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Parlay Betting System

A. Antonova (editor) |

Parlay Betting System – Somewhat Reasonable Progression for Smart Players

Parlay Betting SystemAsk any blackjack enthusiast why they love the card game so much, and you will most likely hear the skill factor as one of the reasons. While it is still a game of chance, blackjack allows players to make decisions and change the course of the game to a certain degree. Even though the majority of blackjack experts recognize the basic blackjack strategy as the most successful way to play the game, there are plenty of other strategies you can explore and try to gain a bigger advantage over the house.

While the basic strategy provides the optimal move on every combination of the player’s hand and the dealer’s face-up card, there is also a wide range of strategies recommending the amount you should bet on each round. Progressive betting systems are nothing new to casino players, with many of them being equally popular with baccarat, roulette, and blackjack players. One widespread betting system among blackjack players is the Parlay one, often used in other casino table games. If you want to learn more about this betting progression and whether we recommend using it for your blackjack sessions, we suggest you keep reading this article.

Brief History

A game of Basset, also known as barbacole and hoccaIt is believed that the origins of the Parlay Betting System can be traced back to the 16th century. The system was used for the first time in Italy, predominantly by the upper-class members of the society, implementing the betting progression for a card game called basset. In this game, players competed against a banker and all of their winnings were kept on the table. Every time a player placed a bet, the amount of the winnings on the table was doubled, meaning that players used to add their previous wins to their next wagers, and this type of wagering became known as ‘parlay’. Today, this betting system is also called ‘Let it Ride’ or ‘Pyramid Betting System’ and it is one of the most widespread strategies of this type.


OverviewThe Parlay Betting System is classified as a positive progression system which is quite similar to another famous strategy – the Paroli Betting System. Its main concept is to help you increase the amount of your profit gradually and you are required to only wager the money that you’ve already won. This way, you don’t have to use your own bankroll in order to win a decent amount of money. The size of the bet that should be placed next, depends every time on the outcome of your hand.

Before you start playing, you are required to determine the initial amount of your first bet, which should be in accordance with your bankroll for the day. The size of the original wager is strictly individual and it should correspond to your pre-set budget as well as to your gaming style. Every time you win, you are required to increase your wager and when you lose, you should decrease the size of your next bet. Once you get the amount of your initial wager in winnings, you should use only these funds to place bets. Another important thing you should take your time to determine beforehand is your win limit. It is essential to set a realistic amount that can be achieved as this will help you figure out when it is time to leave the table in order to retain your winnings.

In general, the main idea behind this system is to help you accumulate money by using your winnings or in other words, the funds that once belonged to the casino.

How to Apply the Parlay Betting System in Blackjack

Blackjack Live DealerThe Parlay Betting System is used in many casino games, including blackjack. In general, it is considered to be a fairly moderate system due to the fact that your bet should be doubled in size every time you win. While it is true that you can influence the outcome of every hand by using a basic strategy, it is not possible to predict whether you will lose or win. You can only learn your odds of winning in certain situations and do your best to make the most beneficial move. Blackjack is a casino game and as such, it will always involve a certain dose of risk. This is the reason why you should proceed with caution and strictly adhere to your win limit.

Many blackjack experts advise that it is wise to use this betting system for a maximum of three sessions. The reason why is that if you win three consecutive times, you will most likely make up for all your previous losses and you will get a small profit on top. The key is to figure out when you should stop and start wagering your initial bet again in order to retain your winnings.

If you want to make a profit by using this system, you should know how to apply it correctly. In order to clarify how the Parlay Betting System works best, let’s have a look at the following situation. Let’s assume that you have set the amount of your initial bet to $10 which is one betting unit. You should start by placing a $10 bet and your next wager will be determined by the outcome of your hand. If you lose, then you are required to place the same amount of $10 and keep following this pattern until you win. When you hit a win you will get $15, meaning your next wager should amount to $25. You are required to stick to the same pattern and increase your bet as long as you continue winning. When you lose, you should start from the beginning by placing a $10 bet.

When it comes to the correct implementation of the Parlay Betting System, it is recommended to take your time to choose a blackjack table whose betting limits are suitable for your strategy. It is really important to join a game whose table minimums correspond to your bankroll as this will give you realistic chances of winning. Another thing that should be noted is the payout the game offers for a particular bet as it determines the amount of your potential winnings. You should bear in mind that in most cases, the payout for blackjack is 3/2 and the rest of the bets usually pay even money.

Blackjack Parlay Betting System
Bet NumberBet SizeHand OutcomeNet Winnings

Pros & Cons of the Parlay Betting System

Pros & Cons of the Parlay Betting SystemOne of the best advantages the Parlay Betting System has is the fact that you are required to use your winnings for your next bets. This prevents you to some extent from spending more money than the amount you have initially decided to use. Furthermore, this way you can increase your bankroll by using the casino’s funds. Another beneficial aspect of this betting system is that you don’t have to make any tough decisions for the amount of your next bet. You can simply follow the pattern this system offers you and adjust your wagers according to it. However, you still have to figure out when you should withdraw from the game in order to retain your winnings.

Perhaps, one of the biggest disadvantages of this betting system is that you are required to increase your bets when you have no guarantee that your next hand will be a winning one. Moreover, in order to accumulate enough winnings to make a profit, you need to win quite a few consecutive hands. And if you are on a winning streak and you bust once, you will most likely lose the money you’ve won so far.

It is highly advisable to set a win limit and strictly adhere to it during the game.


ConclusionThe Parlay Betting System is considered to be a fairly good betting system for disciplined blackjack players who can leave the table while they are still winning. This system is one of the oldest betting methods and it can be also applied in other casino games. It is not as extreme as some other betting systems used in blackjack which makes it more reliable and efficient. If combined with the basic strategy, it can significantly increase your chances of making a decent profit.

FAQ: Parlay Betting System in Blackjack

The Parlay Betting System is trending because it promises a way to capitalize on winning streaks without risking the initial bankroll. Its appeal lies in the simplicity and the thrill of potentially multiplying winnings by reinvesting profits rather than new funds.

Begin with a small base bet within your comfort zone, often the table’s minimum, to minimize risk. Use only winnings to increase bets and set a strict win limit to protect profits. This conservative approach lets you test the waters without a significant financial commitment.

Reaching your win limit is a cue to reset. Secure your profits by returning to your initial base bet or taking a break. This discipline prevents the temptation to overextend your betting sessions and ensures you lock in earnings, adhering to a smart bankroll management strategy.

Advanced players might combine the Parlay system with blackjack’s basic strategy to optimize decision-making. Also, consider adjusting your win limit based on the game’s flow and your comfort with risk. Monitoring the table’s dynamics and being flexible can enhance the Parlay system’s effectiveness.

During a losing streak, the Parlay system naturally minimizes losses by reverting to the base bet after each loss. It’s crucial to stick to this rule without temptation to chase losses. Remember, the system is designed to capitalize on wins, so patience and discipline are key during downswings.