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Super Fun 21

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Super Fun 21 Providing Different Blackjack Experiences

Super Fun 21Blackjack is one of the casino classics that everyone enjoys, with the game allowing players to affect the house edge by utilizing an optimal strategy. With its expanding popularity throughout the years, numerous blackjack variations were introduced across casinos around the world. With online casinos also hosting a wide selection of blackjack games, enjoying diverse variations of the game of 21 is easier than ever.

As you browse online, you may come across Super Fun 21, which is a rather exciting version of blackjack. While the goal of the game is the same as in any classic blackjack variation, in Super Fun 21, players can also win with unusual hand combinations totaling 20. This additional rule makes the game a favorite option to many, and if you are interested in how to play Super Fun 21, we suggest you read our full review.

Super Fun 21 Rules

Super Fun 21 Rules In general, Super Fun 21 resembles so much the classic game that if you are a novice player, you might be even mistaken that you are playing the standard blackjack. The basics of the game, the way in which the cards are counted and the main objective, remain the same. You compete against the dealer and your main goal is to manage to form a total which is higher than his. You should try to make a combination which is as close to twenty one as possible. However make sure that you don’t exceed this number as if you do, the result is an instant loss. The ace can be counted as one or eleven and every face card (Queen, Jack or King) receives ten points. The rest of the cards are worth the value written on them.

Now, let’s proceed by considering the additional rules which make the game unique. In most cases, this variation is played with a single deck of cards, although it is also possible to bump into a casino in which more than two packs are used. You are allowed to double down on any two cards and you can do so after you have split a pair. Also, if you have split aces, you are allowed to hit and double down. You can split and re-split any two cards of the same rank up to four times, even aces. It is possible to take advantage of the late surrender option, even if you have already split, doubled down or hit. This move is often referred to as a double-down rescue, if it is made after the player has doubled down. In this version, you also have the chance to take insurance.

One interesting rule this variation has is that if you have a total of twenty or less that consists of at least six cards, you automatically win. Another case in which the outcome is the same is when you have natural blackjack, regardless whether the dealer has one as well. This version is a hole card game and the dealer hits on soft 17.

Whenever the dealer has a ten or an ace, he is required to peek for blackjack. In case that the dealer has blackjack, he will instantly reveal his other card.

Super Fun 21 Gameplay

Super Fun 21 GameplayThe game starts as usual and the first thing that you are required to do is to place your bet. When all of the players are ready with their bets, the dealer starts the dealing of the cards. You will receive two face up cards just like the rest of the participants sitting on the table. As you might have already gathered, one of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up and the other is face down. The face down card is the aforementioned hole card which plays a crucial role in the game.

After that you have to choose how to play your hand in order to beat the dealer. You need to always bear in mind that your decision should be based on your hand’s total as well as the up card of the dealer.

Super Fun 21 Gameplay

Screenshot of Super Fun 21 Gameplay

Super Fun 21: Step-by-Step Gameplay Guide

  1. Getting Started

    • Objective: Aim to beat the dealer’s hand with a total closer to 21 without going over.
    • Deck Setup: Game is usually played with one deck, but this rule can vary.
    • Place Your Bet: Decide on your bet size and place your wager before cards are dealt.
  2. Playing the Game

    • Receive Cards: Two cards dealt face up to you; dealer gets one up card and one facing down (hole card).
    • Evaluate Options: Based on your hand and the dealer’s upcard, decide your next move.
    • Doubling Down: You can double your bet on any two cards, even after a split.
    • Splitting Pairs: Split any pair and re-split up to four times, including Aces.
    • Late Surrender: Available at any time, offering a chance to save part of your bet.
    • Dealer Peeks: If showing a ten or an Ace, the dealer checks for blackjack.
  3. Special Rules for Super Fun 21

    • Automatic Wins:
      • Six-card hand totaling 20 or less wins instantly.
      • Natural blackjack wins instantly, even if the dealer also has blackjack.
    • Super Fun Bonus Side Bet: Optional bet on diamond blackjack for a 300/1 payout.
  4. Winning Payouts

    • Standard Blackjack: Pays even money, except diamond blackjack which pays 2/1.
    • Five or More Cards: Getting a total of 21 with five or more cards pays 2/1, unless after doubling down.
    • Insurance: If available and chosen, pays 2/1 when the dealer reveals blackjack.
  5. Endgame

    • Make Your Moves: Hit, stand, double down, or split based on your strategy.
    • Dealer’s Action: Dealer always hits on soft 17 and reveals the hole card.
    • Settling Bets: Wins are paid out based on hand outcomes and side bets.
  6. Key Strategy Points

    • Consider doubling down or splitting based on the dealer’s up card.
    • Use late surrender wisely to minimize losses.
    • Pay attention to the number of cards in your hand for potential automatic wins.

Super Fun 21 Strategy Chart

Unique Rules:

  • Blackjack pays 1:1, except for diamond blackjack which pays 2:1.
  • Player blackjack beats dealer blackjack.
  • Double on any number of cards.
  • Surrender on any number of cards.
  • Surrender after doubling down.
  • 6 cards totaling 20 or less automatically wins.
  • 6 cards totaling 21 pays 2:1.

Common Blackjack Rules:

  • 1 deck
  • Dealer hits soft 17
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack
  • Double after split
  • Resplit to 4 hands
  • Draw to split aces
  • Surrender allowed
Strategy Chart
Your HandThe up card of the dealer


  • H: Hit
  • S: Stand
  • D: Double
  • D2: Double on 2 cards, otherwise Hit
  • D3: Double on 3 or fewer cards, otherwise Hit
  • D4: Double on 4 or fewer cards, otherwise Hit
  • S3: Stand on 3 or fewer cards, otherwise Hit
  • S4: Stand on 4 or fewer cards, otherwise Hit
  • P: Split (Pair)
  • R: Surrender if possible, otherwise Hit
  • R3: Surrender on 3 or fewer cards, otherwise Hit
  • R3*: Surrender on exactly 3 cards, otherwise Hit
  • R3/S4: Surrender on 3 or fewer cards, otherwise Stand on 4 or fewer cards

Extra Betting Round

Super Fun 21 Side BetIn some variations of Super Fun 21, you are allowed to place an additional side bet before the beginning of the game. The side bet usually applies for blackjack that consists of cards of a particular suit, in most cases the winning combination is a diamond blackjack. It is usually called Super Fun Bonus and its payout is 300/1. If your first two cards happen to form this winning combination, you will be paid accordingly.

It should be noted that most casinos which offer such a side bet also have special requirements that you should meet in order to qualify for it. It is also a good idea to check the possibilities your chosen variation offers you beforehand. In most cases, you have the chance to join various blackjack tables that offer different betting limits. This way you can choose the version which suits your personal preferences and bankroll best and fully enjoy the game.

Super Fun 21 Payout

Super Fun 21 PayoutAnother thing that sets Super Fun 21 apart from the classic game is the different payouts it offers. In the standard game the payout for blackjack is 3/2, whereas in this variation it pays out even money. However, there is one exception to this rule, and this is when you have blackjack of diamonds, which pays 2/1. There is also one more case in which you will be paid even money – if you manage to get six cards or more whose total is twenty or less.

It should be noted that a hand, that consists of five cards or more and whose total is twenty one, pays out 2/1. The only exception is if you have doubled down as in such cases, this rule doesn’t apply. If you have placed the insurance bet, its payout is also 2/1.

The reason why the casinos have altered the payout for blackjack in order to retain their advantage.

Super Fun 21 House Edge

Super Fun 21 House EdgeEven though most of the additional rules are beneficial for the players, the fact that the payout for most blackjacks is even money makes this version a bit more disadvantageous. It has been estimated that Super Fun 21’s house edge is approximately 0.94%, providing that the dealer hits on soft 17 and the game is played with one deck of cards. In comparison to the rest of the versions, such a house edge is considered to be fairly high. One of the rules which increases the house edge is the rule that enforces the dealer to hit on Soft 17.

If you happen to join a game which uses more than one deck, the house edge will be even higher.


ConclusionSuper Fun 21 is a very enticing variation of blackjack which has very liberal rules and easy gameplay. Thanks to them, you can play your hand in the best possible way and you don’t have to comply with the many restrictions the rest of the variations have. In this version, you have the freedom to split, re-split and double down in various cases. The game has also proven to be very exciting due to the fact it offers players the opportunity to place a special side bet.

Even though it has a fairly high house edge and the payout it offers for blackjack is not the best in comparison to other versions, it is still one of the best games which you can play in a casino. Many players love the fact that they can perform a number of moves which otherwise are impossible to be made. It is undoubtedly a version which is worth a try. However, before doing so, just make sure you are entirely familiar with its rules and features in order to manage to make the most of it.

FAQ: Super Fun 21 for Beginners

Super Fun 21 is a cool twist on classic blackjack. It’s mostly the same but adds some special rules, like being able to win automatically with a hand of 20 made up of six cards or more. Plus, you can double down on any two cards and even after splitting pairs!

Yes, you can! In Super Fun 21, you’re free to double down on any two cards you get, which is pretty awesome. This means you can double your bet if you think you’ve got a strong chance to beat the dealer. You can also double down after splitting your cards, giving you more ways to land bigger wins.

In Super Fun 21, if you and the dealer both hit blackjack, you win! That’s a great rule that you don’t always see in other blackjack variations. It means your blackjack beats the dealer’s, giving you a slightly higher edge.

Sure thing! Super Fun 21 spices things up with special payouts for certain hands. For example, if you get a hand of 21 with five or more cards, you get paid 2 to 1. And if your blackjack is all diamonds, you get a sweet 2 to 1 payout instead of the usual even money.

While Super Fun 21 introduces several rules that work in favor of the player, the catch is that most blackjacks in Super Fun 21 pay even money, not the regular 3 to 2 you might see in classic blackjack. This rule helps balance out the game’s more player-friendly rules. But, if you get a blackjack in diamonds, you get a better payout of 2 to 1, which is even better than the regular 3 to 2 blackjack return in classic blackjack games.