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Credit & Debit Card Gambling

A. Antonova (editor)

Most of the casino operators offer an abundance of payment solutions in order to cater to their patrons. Despite the fact that the variety of the options is really wide, many gambling enthusiasts prefer using their credit or debit cards when they wish to make transactions from and to casinos, simply because they sit well with them.

In fact, the reason why so many gambling enthusiasts prefer using their credit or debit card is more than obvious as most of the players are more than familiar with the way they function.

There are numerous debit and credit cards to choose from that are accepted at many online gambling sites. MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa-branded cards remain some of the most common debit and credit cards that are widely used in Europe and other parts of the world. You really cannot go wrong with any of these major cards because they are backed by large financial institutions which means that you can fully trust them. Players can also go for cards issued by American Express as well as by Diners Club International.

In essence, the procedure you should follow when you wish to make a deposit to the online casino you have picked does not differ greatly from the procedure you should follow when purchasing goods. What you need to do is to head to the cashier page and to select the brand of the preferred credit or debit card. After this, you will be asked to provide some additional information that includes your name, the CVC security code of the card, its expiring date, and its number. Then, you should enter the amount you wish to transfer to your casino account. Once you have done this, you simply need to submit the transactions and to wait for it to be approved which will take only a few minutes. When the whole procedure is completed, your funds will be available and you will be able to go ahead with your betting session.

Keep in mind the fact that using a credit card is like borrowing money from the bank. But when a debit card is used, the cash is taken directly from your account. This cuts risks for the gambling website and for you as it is very easy to get in over your head when gambling using a credit card.

Pros of Using a Credit or a Debit Card

pros signUndoubtedly, there are many advantages of using your credit or debit card for gambling purposes. Perhaps, one of the best things about this payment method is that it can be used for both deposits and withdrawals which is a major asset that sets the service apart from some of the other payment solutions available out there. Moreover, occasionally, a fee will not be charged when you have utilized the service to transfer your funds. Yet, this is casino-specific and it is always a good idea to check it.

It goes without saying that the payment service is so well-liked mainly because it allows players to top up their balance with ease as they are not required to open new accounts and to fund them which is the case with some of the alternative payment methods. As long as you possess a card, you will simply need to punch in the required information which will take only a few minutes.

What is more, your funds will be credited to your casino account in no time which is yet another reason why the method is so well-liked. Perhaps, one of the best things about making a deposit via your credit or debit card is that such transactions are instantaneous, hence you will have the opportunity start wagering almost right away which is of paramount importance for gambling enthusiasts. If there are some delays, however, in most cases, the reason for this will be that the casino operator needs more time to process the transaction.

Withdrawals are also processed rapidly, meaning that you will not be required to wait long to lay your hands on your winnings. Despite the fact that some of the casino operators will process your request instantly, in most cases, interactive players should wait for at least two working days to get their profit. The reason for this is that there are certain banking procedures that need to be followed.

Speaking of deposits and withdrawals, it is also worth mentioning that the limits for this payment method are quite wide which makes it suitable for the different types of players, no matter whether they prefer playing big, or they prefer placing more humble bets. The fact that the payment service comes with such flexible limits makes it even more appealing.

And last but not least, this method remains one of the safest ways to wrap up transactions from and to the interactive casino. The companies that issue credit and debit cards take numerous security measures in order to make certain that no fraudulent behavior can be taken against you.

Cons of Using a Credit or a Debit Card

cons signOne of credit cards’ biggest shortcomings remains that you can easily lose control and continue spending more and more, hoping that the next spin of the reels will bring you an eye-watering prize. Thus, in the end, it may turn out that you have indebted, instead of pocketing a nice profit.

In some cases, when performing a transaction using the service, certain fees may be applied. Their size, however, will depend on the type of the card you are utilizing.

One more drawback is that some gambling enthusiasts will not have the opportunity to utilize their credit card when they wish to retrieve their winnings. In such cases, you will need to go another route and to pick an alternative payment service.

As it turns out many interactive players are still reluctant to use their credit or debit card while wagering over the Internet due to the fact that they need to disclose some of their personal and banking information. In such cases, they resort to some of the other available payment services that do not require them to give any of their sensitive information.

Credit and Debit Cards Fees and Limits

Visa Card Casinos AdvantagesWhen it comes to the deposit and the withdrawal limits you should comply with when utilizing your credit or debit card, you should keep in mind that they will range across the different web-based casinos. As far as fees are concerned, they will be determined by the card you are using as well as by the casino operator.

Unlike US-facing casinos, international casinos tend not to charge any additional fees for utilizing the payment service. As you can see, there are many factors that should be taken into account prior to making use of your card to transfer your funds from and to the casino. That is why it is always a good idea to read the fine print in order to decide whether your credit or debit card is the best option for gambling purposes.

There is always a chance for the bank to block the transaction you have initiated. This can also be considered a drawback as it will make you feel frustrated and will lead to a certain inconvenience.


Debit and credit cards are easy to obtain as they require no credit checks because the money is simply taken directly from your bank account. These cards act as intermediaries between you and the casino operator, making them a good way to fund online gambling accounts.

The transactions are processed in real time so that the funds are available to you quickly. They are highly secure and widely accepted, so you should not have a problem obtaining a card and finding a casino/gambling site that accepts the card you possess.