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Mastercard Sportsbooks

A. Antonova (editor)

Nowadays, there are many gambling enthusiasts who have switched from land-based bookies to virtual ones. One of the main reasons for this is that interactive sportsbooks provide punters with greater convenience and flexibility which gives them a major advantage over their brick-and-mortar counterparts. What makes interactive bookies even more appealing is that they strive to cover as many sports and sporting events as possible in an attempt to satisfy the demands of their customers.

In addition to this, they also go all out in order to ensure that their patrons will have the chance to transfer their funds from and to the website of the bookie using their preferred payment method. That is why most of the sportsbooks strive to provide their customers with a long list of payment solutions. When talking about some of the most preferred payment methods, we should not forget to mention MasterCard. This payment solution undoubtedly ranks among the fan-favorites as it allows bettors to manage their funds with ease.


intercash mastercardIn fact, the very first MasterCards were issued in the 1990s and since that moment they have managed to acquire tremendous popularity among users. Presently, you can use your MasterCard for making payments to merchants, online shops, and sports betting sites. MasterCard ensures the highest security levels and that its customers are protected against fraud which is why they are so well-liked.

When signing up for a debit card, it will be connected to your bank account. This is because the card uses money directly from your bank account when you make a transaction using it. The company has presented its customers with the chance to pick from four options that include their credit, debit, prepaid, and business cards.

Pros of Using MasterCard for Sports Betting

pros signMasterCard is a payment method that has numerous advantages which to a large extent explains why it is so much so preferred by punters. In fact, if you are planning to utilize MasterCard for gambling purposes, you will appreciate its assets even more.

Undoubtedly, MasterCard has numerous invaluable assets that are worth mentioning. One of the best things about the payment method is that it is extremely manageable which will allow you to make transactions smoothly. Punters are not required to open and to fund any additional accounts in order to make use of the service, which will make the transfer of funds easier and faster as you will be required to provide only the 16-digit code of your card, your name, the expiry date of the card as well as its 3-digit safety code. It is as simple as that.

The biggest benefit of using a MasterCard for wagering on sports is that your funds will be uploaded to your betting account instantly without any delays. This is a major advantage as, in practice, you will be able to start placing your real-money bets on the sport you prefer forthwith.

What is even better about this payment method is that it is widely accepted by interactive bookies. If you are bound and determined to utilize namely MasterCard to make payments, you should know that you will be able to find a decent web-based bookie that accepts such payments with ease as their variety is really impressive.

One more reason why so many punters prefer utilizing MasterCard when making payments is that they can transfer larger amounts of money. This is a great opportunity that is unavailable with some of the other payment services.

Cons of Using MasterCard for Wagering on Sports

cons signApart from its undeniable advantages, MasterCard also has several drawbacks you should consider when making up your mind which is the best option to make payments to your preferred interactive sportsbook.

One of the main reasons why punters take a dim view of using their MasterCard for gambling purposes is that they are required to provide some personal and banking information each time they want to make a deposit. Usually, bettors are reluctant to make use of their credit or debit cards when they wish to upload funds into their betting accounts due to the fact that they can never fully vouch for the credibility of the sportsbook they have picked. Thus, your sensitive information can easily end up in the wrong hands, which can cause you a lot of problems. That is why you are advised to single out the interactive sportsbooks cautiously and to be careful when providing your data.

You should also consider the fact that some web-based bookies may charge certain fees when utilizing your MasterCard for your transactions. Still, this depends solely on the betting website you have registered with, which is why you should check whether any fees will be applied if you go for this payment method.

A major drawback is also the fact that the bookies that will allow you to retrieve your funds via your MasterCard are few and far between. If the virtual bookie you have picked does not support the payment method for withdrawals, you are advised to contact the help desk that will assist you to find an alternative way to cash out your winnings.

Perhaps, using your credit card may not be the best option when you wish to load your betting account with cash. As we all know, when making payments via our credit cards, in practice, we do not have the money in our pockets. That is why there is always a risk to exceed the budget you have drawn up at the beginning easily.

MasterCard Used for Wagering on Sports

MasterCard Casinos DepositWhen it comes to wagering on sports MasterCard is one of the best options you can go for. The payment service will not only allow you to wrap up payments to the preferred interactive bookie in a fast and a secure manner but will also provide you with unmatched levels of convenience, so that you could enjoy your betting session to the fullest.

In fact, your MasterCard would be the right choice for you as long as you wish to transfer higher amounts of money to the balance of your betting account. In most cases, you will not be allowed to send more than $2,500 via your card, which perfectly suits the betting limits of most of the virtual sportsbooks.

Most of the interactive bookies have set lower limits for the transactions of about $20. This means that you will have the chance to use your MasterCard once again as the payment service will allow you to transfer smaller sums as well. This, on the other hand, makes the payment method suitable for both casual players as well as for mid-rollers.

MasterCard Transfer Taxes and Deposit/Withdrawal Time

Mastercard Casinos MobileAs it was previously stated, deposits via MasterCard are handled right away which will allow you to place your bets on the preferred sporting event immediately. When it comes to the cashouts, however, they may not be possible at all. Still, if the interactive bookie offers this option, in most cases, you will need to wait for at least 3 business days to get your winnings.

It is also worth mentioning that some web-based sportsbooks may charge a fee when utilizing this particular payment service which is the reason why you should always check whether the bookie you have registered with applies such charges.

MasterCard on its end charges an Interchange fee the aim of which is to compensate players for the benefits the bookie gets after an electronic payment has been made.


One of the easiest ways of transferring funds to the preferred interactive bookie remains your MasterCard. You are enabled to do this either via your credit or debit card which is a great opportunity.

What makes the payment service even more appealing is that it will allow you to wrap up your transactions over the Internet in no time which makes it brag-worthy. Still, you may have second thoughts about utilizing your credit or debit card to make payments to the gaming website you have picked due to the fact that you are required to disclose some of your personal and banking information.