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Best Real Money Craps Casinos

S. Stoynova (editor) |

Online Craps-Best Casinos and Software Studios

If you want to start playing craps online for real money, then you have to take a few factors into consideration. Most importantly, you should think about whether you are ready for it, and whether online craps is the type you wish to play. There are some key differences between a game of craps at a land-based casino and one at an online casino.

Once you have determined that you want to play online, you need to go over the key features that define a trustworthy web-based casino which is also suitable for craps players. All of them will be listed below and regardless of whether you choose to play at one of the casinos we recommend, all of those features need to be up to the industry standards.

Furthermore, we will look into several popular craps variations, developed by industry-leading studios including Betsoft, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming. Read on to find out the craps games and casino operators that cater specifically to your individual gaming needs.

Features of Real Money Craps

There are a ton of differences between the craps gaming experience that a land-based and a web-based casino can offer. There are positives and negatives to both experiences depending on the type of player you are and even the type of person you are. Here, the classification of low and high-rollers is obsolete as most online craps games offer a wide range of betting options.

The most obvious difference is the fact that if you play online you do not have to be physically near any of the other players, nor in a casino. Now, this is convenient for a number of reasons. First of all, you can play from the comfort of your home, or while you are on a bus, train, you name it. Second of all, sometimes the players in land-based casinos can be unpleasant, or you may simply find the whole experience associated with playing there unwelcoming. It may be especially so if you are placing $5 bets while the guy next to you keeps throwing out $100 chips.

Of course, mostly, people find the atmosphere at a brick-and-mortar casino invigorating. They feel electrified by the intensity of the crowd of players gathered around the craps table. This is a key feature of the game for some people and it is something they miss online. Those are the players that play for the rush, for fun, usually without a strategy, just to enjoy this type of socializing.

However, those who play to win will care very little about the setting. It is more important whether the house edge is higher or lower, the type of bets that are available, payouts, and any other aspect of the game that may differ even in the slightest.

Picking the Best Real Money Craps Casino

If you want to try playing craps online, then you will first need to find a trustworthy web-based casino. There are several things to take into account when picking an online casino. In this case, the two things that are of the utmost importance are simply the casino’s craps library and its security. Of course, the latter includes licenses, encryption, and all else that may potentially be the only thing standing between you and some malevolent hackers.

Craps Games Variety

Before we start this section, it is important to note that not all casinos feature craps games and those that do, usually, do not feature more than one. That is simply because the variations of craps are not all that popular online. People prefer the familiarity of Bank Craps, which is the name of the variation played in most casinos.

With that said, most reputable casinos will offer at least one online and one live version of craps. So, in this case, this is the type of variety to be on the lookout for. Of course, it is important to look into the software supplier who created the game. As you will find out by playing more games online, there is sometimes a large difference between the most popular software suppliers and all the rest.

When it comes to online games, that difference is visible in the graphics quality, animation, sound design, as well as features. We can also compare them in terms of cross-platform compatibility as not all online table games are available on mobile, or they simply do not run as smoothly on mobile.

In terms of live games, we have all of those factors as well as customer service by the dealers, the streaming service itself, and limits. Since the games are live from a studio that is streaming multiple other games simultaneously, if the internet connection is somewhat weaker, this can result in some serious problems. Sometimes, the game only lags a little, but other times, the stream might be so bad that it completely disrupts the gameplay. Of course, if a game starts lagging, do not immediately assume that it is the provider’s fault. More often than not, it is the player’s connection that is acting up.

However, nowadays, the top software providers offer live games that can run even on a really slow internet connection and on any device. This is why the provider you choose matters. It is also important to note that you will most likely find craps games in the ‘Others’ or ‘Other Games’ section and not the ‘Table Games’ one.

Security and Licensing

It is imperative that the casino you pick is fully licensed to offer online gambling services in your jurisdiction. You must always check and see if everything is legitimate – something that is usually quite easy to do. You simply need to scroll down to the bottom of the website where the licenses the casino holds are linked or check the ‘About Us’ page. In case you cannot find it, you can always contact customer service.

However, having just any license is hardly enough to guarantee a safe online gambling environment. The casino of your choice needs to also have the latest security protocols in place. We urge you to be cautious about this because, after all, the casino you choose will process some of your financial and personal data. If, however, the operator is licensed by one of the gambling authorities we will introduce you to in the next paragraph, then you are in a safe space as it is simply impossible to obtain such a license otherwise.

The most reliable casinos online are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. Such casinos are the international standard for online gambling as they have undergone all sorts of evaluation processes to get licensed. This guarantees a fair and high-end gambling experience. However, you also need to make sure that your country allows playing online craps for real money because in some jurisdictions online gambling is legal but only when it comes to some games. This can be done by either contacting customer service or checking with your local authorities.

Another important factor when it comes to online casino’s security is their level of encryption. The standard at the moment is SSL encryption, either 128-bit or 256-bit. A very simple way to know whether an online casino is secure or not is to take a look at the address bar at the top of your browser. The beginning of the URL will be green, and, in some browsers, it will even say that the website is secure.

Software and Cross-Platform Compatibility

As we already mentioned, there are not that many craps variations online, so the only thing you need to consider when choosing which game of craps you want to play is its software provider. Some casinos are powered by only one software provider while others are powered by multiple ones. With a single software provider, things are quite straight-forward, however, with multiple ones you need to check which one has provided the casino with its craps game.

You can usually find almost any game online in demo mode, so you can have a taste and decide whether it is the right one for you. You can also take a look at the provider’s website where you will find all their credentials and accomplishments. As previously stated, there is quite a gap between all the top software suppliers and all the rest, simply because they have been around longer, or specialize in a certain area and are widely recognized online. There are software suppliers with more than two decades of history and have powered the very first online and mobile casinos. It is, as you can imagine, not so easy to get on their level.

It is important to note whether the code employed by the software provider you have picked allows for compatibility with other browsers, operating systems, and devices. You do not have to be an IT specialist to be able to figure that out – you can simply try a game from a few different browsers, check how the casino’s website runs on mobile, or do a quick web-search in order to find out what the latest technology in the iGaming industry is.

There are a lot of casinos nowadays that have been created specifically for players who prefer mobile gaming and run entirely seamlessly across all platforms. All you need to take into consideration, once you have made sure of that, is your taste.


A casino’s list of available payment methods is a piece of crucial information that you must obtain before you have registered with it. It is a frequent occurrence for players to assume that a casino offers their preferred payment method because it is popular. In reality, that is often the case, but not always. Additionally, there are a lot of banking options that are available only for depositing funds into your online casino account and not for withdrawing.

This is not the only important issue, though, as the processing time and fees vary per payment method as well as casino. Naturally, not every player is willing to put up with a long wait before their funds appear in their casino account. Waiting for cashouts is even more agonizing and so, we recommend you always make sure that you are completely aware of how long it could potentially take for a financial transaction of any sort to be finished.

As for fees, online casinos usually do not charge such, however, the fees of your preferred payment method provider are a different story. You should be aware of those as well so you do not get unpleasantly surprised, specifically when it comes to withdrawing winnings from your casino account. There are some casinos that actually cover those fees as well but they are only a few as it is not really the casino’s concern.

So, to sum up, make sure you go through the list of available payment methods, find your preferred one, and establish it is available for both deposits and withdrawals(or not, depending solely on what you want). Additionally, check its time-frames, and make sure that you are aware of all applicable fees.


The quality of an online casino’s customer support service is highly important. Of course, you may never resort to their help but in case you do, you need a reliable team of professionals who can immediately come to your aid and solve any and all problems you may be experiencing. This is sometimes a weak-spot for casinos, especially brands that offer their services in multiple languages.

Naturally, this is an advantage when it comes to foreign users, however, sometimes, non-native English-speakers are assigned to an English-only client. Mostly, despite that, they are able to help, the key-word being mostly. Sometimes, communication becomes close to impossible when using the live-chat feature and getting such a support agent.

Once again, though, this is not a common occurrence. For some online casinos, it is a constant, however, as we said, with bigger brands that simply is not the case. It is possible that it happens but you could always politely ask to be reassigned to a native speaker.

This is a luxurious problem to have, to be quite frank, because some online casinos do not even offer a live-chat feature. In fact, you may have to wait for days for them to respond to an e-mail query. The other way to contact customer service is by phone. It is usually only free for players from the USA or the UK, so keep that in mind.

Those are some of the issues you may encounter with sub-par online casino customer service teams. So, once again, good customer service is undeniably important. You can test whether an online casino’s customer service team is up to your standards by asking them some basic questions, for instance, whether the casino is licensed or not. The way they respond to basic queries will tell you all you need to know.


One of the most exciting features of online casinos is the multitude of bonuses they offer. Welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, weekly bonuses, any kind of bonus you can think of – there is an online casino out there that offers it. This includes craps bonuses.

As tempting as all of those may sound, you need to remember that bonuses are not everything. They are an addition, an enhancement, if you will, to your gambling experience. You can have some extra fun with them but you can hardly rely on them for actual wins. The reason for this is that, usually, the wagering requirements that must be met for a bonus sum to turn into real money are quite high. In fact, so high, that they are unreachable. After all, the purpose of these bonus funds is to let players have some fun playing for free.

This may not be suitable for serious craps players but those bonuses can always be used on other games. You can simply try out games you would usually not play, either because you are not too confident in your skills, or because you simply have not gotten around to it. Bonuses help players discover and enjoy every part of the casino. They improve the entertainment value.

Best Craps Variations to Play Online

Craps is among the casino games that do not cease to tickle the fancy of players, and their growing popularity is easily not off the radar of software developers. More and more game-making studios decide to add craps variants to their portfolios, which leaves players with a wide array of options to choose from, no matter if they prefer the thrill of live-dealer craps games or the slower pace of their RNG-based counterparts.

Craps by Betsoft

Table Limits$1-$100
Available Bet TypesAll regular craps bets are supported
FeaturesThe odds behind each bet are readily available
Supported PlatformsDesktop and mobile
Craps by Betsoft
Screenshot of Craps by Betsoft

One of the craps variants players might wish to give a shot if they prefer to place their bets over the Internet is the one designed by Betsoft. Thanks to this creation of the provider, craps fans will be offered an experience, which is exceptionally close to the real thing, and this is possible owing to the ambient sounds and 3D graphics the provider is celebrated for. If the background audio distracts you, you can easily turn it off as soon as you head over to the game settings.

This variant of the table classic is suitable for total novices and experienced players alike, who can brush up their knowledge on the different bet types and the payouts after they explore the rules section. There, they will find in-depth information about all available bet types and the requirements that should be met for wagers to be resolved as winning ones.

Playing this craps version is made exceptionally easy for users of desktop and portable devices, and the best thing about this game is that, in either case, gambling enthusiasts will be offered a premium experience.

The creators of gaming content from Betsoft have chosen not to twist the standard rules of the table classic, and what players will be up against is pretty much a regular craps game in which two dice are used.

As they take a look at the felt of the table, players will notice that the standard range of bet types is supported as they can opt for Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come, Any 7, Big 6 and 8, Any 11, and Field Bets, among others. In terms of payout, players will be paid at the rate all regular versions of the card classic offer.

As likely as not, the table limits will fit the preferences of most craps players as bets can start at $1 and go as high as $100. Players are given a choice from a number of chip denominations, including $1, $5, $25, and $100.

Please note that while the bare minimum for all bets is $1, the ceiling on the amount players can stake will differ between the various bet types. Any Craps Bets have a ceiling of $65, while Any 7 are capped at $49. Hardway bets can run into a maximum of $49, while Horn bets are capped at $30 or $20, depending on the number.

Vegas Craps by Microgaming

Table Limits$1-$200
Available Bet TypesAll standard craps bets
Supported PlatformsDesktop and mobile
Vegas Craps by Microgaming
Screenshot of Vegas Craps by Microgaming

Vegas Craps by Microgaming is also an attention-grabbing craps variant, and it is likely to appeal to players who are not into table games with a flashy presentation. Placing a bet is made exceptionally easy for players, and once they hover the mouse over the respective field from the betting layout, it will be highlighted to ensure that they will place the bet they intended. What players should bear in mind is that once they power up the game, they will be presented with a half craps table, which will make them less likely to run into any issues while placing their bets.

The controls craps players will be presented with are the standard ones, and there are buttons that will allow them to repeat their bet, undo, redo, as well as such which will roll the dice.

Vegas Craps is indeed designed with experienced players and total novices in mind as the game rules and the different bet types are described at great length to avoid any confusion.

Gambling enthusiasts who have tried out some of the other table classics that are courtesy of Microgaming will recognize the well-designed interface, thanks to which they can handle their bets and adjust the bet size without any hassle, and no matter the device they are using. Although this craps variant offers no flashiness, this does not mean that it is completely void of visual appeal. The graphics are detailed and crystal-clear, thus promising premium-level authenticity.

The range of betting choices is truly rich, and gambling enthusiasts can go for Pass, Don’t Pass, Field Bets, Any Craps, Big 6 and 8, and Hardways, among others.

Live Craps by Evolution Gaming

ProviderEvolution Gaming
Table Limits$0,50-$100
Available Bet TypesAll standard bet types
FeaturesDynamic statistics, tutorial, easy mode, and my numbers
Supported PlatformsDesktop and mobile
Live Craps by Evolution Gaming
Screenshot of Live Craps by Evolution Gaming

Live Craps by Evolution Gaming is players’ best bet if they want to experience the excitement of playing at a land-based casino and still have the freedom to place their bets anytime and anywhere. This game is one of the most intriguing additions to the gaming suite of the provider, and just like the other live-dealer games Evolution Gaming boasts, its Live Craps grabs the attention with its advanced features.

Craps is a game, which might seem rather overwhelming, especially for inexperienced players, and Evolution Gaming has effectively coped with this issue by introducing a live variant of the table classic, which boasts a user-friendly interface, a plethora of features, and highly-trained croupiers.

The game-making studio has ensured that their craps version will be easy to understand and play and, at the same time, will bring iGaming fans lots of excitement. They will be able to see how many players are rooting for one and the same number or check their potential winnings for the next round. Total craps novices can take advantage of a tutorial or go for an easy mode in order to get used to the game. Going for the easy mode means that gambling enthusiasts will be presented with fewer bet options and will face a smaller betting grid, which will make it easier for them to wrap their heads around the rules.

While they enjoy the gameplay, players will also benefit from dynamic statistics, and to stay abreast of the dice combinations that have already turned out, they simply need to check the board, which is updated all the time.

The reason why the craps versions introduced by Evolution Gaming quickly turned into fan-favorites is that players can choose between Live and First Person variants.

Best Real Money Craps Casinos Online

So, once we take all of those factors into consideration, there are a few casinos that simply stand out. In order to facilitate the process of finding them, we have created a short list with the top online casinos suitable for craps players. In it, players will find some of the best casinos the iGaming industry has to offer.

PlayAmo Casino

PlayAmo Casino
Screenshot of PlayAmo Casino

PlayAmo Casino is among the top online destinations for fans of craps. Owned and operated by Dama N.V., the casino complies with the regulatory requirements of the Curacao Gambling Authority. It runs on software provided by eminent studios including Betsoft, Microgaming, and Ezugi, among others. Fans of the dice game can choose between several variations with some of the options being Craps Live and First Person Craps by Evolution Gaming, and Craps by Nucleus Gaming.

The website is supported in 15 languages, and the live chat feature is accessible 24/7, providing customers with assistance, whenever they need it. As far as payment methods are concerned, the operator supports various types of processors, including bank cards, digital wallets, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrencies.

Royal Ace Casino

Royal Ace Casino
Screenshot of Royal Ace Casino

This casino quickly established itself as one of the top destinations for high-rollers. It is currently operated by the Ace Revenue Affiliate Program and has been granted permission to operate by the authorities of Costa Rica. Despite the fact that it does not hold a license by one of our top gambling authorities, this casino is secure – it is not only SSL encrypted but also MD5 encrypted. Royal Ace Casino is powered by RealTime Gaming.

It is currently available only in English and is directed more at American players. However, the US is not the only country allowed to play at Royal Ace Casino. The customer service of this casino is also available only in English but it is lightning-fast and efficient.

Omni Slots Casino

Omni Slots Casino
Screenshot of Omni Slots Casino

Omni Slots Casino is yet another prominent online venue perfectly suited for the needs of craps fans. It is operated by DialMedia Ltd and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. The operator has partnered with nearly 45 iGaming studios to replenish its gaming catalog. Betsoft is one of them and is the one that has provided this casino with its craps game.

You can easily get in touch with the customer service team, which has an extremely quick response time. The website is available in multiple languages. Omni Slots Casino gives its players a ton of banking processors, with some of the options being ecoPayz, eZeeWallet, Interac, MuchBetter, Skrill, Neteller, and VISA.

William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino
Screenshot of William Hill Casino

William Hill is the go-to casino for players who are looking for a truly premium experience. The website offers a ton of different sections and the casino is powered by all top software providers. The craps game it offers is powered by Playtech. William Hill holds licenses from several gambling authorities, including the UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner, and the Malta Gaming Authority.

As for the available payment methods, the operator supports almost every single one there is. Some of the most popular payment processors include VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, and Skrill. Security will be none of your concerns, as the operator has an almost impenetrable system. After all, this is the most trusted brands in the whole industry.

Guts Casino

Guts Casino
Screenshot of Guts Casino

Guts Casino is another trusted brand with licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. It is powered by Microgaming, which is a giant in the industry. The website of this casino is available in multiple languages and is incredibly easy to navigate through.

Another wonderful feature of this casino is its customer service team. The agents reply almost instantly and answer any and all questions you may have with an unmatched speed. However, the most notable thing about this casino is its withdrawal speed. Cashouts are processed within only 6 hours! If you are using an e-wallet, they are instant!


It is hard to find variety when it comes to craps games online, however, the casinos and the software suppliers we have listed above are worth your attention. Every single one of the casinos is trustworthy and a leader in the industry. You will not have the same experience with all of them, in fact, they are quite diverse and yet still manage to cater to the needs of any player. They are so very different but they all have one thing in common – a gaming environment that is both entertaining and secure.