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Pass Line Bet Patterns

S. Stoynova (editor) |

How to Apply Pass Line Bet Patterns on the Craps Table

With craps being the versatile game that it is, you have multiple options when it comes to placing bets. Out of the available wager types, the Pass bet has to be one of the most popular out there. It is a fundamental part of the game and it serves as a cornerstone in craps betting. In this guide, we provide you with some important information as to how you can spice up your gameplay and introduce some more advanced betting patterns that can improve your position.

The present article will first direct players’ attention to the essence of Pass Line Bets. Then, we will dwell on three different bet combinations players can apply to their craps sessions, including Pass Line Bet with 1 Come Bet, Pass Line Bet with 2 Come Bets, and Pass Line Bet with 2 Come Bets and Two Place Bets on 6 and 8. Ultimately, players are advised to carefully evaluate the risk factor and reward potential associated with their selected bet patterns so they correspond to their gaming style.

Pass Bet Explained

Before we take a look at the more advanced strategies, it is prudent to first do a quick rundown of how the Pass bet works. For starters, the Pass bet is placed on the Pass Line position on the craps table. If the first roll results in a 7 or 11, you directly win even money, however, if it is a 2,3, or 12, then you lose. If any other number comes up, then it will be called ‘the point’ and the dealer will place a marker on the number that says ‘on’. After that, the shooter will roll the dice again until the point or a 7 comes up. If the point is rolled again, then you win even money but if the result is a 7, then you lose the bet.

As you can see, this is quite a simple bet once you get the hang of it. It generally, comes with a house edge of around 1.40%, meaning that it is mostly worthwhile when compared to other available options. Similarly, it offers better odds and a smaller house advantage than many other casino games that pay even money.

Examples of Popular Pass Line Betting Patterns

Having gone over the basics of the Pass bet, we can get more into the different wager combinations that you can utilize during your craps sessions. Luckily for you, there are many different bet types in craps, which will allow you to place many different combinations at both land-based establishments and online casinos. Below, you will find detailed explanations of some of the most common betting patterns with the Pass bet.

Pass Line Bet with 1 Come Bet

This betting pattern is one of the most basic ones that you can apply at the craps table, being both simple and effective at the same time. To start off, you need to place one Pass wager coupled with a double Odds when the point number becomes known.

After that, you should put down some chips on Come and again on the double Odds. This result in you having bet on two numbers at the same time, giving you the opportunity to hedge your bets to a certain extent. Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that rolls of craps and eleven are not taken into account where correct betting is concerned, while the double Odds should always be there to support the other two numbers.

Additionally, the rules of the game dictate that if either one of the Pass or Come numbers comes up again and you win the respective bet, then you have the option of instantly replacing it with another number. More specifically, when the Come number is rolled again and you win the bet, the casino will allow you to place the same wager again, while also backing it with double Odds. All while this is happening, the standing Pass bet will remain valid until you win or cancel it.

Similarly, if the reverse were to happen, you will suffer no disadvantage. For example, if your Pass bet is successful and you receive your winnings, you have the option of placing another Pass wager, while your Come will be unaffected.

This betting pattern is quite common, especially among new and careful players. It allows for low-risk betting since there are two numbers covered at any given time. Moreover, placing the specific bets exactly as outlined above will also reduce the house edge to approximately 0.6%, providing you with almost true odds. This is about as close as you can get to playing craps without the casino taking a cut of your bankroll over time and even when it does come into effect, the percentage is so low that you are unlikely to notice. On the other hand, a betting pattern this conservative also limits the winnings potential in most scenarios.

Still, it is a good method of experiencing craps at low risk, as it gives you the opportunity to play for quite a long time and you may even make some money at the end of the day. Moreover, the simplicity of the pattern makes it accessible to both new and veteran players alike.

Pass Line Bet with 2 Come Bets

This betting pattern has much more potential to score bigger wins, while also keeping the house edge on the low side. If you have some experience with craps you might want to consider putting it in practice.

Basically, this pattern is not too different from the one detailed above, requiring you to place a Pass bet complemented by 2 Come wagers, each followed by double Odds. Essentially, the difference is that you cover three numbers at any given time rather than two, though at the risk of wagering a little more money. However, with bigger risk come greater rewards and risk is what casino gaming is all about.

Much like the previous one, the Pass Line bet with 2 Come bets pattern keeps the house edge to a minimum when double Odds are played on all numbers. More specifically, it does not even reach 1%, typically staying in the 0.5% – 0.6% range. Though that is a given when using this type of betting pattern. What you should take into account, however, is that Come wagers do not count on come out rolls, meaning that the Odds are not active either. In other words, regardless of what the result of the dice throw is you can neither win or lose the Come bet’s odds.

Pass Line Bet with 2 Come Bets and Two Place Bets on 6 and 8

This is the riskiest pattern that we will present you with in this guide and it is one that involves quite a lot of potential winnings, provided that you have good rolls. This betting pattern will see you wagering even more money than the previous one and the house advantage is somewhat higher than in the other two patterns, but then again, what is casino gaming without the risk. Basically, you put down a Pass bet, followed by 2 Come wagers with double Odds, while simultaneously maintaining Place wagers on 6 and 8. With the Place bets, the house edge rises to 1.52%, which is higher than the ~0.6% featured in the previous two patterns. Granted, you can also bet on a single number or on none at all. It all depends on your personal preference. However, our recommendation is that you keep as many of ‘inside numbers’ covered as your bankroll allows.

You begin the pattern by putting down a Pass bet with double Odds, after which you make two Come bets, also supported by double odds. If it happens that neither 6 or 8 are covered under the already placed wagers, then make a Place bet on the required numbers. You should keep the size of the Pass, the double odds, and the Place wagers identical. Doing it properly will mean that you have up to five numbers accounted for.

Of course, the risk here lies in the fact that none of these bets will amount to anything if a 7 comes up. It will cause all of your active bets to lose and you will have to place them all over again with new funds. While this particular pattern offers great returns under the right conditions, a little bad luck could leave you with an empty bankroll.

Therefore, be prepared when you come to the craps table, knowing that you may end up having to place a lot of money at risk. Obviously, you should only do so if you feel confident enough in your knowledge of the game and you understand that you may lose some before you win some. After all, this is the most aggressive betting pattern featured in this article and as such, there is a lot at stake. If you can make it work for you, then you may just end up with a large pile of chips in front of you. However, if you suspect that you cannot deal with this betting pattern just yet, then consider using the other two. Moreover, check out our guide on bankroll management in craps to gain some insight as to how you should place your bets in the long term and when it is time to leave.

Is It Worth Using a Bet Pattern?

Now comes the all-important question whether betting patterns are worth the trouble. There is no clear-cut answer to that, as it happens. All of the different patterns come with their unique advantages and disadvantages and in all situation, you are putting money on the line. Granted, certain betting patterns involve higher and lower degrees of risk than others. For example, the third pattern that we discussed covers a wide array of betting options and to achieve that betting range you need to risk a larger amount of money. Of course, that also means that if you are successful you will also win more.

Much like any other game of chance, you put your bankroll on the line but betting patterns do something that stand-alone wagers do not. With a betting pattern, you risk more money than the average bet but in doing so, you also create situations where even if you lose a certain wager you can still make up for the loss with another bet. This essentially equalizes the risk to a certain extent and as in the case of the first two patterns, you bring down the house edge to less than 1%.

Still, betting patterns require a certain degree of knowledge to implement properly and you have to understand what role each bet plays in the overall pattern. At the end of the day, betting patterns could do wonders for your craps sessions but you also have to put in the effort to learn the ins and outs of a particular pattern in order to apply it properly.


Having gone over all of the betting patterns, we are ready to come to our conclusion. Bet patterns are a great way for you to spice up your gameplay and also to improve at the game. Craps is a game of many possibilities and there is incredible depth to it. You will need to know all details about the game inside and out before you can correctly apply a betting pattern though. Each bet in a strategy serves a particular purpose and without understanding it you might fall short of your intended target. Therefore, before you try to implement a pattern you should brush up on your knowledge of the game and make sure that you have a deep understanding of what exactly you will be doing.

Another great point in favor of betting patterns is that they provide you with different ways to play craps. Since there are multiple wagers that you can place at any one time, you have multiple ways to go about each pattern. You get to choose the level of risk of each pattern and the reward potential, as a byproduct. This alone makes betting patterns a good choice but when you also factor in the fact that they can reduce the overall house edge, it only makes sense to apply one. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully take a look at the three patterns above and decide for yourself which will suit you best, taking into account the overall risk factor and the bankroll required to pull it off.