice functions like a debit card, it does not let you spend money you do not already have. This way you are sure that you will not break the bank during your next session of blackjack.


EntroPay offers a solid service with steep prices to boot. Overall this is EntroPay’s only drawback. Every time you load your card you forfeit 4,95% of the sum to EntroPay. When every button on their site costs you something you tend not to feel too good about it. Loading your card with a bank transfer cost 3,95% and withdrawing your casino earnings 1,95%. This is a business practice that some people will not come to terms with.


EntroPay’s service is a mixed bag of good and not so good. The anonymity and the secure nature of the transactions is excellent, no matter how protective of your data you are. When it comes to the Internet no one can be too safe. But when you take into account the fact that every transfer and exchange is being charged it really leaves a sour taste. EntroPay does indeed provide a solid service, but there are alternatives which come much cheaper.