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Multi-Hand Blackjack

A. Antonova (editor) |

Multi-Hand BlackjackBlackjack is a casino game, which is suitable both for beginners and seasoned players, offering plenty of versions that can fit different gaming styles. As expert blackjack players often prefer a faster pace, they appreciate blackjack variants that will allow them to play multiple hands at once. That way, they can enjoy more gaming sessions during the time they have designated for their casino adventures.

While multi-hand blackjack tables have a limited number of seats across land-based casino floors, if you decide to play online, you will have plenty of multi-hand blackjack variations you can play instantly. The rules of the game are mostly your typical blackjack rules but you will need to be aware of a few specific features that may be implemented into some versions you can find online. If you want to learn more, you can check out the Multi-Hand Blackjack review below.


Blackjack Multi-Hand LogoThe only difference between the classic blackjack and the Multi-hand game is that the latter gives you the opportunity to play more than one hand simultaneously. In most cases, you are allowed to operate up to five hands at once. All of the hands are separate and each one requires individual approach. Since they have to be treated independently, their outcome can be also different. For instance, if you have decided to play with four hands at once, it is possible to win three of them and lose one or vice versa. If a certain hand goes over twenty decide to give this exciting variation one, then it is excluded from the game and you continue playing with the rest of the hands.

Usually, the betting limits each table has are slightly different than in the rest of the blackjack games. The reason why is that since the game is played with multiple hands, you will be required to place more bets and thus, the table minimums have been reduced for players’ convenience. In general, this version is perfect for active players who like to enhance their gaming experience even more by playing a more challenging game.

In most games, it is allowed to double down on each hand which gives you even greater chances of increasing the amount of your wagers. However, on the other hand, by putting more wagers at once, you can finish your bankroll much faster if you lose. Moreover, when the game is played online, card counters won’t be able to apply their system with the same success as if they were in a brick and mortar casino. In fact, the whole process of card counting is impossible to be done online due to the virtual nature of the game.

By playing more hands, you have the chance to place more bets and thus, make a bigger profit if you win.


RulesThe basic rules of this variation remain the same as in the original game. You compete against a dealer and your main goal is to get a hand that is worth more than dealer’s, without going over twenty one. All of the cards are worth their numeric value, except for Queens, Kings and Jacks as they receive ten points. The Ace is also counted differently as it can be worth either one or eleven points. How the Ace will be counted is entirely up to you and you can switch its value as many times as you like. This online version is played with two packs of cards which are shuffled before the beginning of every game.

At the beginning of the game, you are required to decide how many hands you will play. After that, you need to place a bet on each hand which doesn’t necessarily have to be the same amount. During the game you are also given the chance to increase or decrease your wagers, depending on your personal preferences. You play your hands from right to left and you are required to make a move for each one of them. In this version, you cannot surrender as this option is not available.

Multi-hand Blackjack Rules

Screenshot of Classic Blackjack Rules

You must choose whether to hit, stand, double down, take insurance or split if you have a pair. Your choice should be based on your first two cards as well as the up card of the dealer. When it comes to splitting and re-splitting, it is allowed to do so up to three times. The only exception is when you have a pair of Aces as they can be split only once.

You are given the chance to double down on any two initial cards, unless they are an Ace and a 10-valued card which is blackjack. This is the highest winning combination you can get while playing. It is also possible to double down after splitting a pair. Insurance can be taken as usual when the dealer is showing an Ace. It has been calculated that the house edge of this version is approximately 0.39%.

In this game, the dealer must stand when his total is seventeen or more, regardless whether his combination is soft or hard. If he has a total that is sixteen or less, then he is required to hit. The rules also force the dealer to draw cards until he reaches a total that is at least seventeen. If he doesn’t go bust, then your hand and his hand are compared. If you have a blackjack hand you will be paid 3/2 and if your insurance bet wins, the payout is 3/2.

Multi-Hand Blackjack: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Playing multiple hands at once not only ramps up the excitement but also tests your strategy on a whole new level. Here’s how to navigate this adrenaline-fueled variant:

  1. The Setup: Multi-Hand Blackjack lets you play up to five hands simultaneously. Imagine juggling five separate blackjack games, each with its own chance to win or lose. It’s like having a blackjack party all by yourself!
  2. Independent Hands, Independent Outcomes: Treat each hand as its own mini-game. You could be winning big on one hand while the others take a different turn. It’s a rollercoaster of outcomes, making each round unpredictable and exhilarating.
  3. The Bet: Since you’re playing multiple hands, the betting structure is a bit friendlier. Table minimums are usually lower, so you can spread your bets across without breaking the bank. But remember, more hands mean more bets. Handle your stakes wisely to keep the fun going.
  4. Doubling Down: Here’s where it gets interesting. You can double down on each hand, increasing your original bet by x2 for the chance to double your win. It’s a bold move that can significantly boost your winnings—or deplete your bankroll if luck isn’t on your side.
  5. The Catch for Card Counters: If you’re playing online, forget about card counting. The digital shuffle makes it impossible to keep a count of cards’ values. That said, we can conclude that teh game is all about strategy and thrill.
  6. Play Smart: With the opportunity to play more hands, you’ve got more chances to win. But it’s a double-edged sword. More bets can mean quicker gains or faster losses. It’s all about balance and smart play.

Strategy and Useful Tips

Multi-hand Blackjack Online by MicrogamingIf you decide to give this exciting variation a try, then you should learn a proper strategy that you need to follow throughout the game. Without a reliable plan, you can lose four or five bets at once every time you play. In Multi-hand Blackjack, the gaming process can be very fast-paced and if you make your decisions impulsively, you might suffer severe consequences. However, if you have an efficient plan, you can increase your winnings greatly. Since all of the hands are played separately, you can try different strategies on each one of them. This way you have the chance to draw valuable conclusions and determine which strategy works best for you.

If you happen to have a hand whose total is eleven, then it is advisable to double it down in any case, without taking into account the up card of the dealer. If you get a pair of Aces or 8’s, you should make the most of these situations by splitting them. However, in case that you have a pair of 5’s or 10’s, it is best to proceed differently. Instead, whenever you have a pair of 10’s, you should always stand. Whenever you have a pair of 5’s and the dealer shows nine, ten or eleven, you should hit and for the rest of the cases you should double down.

When it comes to the insurance bet, in this version it is considered to be rather disadvantageous for you and thus, it is best to refrain from placing it.

Multi-Hand Blackjack by Microgaming – Strategy Chart


  • 5 Decks
  • Dealer Stands on Soft 17
  • Dealer Does Not Peek for Blackjack
  • Double on Hard 9-11, No Double After Split (No DAS)
  • Hit Split Aces
Strategy Chart
Your HandThe up card of the dealer


  • H: Hit
  • H*: Hit with 2 cards, Stand with 3+ cards
  • S: Stand
  • D: Double if Possible, Otherwise Hit
  • P: Split (Pair)

Multi-Hand Blackjack: Essential Tips for Winning

  1. Understand the Basics: Just like classic blackjack, your aim is to beat the dealer without busting over 21. Cards hold their face value, with Kings, Queens, and Jacks worth ten points while Aces count as both one and eleven.
  2. Choosing Your Hands: Decide how many hands you’re going to play at the start. Mix it up with different bet sizes for each hand to find your sweet spot.
  3. Bet Wisely: You can adjust your bets as the game progresses. Remember, more hands mean more action but also more risk, so manage your bankroll wisely.
  4. The Moves: Decide whether to hit, stand, double down, or split. No surrender here, so every decision counts.
  5. Splitting and Doubling Down: You can split up to three times, except for Aces, which only get one split. Double down on any initial two cards for a chance to double your joy (or sorrow). And yes, you can double after a split too.
  6. Insurance: Though tempting when the dealer shows an Ace, insurance is generally not in your favor. Play it smart and skip it.
  7. Dealer’s Rules: The dealer stands on 17 and up, hits on 16 and below. It’s a straightforward showdown for the win.
  8. Blackjack and Insurance Payouts: Nail a blackjack and enjoy a 3/2 payout. If you go against the grain and take insurance that pays off, it’s also at 3/2.
  9. Strategic Play: Don’t wing it. A well-thought-out strategy is crucial. With the game’s pace, impulsive decisions can lead to quick losses.
  10. The Power Moves:
    • Double Down on 11: Always, regardless of the dealer’s up card.
    • Split Aces and 8s: Maximize potential wins by splitting these.
    • Stand on 10s: A strong hand that’s better left untouched.
    • 5s Strategy: Hit against dealer’s 9, 10, or 11; otherwise, consider doubling down.


ConclusionMulti-hand Blackjack is an exciting version which unlike many other casino games, besides luck it also requires skills. Proficient blackjack players advise that when playing this version, it is best to try different strategies for each hand. For instance, you can try playing one hand more aggressively and wager a bit more and for another one, you can have a more conservative approach. It should be noted that you are not required to handle five hands at once and you should always play with as many hands as you like.

FAQ: Multi-Hand Blackjack

The primary distinction of Multi-Hand Blackjack lies in the ability to play multiple hands simultaneously, typically up to five. This feature allows players to engage in more action per round and strategize independently for each hand, potentially winning several times within the same game or mitigating losses.

In Multi-Hand Blackjack, table minimums are often adjusted to accommodate the playing of multiple hands by reducing the minimum bet per hand. This adjustment aims to make it more accessible for players to manage their bankrolls while engaging in the heightened action of playing several hands at once.

Card counting in online Multi-Hand Blackjack is challenging and largely ineffective due to the virtual nature of the game, where decks are shuffled before each hand. This environment makes it impossible to track cards the same way you would in a physical casino, diminishing the advantage card counting might offer.

Effective strategies for Multi-Hand Blackjack include doubling down on a total of eleven and splitting pairs of Aces or 8s for enhanced winning chances. Conversely, it’s advised to stand on pairs of 10s and carefully consider your moves with pairs of 5s. Diversifying strategies across hands can also help in identifying what works best for your gameplay.

Generally, the insurance bet is considered disadvantageous for the player due to its high house edge. It’s recommended to avoid this bet in Multi-Hand Blackjack, as it does not offer favorable odds and can get you further away from your overall strategy and potential winnings over time.