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Craps Table Layout

S. Stoynova (editor) |

How to Understand the Table Layout of Craps

Craps Table LayoutEvery new player who is interested in craps should have a good knowledge about the game and the rules it utilizes. One of the first things you need to learn about this classic casino game is the table layout. Although it may look a bit confusing at first glance, there is actually nothing complex about the table used in craps. In fact, understanding the different sections of the table will help you get used to the rules of the game and the betting options you have. We therefore encourage you to continue reading as our comprehensive guide will teach you all you need to know about the craps table layout.

Once you get used to the table layout of craps, you will be able to play the game everywhere. This is due to the fact that the game looks the same in every brick-and-mortar casino. The only difference that you may encounter is when you visit a Las Vegas casino since the tables there have the Big 6 and the Big 8 bets. These options, however, are not included in Atlantic City gambling facilities.

In order to have an easier time deciphering the craps table layout, you will also have to learn the terminology that you will also notice on the table felt. This way you will be able to understand the game and place the bets you find most suitable for you.

In addition to being the name of the game, “craps” is also used for 2, 3 and 12. The Pass Line is where you will place your chips if you want to bet that the dice will pass, i.e. it will win. The Don’t Pass Bar is where players make bets on the dice rolling seven before the point is repeated. You will also notice a box with the word “COME” where you can place your bets if you think that the dice will pass. This type of bet is placed after the come-out roll of the dice. Betting on the opposite result is done on the Don’t Come Bar section of the table.

In the Field area of the craps table layout, you will be able to place your wagers on the number you believe will be rolled. You can put your bets on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. Some craps tables will also include another type of field bets called Big 6 and Big 8. By placing your chips there, you are betting on either 6 or 8 rolling.

The Place Bets allow players to put their money on 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 rolling before a 7. If you are making a bet in the Hardway area of the table, you are placing your money on the dice rolling 4, 6, 8 or 10 as a pair, before they are rolled as a regular non-pair. In addition to the pair preceding the non-pair, you are also putting your money on the paired number rolling before a 7.

On the craps table, players can also place their chips on the so-called One Roll Bets. These are made only on the upcoming roll of the dice and players are paid when they manage to correctly guess the result of the throw of the dice. Under the One Roll Bets section, you will also find the Any Seven area. There, you can place your money on a 7 rolling in the next throw of the dice. If you place your chips on Any Craps, you are making a stake that the next roll of the dice will be either 2, 3 or 12.

Table Layout on Craps

Table Layout on CrapsAlthough the craps table may look a bit intimidating when you first see it, there is actually nothing complex about its layout. In fact, all of the sections of the table are there to help players place the bets they would like. There are two identical sides on the table which is done so that as many players as possible can join the game.

Whether you are playing at a land-based casino or you have replaced it with a web-based one, you will notice that there are several sections on the craps table. You may be drawn right away to the section in the center of the table, however, you should keep in mind that those bets are usually with the highest house edge and there are definitely less risky options to place your money on.

As it was mentioned earlier, there are two identical sides to the craps table and they represent the side section of the table layout. In addition to them, there is also a center section which is displaying a few additional betting options. Depending on which side on the table you are, you will be able to place your bets only on the respective side section. The players on both sides of the table, however, are allowed to make wagers on the center betting section.

Side and Center Sections of the Craps Table

Side and Center Sections of the Craps TableEach of the side sections on the craps table has two different areas. The one is designated for players, while the other one is for dealers. Players will be able to place their bets themselves on Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Field, Come, Don’t Come at the side section. As it was mentioned before, some tables also include the Big 6 and Big 8 bets which are also positioned in the players’ area of the side betting section.

The reason why you will not find the Big 6 and Big 8 bets on many craps tables is due to the extremely high house edge of these options. Since not many players delve into these risky betting, many casinos do not incorporate them on their craps tables.

These types of bets are also known as self-service bets due to the fact that players make these wagers without the help of dealers. If you want to make a bet on any of these areas, you simply place your chips on the corresponding section. If you win Pass, Don’t Pass or Field, the dealer will place your winnings next to your initial bet and you have to take your chips off the table. If you do not remove your chips, the dealer will understand that as raising your original stake by adding your winnings. If this is not your intention, however, you must keep a track of the game’s fast tempo and remove your chips off the table.

The dealer’s area of the side sections includes six squares where the numbers from 4 to 10, excluding 7, are positioned. Those are the so-called point boxes where the dealer places a puck with the white side facing upwards whenever a point is established. These section of boxes are also used by the dealer to place chips in accordance with bet requests made by players.

The wagering options that you may ask to make in this section of the table include Buy, Lay, Place Bets and odds bets on Come/Don’t Come. It is true that Come and Don’t Come are self-service bets but the odds for them are managed by dealers. Whenever you place your chips in the Come/Don’t Come area of the table and there is a point established for this bet, the dealer will move your chips to the corresponding point box.

Whenever you want to add odds to the Come/Don’t Come bet, you simply put your chips on the apron (the outer area of the table) and turn to the dealer with the request “Odds on the Come/Don’t Come, please”.

You will notice that there are two thin rectangles on the top and bottom sides of every point box, as well as, an additional wider rectangle on the top part. The thinner ones are where the dealer puts the chips for the Place bet, while the wider one is for the Lay and Don’t Come stakes. Inside the point boxes, is where the dealer places the Come and Buy bets. Unlike the self-service area where players need to be quick to remove their winning chips, in the dealer’s section players are not allowed to touch the chips and only dealers can place or remove chips.

The center section of the craps table is where the “proposition” bets are positioned. You should not touch any part of this area as it is strictly handled by the stickman whose role we will further explain, later in this article. Whenever you wish to make a bet in the center of the table, get the stickman’s attention and toss lightly your chip on the table layout. Try to avoid the chips of other players as you throw yours.

If the stickman is busy with other players and you do not feel like waiting, you can place your chips on the apron and tell the dealer what proposition bet you wish to make. The dealer will either place your chips on the right section of the table or will wait for the stickman and tell him where to place your bet. If you win a proposition bet, the stickman will tell the dealer how much to pay you and the dealer will place the chips on the apron in front of you.


DealersThere are three different dealers that run the craps table. Two of them help players for the bets in the dealer’s area of each side section while the third one is called stickman and manages all the proposition bets in the center of the table.

Each dealer works 20 minutes on one of the side sections, then 20 minutes as a stickman in the center of the craps table and then he has a 20-minute break before the next shift. In total, there are 4 dealers who rotate on the table and help players with their betting.

The stickman’s job is to call the game, pass the dice to each shooter as well as handle each proposition bet in the center. As it was mentioned earlier, sometimes other dealers can also place chips in the center of the table, however, they often choose to hand the chips to the stickman. When you win a proposition bet, the stickman will announce the amount you win and dealer who is on your side of the table will place your chips on the apron.

Good dealers can always keep an eye on every player’s bet and can accurately pay off each winning bet. Since it is the two side dealers’ duty to place bets and give players their winnings, this job is extremely responsible. While in most cases dealers at craps tables are professionals it is possible that they might be distracted and not pay you the proper amount you have won. This is why you should always be alert and check the chips you are handled.

When you approach the craps table at a casino, you will have to place your money at a special betting box marked with “COME”. Then an employee also known as the boxman will count your cash and prepare your chips which will be then handed to you by the dealer on your side of the table.

Floor Staff

Floor StaffIn addition to the three dealers, there are also floor people who help manage and monitor the actions on a craps table. You will notice that in the center, between the two dealers who manage the bets of players, there is an employee called either a Boxman or a Boxwoman.

The job of this floor staff member includes making sure that players receive the right amount of chips for their money, they are paid off exactly how much they have won and the odds are in accordance with the Pass and Don’t Pass stakes.

You will probably notice that at brick-and-mortar casinos there are more than one craps tables in the same area. This section of the gambling facility is called the craps pit and there is a floorman who is usually responsible for several tables in the pit. The floorman must always watch all of the games that are played and must interfere when there is an issue that cannot be resolved by the Boxman.

Even if there is a dispute you can be sure that, in most cases, the Floorman will take the player’s side as this will improve the casino’s good image. In addition to handling patrons’ requests, the floor people are also the employees who deal with high-rollers.

At land-based casinos, we also have pit bosses. They are handling all of the tables in the craps pit. The floor staff reports to the pit boss and he or she has the final say when there is an issue that needs a solution.

Proper Way to Act at the Craps Table

Proper Way to Act at the Craps TableSimply learning the sections of the craps table is not enough to enjoy the game and have fun. Before you approach the craps pit, you are advised to learn about the proper etiquette one must follow.

When you join the game, do not be conceited and do not tell other players what they should or should not do. This being said, if someone asks for advice, be polite and give your opinion without imposing on their gameplay.

Another very important thing you should keep in mind is to be respectful to the dealers. Do not miss saying “please” when you request to make a bet or thank them when they give you your winnings.

You should also know how to properly start betting when you approach a table. Place your money in the “COME” box and tell the dealer what you would like to bet on. However, make sure that you are doing this while the dice are not moved from the table layout. When you hear the stickman announcing “Dice are out” do not make any wagers and wait for the next betting session.

Before the dice are thrown, make sure to move your hands away from the table. One of the biggest signs of bad manners is to try to interfere with the dice in any way. Keeping your drinks behind the rail is also a must as it can otherwise intervene with the game and the players around you.

As it is with many other games, many craps players are also quite superstitious. This is why the word “seven” should not be even muttered as most people tend to put their money on the Pass Line. If anyone hears you saying “seven” and the dice indeed roll this number, be prepared to be stared at by numerous superstitious and angry players. If you want to refer to the number, you can replace it with the phrase “S word”. This rule may be a plain superstition but it is a part of the craps etiquette.

Another thing you should consider when you are joining the game is taking a good look and see who will be the next shooter. When you spot the player who will throw the dice, make sure that you do not stand way too close to him/ her. As it was mentioned earlier, craps players are quite superstitious which is why you should make everything possible to give the shooter enough space to move freely. This way you cannot be blamed for any misfortunate result caused by you interfering with the person throwing the dice.

When it is your turn to roll the dice, you will be presented with several dice. Pick two and hold them in the hand that you will use to throw them. Do not switch the dice into your other hand and make sure to always hold them above the table. This is done so that dealers can be certain that you are not using another pair of dice. When you throw them, make sure to do it hard enough in order for the dice to hit the other side of the table and bounce back off.

If you are new to the game, do not worry too much. After all, gambling is all for the entertainment of players. Let the dealers know that you are not that experienced and they will be happy to help you with anything you are not sure about.