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Moneybookers Bingo

A. Antonova (editor)

Moneybookers or Skrill, which is the new name of the service, is an e-wallet system that is ideal for your bingo needs. A lot of bingo sites on the internet allow it for both withdrawals and deposits and the best part is that it is very easy to register for and use.

This would allow bingo fans to enjoy the game without leaving the comfort of their homes and still win real money while exploring online bingo sites. Thanks to Skrill, interactive players can play bingo for real money anytime they want as the method is capable of boosting their gaming balance instantly.

How it Works

skrill mobile appIn order to use Skrill at virtual bingo sites, you first need to create your e-wallet. This takes just a few minutes and once you have registered for a Skrill account, you just have to provide either your bank or credit card details to transfer funds into it. This might seem risky, but you have nothing to worry about as Skrill is one of the most secure online payment systems there is.

Before you register for a bingo site, ensure that it accepts Skrill payments for both withdrawals and deposits. Once that is confirmed, you can go ahead and transfer money from your Skrill account into your bingo account and start playing. This whole process is free at both ends. To get money into your Skrill e-wallet, you can either transfer from a bank account, for which there is a charge on the bank’s side or use your credit card. Using a credit card for funding your digital wallet is free and instantaneous.

When you have won enough money on your bingo account, you can withdraw it back into your Skrill account. Just specify the amount, provide your e-wallet details and the system will take care of the rest. Depending on the bingo site you play at, there may or may not be a charge for this process but you can be sure that Skrill will not charge you for this transaction.

Advantages of Using Skrill to Play Bingo

pros signIf you have come across online bingo and you have decided to enjoy your favorite game in the comfort of your own home, then you can rely on Skrill to help you play for real money and cash out your winnings.

As the digital wallet is extremely popular, players would have no issue finding a trustworthy bingo site that will allow them to utilize this payment method. When you are picking the website where you would play, make sure that you can take advantage of generous promotions, fair gambling and strong security for you and your money. You can be sure that there are plenty of bingo sites that will offer fun bingo time and would still allow you to manage your bankroll via Skrill.

When you are playing bingo online, it is natural that you would want to buy your tickets as soon as you join the website. This is possible thanks to Skrill and its instant transactions. Once you have created and fund your digital wallet, you will be able to use it for making quick deposits at online bingo sites. This way you will be able to play for real money as soon as you are done topping up your gaming balance.

Safety is yet another advantage of using Skrill for deposits at bingo websites. Whenever you initiate a transaction via the e-wallet, you will be asked to log into your Skrill account. This would be the only information you will be asked to provide. This means that your credit/debit card or bank account details will not be exposed to the gaming website. Thanks to that, you can be sure that you are safe when transferring money to or from online bingo sites. What is more, Skrill uses the latest SSL encryption technology which is a prerequisite for secure transactions.

If you are topping up your interactive bingo account via Skrill, you will also greatly appreciate the fact that most of the bingo websites do not charge players additional fees for utilizing the e-wallet for their payments. This can lead to a very budget-friendly bingo experience.

Disadvantages of Using Skrill to Play Bingo

cons signAs with any payment method, Skrill also may have some lacking points. They are definitely less than the positive ones, though. You should carefully check whether the website where you play allows you to use Skrill both for your deposits and withdrawals. Some bingo sites will not allow players to utilize the e-wallet for all of their transactions which can be quite inconvenient.

Even if you are allowed to upload funds via Skrill, you should also check the bonus terms and conditions of the site where you play. There are some virtual bingo sites which will not offer their promotional deals to players who have used Skrill for their deposits. This can seriously change the course of your online bingo play.

Although using Skrill for your transactions to and from online bingo sites, you should still keep in mind that you will have to pay some fees when you are funding your e-wallet. The good thing is that these fees are considerably smaller, compared to some other payment solutions.

Skrill is available globally but due to legal issues and governmental regulations, United States residents cannot fund their bingo accounts through Skrill.

Skrill Used by Bingo Players

skrill bingo websiteYou might be wondering what type of players enjoy spending their money on bingo tickets. You might be surprised but bingo is getting quite popular, especially nowadays when there are numerous gaming websites that offer different variations of the game. Bingo is a favorite source of entertainment for many UK players and both land-based bingo rooms and bingo websites are packed with fans of the game.

You might think that bingo is a game for players who do not enjoy playing riskier games and you might be right. A lot of virtual casinos offer a wide range of games that are suitable for players with a significantly higher budget than regular casino members. This is why you might come across many casual players who simply play bingo for fun. Less risky games are very convenient for Skrill users as well. As most online bingo websites have minimum deposit limits of around $10, you can utilize your e-wallet to simply enjoy a couple of bingo games.

This being said, many players believe that buying more tickets will ensure them better chances of marking off a winning combination before the rest of the players who have joined the bingo room. Of course, as you start playing bingo online, you will notice that it is far from a simple game for casual players. There are bingo variations which offer progressive jackpots. These are usually won only if the lucky players have made a side bet before the game has begun. Side bets are usually typical for high-rollers.

As you can see, bingo players cannot be placed into a single category and the game is played by anyone from casual players to lovers of risky side bets. Thankfully, all of them can use Skrill to manage their bankroll and play the game the way it fits their taste.

Skrill Taxes and Deposit/Withdrawal Time And the Way They Affect Bingo Profit

skrill depositOne of the biggest Skrill advantages, as it was mentioned earlier, is its budget-friendly fees, or the lack of such. The majority of online bingo sites will not charge their members for utilizing Skrill as a deposit or a withdrawal method. This may not always be the case but even if you are charged a transaction fee, often it is much lower compared to the charges imposed by other payment methods. Of course, this huge advantage will affect the bingo experience of online players in a positive way as they will be able to enjoy their winnings without losing a big percentage of the sum.

What is more, Skrill is known for its fast transactions and this definitely does not apply only for deposits. Bingo players have the chance to receive their winnings in no time.

You can choose how to use the money on your Skrill account. You can spend it online at any of the thousands of online retailers that accept it or transfer it back to your bank account or credit card account. This withdrawal process costs roughly around 2% of the amount you are transferring and takes around 3-5 business days to process.

The processing time for withdrawals via Skrill is usually at most 48 hours which is great news for bingo players who are eager to enjoy their winnings.


Skrill (Moneybookers) is definitely a convenient payment solution for online bingo players. It allows them to top up their gaming balance instantly and it is a suitable option for both casual players and bingo fans who are chasing progressive jackpots.

The low taxes that Skrill users are charged for playing bingo online, can help players to relish their winnings without worrying about losing a huge portion of their money. In addition to that, players who make Skrill deposits can often enjoy bountiful bonuses that can help them rack up great bingo wins.

Being one of the most popular payment solutions online, you can easily find a reliable bingo website that accepts payments by Skrill. This way you can utilize your e-wallet for fast, secure and hassle-free transactions.