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Blackjack Tournaments

S. Stoynova (editor) |

Blackjack Tournaments – the Ultimate Casino Thrill

Blackjack TournamentsWith blackjack rules being so easy to learn and basic strategy allowing quick mastering of optimal moves, it is not that difficult to become a blackjack expert. With more advanced play comes the desire for riskier bets and potentially higher rewards. With so many seasoned players enjoying the thrill of playing blackjack, many land-based and online casinos have introduced the option to participate in blackjack tournaments.

Whether you have joined a tournament event in a brick-and-mortar casino or you are competing online, blackjack tournaments are a great way to raise the thrill factor and test your skills against fellow casino players. If you are willing to join a blackjack tournament even, however, there are a few things you need to know beforehand. In this article, we will explain how blackjack tournaments are organized and how you can participate in them. We will also provide tips for more successful competitions, allowing you to enjoy great blackjack experiences at any casino tournament.

Blackjack Tournaments Overview

Blackjack Tournaments OverviewIn blackjack tournaments, players compete against each other which is one of the biggest differences when compared to house-banked games. While it is true that every player wins or loses against the dealer, their ultimate goal is to get as many chips as possible. The reason for that is that the player who has collected the biggest stack of chips is the winner. It is worth mentioning that blackjack tournaments, just like many other casino tournaments, have an entry fee. In return, players get chips that are also referred to as a starting stack. They can be used only in a particular tournament and in most cases, they don’t have any monetary value.

Usually, tournaments have several rounds of play in which blackjack fans join different tables and the participant who cannot meet the requirements to take part in the next round is eliminated. At the beginning of the tournament, everyone is given the same amount of chips for an equal start. All of the chips that players win during the game are usually displayed on a leaderboard, determining the position of every participant.

Depending on the tournament, one round can continue for a certain period of time or until a given number of hands are played. The tournament follows the classic rules of the game, meaning that, players need to apply a strategy to improve their odds of winning.

Tips for Playing Blackjack Tournaments

TipsIf you decide to join a given blackjack tournament, you have to keep in mind that participating in a blackjack tournament is quite different from playing a house-banked blackjack variation. Even though the basic rules of the game remain the same, in blackjack tournaments you compete against the dealer and the other participants. Your goal is to have the biggest stack of chips at the end of the tournament.

If you are interested in participating in a blackjack tournament, be advised to first practice your skills. Moreover, if you are a newbie, do not jump headfirst into some expensive blackjack event, but rather look for a blackjack tourney that requires no entry fee. Many online casinos organize such blackjack tournaments to attract the attention of more players.

Before you sign up for a given blackjack tournament, read its terms and conditions. In that way, you will get acquainted with the nature and the rules of the tournament, how long a round lasts, what is the acceptable etiquette at the table, the prize pool, the entry fee, etc.

Provided that you have questions, do not hesitate to ask the organizers of the event. If the rules of the event correspond to your interest, then you have to pay an entry fee to sign up for it. Make sure you know when the tournament kicks off and be on time. Do not forget to observe the rules of the tournament otherwise, you might be disqualified.

The chip count of your opponents determines the size of your bet, so make sure to keep track of the other players’ positions on the leaderboard. If you are behind in the chip count, then do the opposite of the chip leader. In other words, if he/she bets big, the size of your bet should be small, and vice versa. Another strategy is to make medium-sized bets instead of small bets if you are trying to catch up to the leader.

In the early hands of the tournament, leave the conservative approach aside and make big bets if you want to get off to a flying start. On the other hand, if you want to learn more about your opponents’ style of play, make smaller bets in the early hands and observe their actions.

The last five hands of the tournament are really important. Experts advise tournament players to bet big in the last hand. Even though it may sound quite risky, some experts claim that staking half of your chip count is a smart move.

To wrap up, tournaments often require players to deviate from the basic strategy as their moves are often determined by the chip counts of their opponents. Whenever you are not sure what is the best move in a given situation, you can lean on the good old blackjack basic strategy and make small bets. But you cannot entirely rely on it for all of your playing decisions.

Blackjack Types of Tournaments

Blackjack Types of TournamentsMost blackjack tournaments are available for all types of players, whereas others are private and they can be entered by invitation only. The size of the prize in blackjack tournaments varies depending on the entry fee and the type of the event. Usually, a portion of the entry fee, which each participant is required to pay, contributes to the prize pool. Depending on the organizers of the tournament, the top prize is either split among the first players or only the winner collects it.

Blackjack tournaments fall into different categories, depending on the number of rounds they consist of and the way they are conducted. It is possible to compete only against the players sitting at a particular table or against all participants in the tournament.

Due to this huge diversity, players of all skill levels have the chance to participate in such events and enjoy blackjack in a very exciting way. Moreover, it is also possible to take part in online blackjack tournaments as a number of online casinos offer them. It has never been so accessible to compete against other players and get an extremely thrilling experience from doing so.

Perhaps, the most popular blackjack tournament, offered by many casinos, is the so-called Elimination tournament. As the name hints, in these events, a given number of players are eliminated after each round. The exact rules differ from one casino to another, but in most cases, the player who has collected the least amount of chips has to leave the game. In these tournaments, players compete against all participants in the tournament. Once you drop out of the competition, you are not allowed to come back. However, some elimination tournaments allow players to re-enter the tournament once if they pay another entry fee.

Non-Elimination tournaments are also quite popular among blackjack fans. In such tournaments, the winner is the player who has managed to collect the biggest stack of chips at the end of the tournament. Only participants who run out of chips are eliminated. Rookie blackjack fans should avoid this type of tournament as these require special skills and in-depth knowledge of the game.

Players also have the chance to test their skills on Sit and Go or Scheduled tournaments. The main difference between these two events is in the way they start. In Sit and Go tournaments, it is possible to join a table whenever you want as their starting time is not fixed in advance. However, there is a requirement regarding the minimum number of players that should join a blackjack table for the game to commence. Scheduled tournaments can be entered only at the appointed time and they require a registration beforehand.

Players can play in Mini tournaments which are usually conducted during the weekends and have affordable entry fees. Another popular type is the Freerolls tournaments which don’t require any fee in order to be entered. Usually, the reason why they are held is to attract new players or serve as a reward for regular ones. However, since they don’t have an entry fee, their prize is lower than the rest of the tournaments.

Casinos Offering Blackjack Tournaments

Casinos Offering Blackjack TournamentsNowadays, a number of casinos offer blackjack tournaments thanks to which players have the chance to enhance their gaming experience. When participating in blackjack tournaments, there is a possibility to compete against less skilled and inexperienced players. Thus, proficient blackjack players who have a reliable strategy stand a very good chance of winning.

Tournaments are the perfect opportunity for blackjack enthusiasts who want to put their skills and strategy to the test and get the most out of every hand. Players of all types have the chance to play in such challenging events and enjoy their favorite casino game in a completely different way. Before joining a given event, do not forget to check the type of the tournament, its prize pool, the ruleset, and the number of winning positions.

These special events have proven to be a great source of entertainment, attracting hundreds of players, regardless of their experience and gaming style. Usually, blackjack tournaments are available for only a certain period of time and they are not regular events. Players should check the website of the respective casino for the latest information if they want to subscribe for a given blackjack tournament. Let’s have a look at three of the most popular casinos that offer such tournaments.

  1. William Hill

    William Hill Logo
    • $300 Bonus
    • $10 Min. Deposit
    • 550 Games

    William Hill is a reputable casino that occasionally gives its players the chance to take part in exciting blackjack tournaments. It offers generous prizes and the entry fee is extremely affordable. These special events feature exclusive blackjack tables which also offer extra payouts for particular combinations such as a hand that consists of three 7s.

    Opt-in required. Available 1x per customer. First deposit only. Minimum $10 deposit. Maximum $300 bonus. 40x wagering. Bonus expires 7 days from issue. New customers to casino page only. Player, currency, country, game restrictions & terms apply.Read More

  2. InterCasino

    InterCasino Logo
    • $900 Bonus
    • $10 Min. Deposit
    • 32 Jackpot Games

    InterCasino is another well-established casino that offers blackjack tournaments from time to time. All that players have to do in order to join such an event is to pay a small entry fee and get familiar with the time the tournament begins. It is also recommended to have a look at the time the event is scheduled to end as this way players can get a general idea of the type of the specific tournament.

    Prior to entering a blackjack event, players should get fully acquainted with the terms and conditions that apply. The goal of the players is to collect as many chips as possible in order to become winners. At the beginning of the game, all participants receive an equal amount of chips that depends on the particular event.

  3. 32Red Casino

    32Red Casino Logo
    • $150 Bonus
    • $10 Min. Deposit
    • $10 Free

    32Red is a popular casino that holds exclusive events for blackjack enthusiasts. It offers three types of blackjack tournaments in order to fulfill its players’ wishes.

    This way, players can not only choose the event that suits their bankroll and needs best but also get a very different gaming experience. It is possible to participate in Freeroll, Survivor, and $500 Blackjack Attack tournaments and compete against other players.


ConclusionTo sum up, blackjack tournaments are undoubtedly very entertaining and challenging for both beginners as well as more seasoned players. One of the best things when participating in such events is the fact that it is possible to play against other participants as well as the dealer, and win great prizes. Moreover, the huge diversity of tournaments offers different betting limits and affordable entry fees. It is a good idea to review the rules of the particular tournament before signing up in order to be familiar with its terms and conditions.