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Echeck Blackjack

S. Stoynova (editor)

Finding the right payment method as a blackjack player can be hard. There are a lot of things to consider, like fees, limits, processing time, the list goes on. In this section, we will clarify what the benefits of using eChecks are and how suitable they are for a blackjack player.

Using eCheck as a deposit method at online gambling sites is one of the most secure and reliable options available to players. It is actually an electronic checkbook or paperless check and can be used anywhere a normal check is used.

In this payment system, the customer actually writes a check electronically and then gives it to the blackjack website or any other web service. It uses digital signatures, user authentication, and complex encryption to ensure security and privacy for its users.

Pros of Using eCheck to Play Blackjack

echeck how it worksBecause it can be used in all places where checks can be employed, it’s a very convenient method to transfer money in the cyber world. Almost all checking accounts work with eCheck. The company has an excellent safety record. Each eCheck is automatically equipped with a digital fingerprint to prevent fraud and is tracked in a manner similar to paper checks. Anyone familiar with writing checks can use eCheck easily. Additionally, it is one of the few banking methods that allows players from North America to deposit and withdraw funds at online casinos.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of using an eCheck as opposed to a paper check is cost efficiency. A regular check costs about $1 while an eCheck costs mostly around $0.10. Additionally, the lack of a physical form makes eChecks more secure. They are a lot less likely to get stolen or misused than regular checks.

Naturally, we need to go over the main benefits that blackjack players can get out of using this banking method – speed and high limits. As soon as you deposit funds into your online casino account by using eCheck, they will appear and you will be all set to play. This is a major advantage over paper checks for any gambler. And, because of its high limits, this banking method is a great option for blackjack players who enjoy playing at tables with higher stakes.

Another advantage of using eCheck is that users of this banking solution are eligible to receive a card on which they can withdraw their winnings. Players can use their eCheck-issued card anywhere in the world. This is certainly good news to blackjack players as sometimes legalities get in the way of withdrawals of funds that were won fair and square.

Yet another benefit of eCheck is the fact that by using it, you cannot accumulate debt unlike with credit cards and other payment methods. Anyone can get carried away when playing their favorite game and Blackjack players are no exception. This is why it is good to play with funds that are yours to do with as you please, which is the case with eCheck as it draws money directly from your checking account.

Cons of Using eCheck to Play Blackjack

echeck securityFor starters, you need to actually have a checking account first. Blackjack players may not want to go through the trouble of opening one. Additionally, there are fees involved for keeping the account open, which may not be too appealing to any blackjack player.

To fund your blackjack account with eCheck, you will have to provide certain information to the site, so that it can protect itself from non-sufficient funds charges. The blackjack site will then deposit the requested money in your account. The check is then forwarded to your bank which clears it and charges your account.

Something that may be considered inconvenient or even inadmissible by some players is the fact that you need to provide your personal financial information when using this banking method. The information goes directly to the eCheck system and is entirely secure and the casino itself never gets a hold of your information but some players still prefer more anonymous banking solutions.

In cases of insufficient funds in your checking account after you have issued an eCheck there are some pretty sizable fees. Online gamblers need to be careful when entering their information in the online form and make sure that they have the amount they are attempting to deposit.

Another disadvantage is the fact that not all casinos that accept eCheck as a deposit method accept it as a withdrawal method as well. In those cases blackjack players will need to find a different withdrawal method which may be a drag for some, especially depending on the casino’s options.

Something else that may be considered a downside is that, usually, you would need to deposit a larger sum with this banking method than with others. Withdrawal limits are also usually higher. This would not be a problem for a high-roller of course, but for more casual players it will certainly be an obstacle.

It is always a good idea to check all banking options before picking a casino and a deposit method.

eCheck Used by Blackjack Players

Blackjack is considered to be a game that is suitable for both casual players and high-rollers, in fact, any player can give it a try. It is a very accessible game because of its wide bet range. Most games offer bets as small as $1 or even less and as large as $1,000 or even more. This, of course, depends largely on the online casino you have picked, as well as the software provider of the game. However, the casinos set the bet limits, so that should be any blackjack player’s main focus.

Casual blackjack players may find that eCheck is not the right banking solution for them, quite simply because it requires some serious funding and not everyone is willing to invest that much. However, when it comes to speed, eCheck is a great choice, so, it is really down to the player and their financial situation.

Mid-rollers may also struggle with this method, however, their problem should be significantly smaller. However, they may struggle with the withdrawal time instead. Unlike the deposits with eCheck which are instant, withdrawals take a while. In fact, sometimes they can take up to 10 days.

This method is truly fit for high-rollers. With eCheck, the sky is the limit and so this is a significant advantage for players who like to play big. With blackjack, bet limits can also be extremely high so if you use this method to deposit, you will certainly have no problems in betting as much as you want. High-rollers will be able to take advantage of all the positives when using this banking solution.

eCheck Taxes and Deposit/Withdrawal Time and How They Affect Blackjack Profit

echeck availabilityAfter you win while playing blackjack, you can use the same system to withdraw your winnings and transfer them directly to your bank account. The withdrawals are generally processed as bank transfers and can take up to 10 days for clearance. Once you start using the system, you can only use 2 eChecks for the first 48 hours. This restriction is lifted after the first 2 checks are cleared.

As we already mentioned, there are small fees involved, however, the processing time for deposits is close to non-existent. On average, it takes about 15 minutes and then you are all set to play. Of course, it is worth noting that first, you will most likely need to go through an identity authentication procedure. This should come as no surprise, though, as this is something that is performed at almost every casino nowadays, no matter which payment method you use.

With that said, using eCheck in order to deposit funds with which to play blackjack is generally speaking a very good idea. Of course, you would have to be willing to invest a sum in the range of $100 but then again, if you deposit that sum that does not automatically mean that you need to bet it all at once.


It is evident that this is a very convenient and secure banking method. It is definitely more suitable for high-rollers because of its high limits, however, if utilized wisely, it can be suitable for every type of player. This payment method is available worldwide and can be found on the banking list of a large number of casinos.

In conclusion, eCheck is a reliable option, that offers players fast deposits and convenient withdrawals. It is quite suitable for blackjack players precisely because of its speed but also because of its high limits. Additionally, it is especially suitable for players from North America, as it can allow them to deposit and withdraw funds without worrying about the complex gambling laws in their jurisdictions.