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Slot Machines Tips

Slot Machines TipsThe rise in technologies in recent years has brought about the emergence of hundreds of legitimate and secure online casinos where enthusiastic players get to enjoy some of their favorite games from the comfort of their surroundings, be it on their desktop computers, smartphones or tablets.

Inexperienced players tend to favor slots due to their simplicity and seemingly huge winning potential, which is why online casinos have added hundreds of slot titles to their gaming collections to meet popular demand. There is such a wild diversity of themes and features that all players, regardless of their individual preferences and bankroll size, will be able to find options to suit their needs.

However, prior to committing to real-money play, you should definitely take a quick look at the few tips we have listed below. They may help you boost your profits and make your betting session all the more exciting.

Always Check the Paytable

Always Check the PaytableAs a matter of fact, checking the paytable is the first thing players need to do, regardless of their level of experience. Each slot has different payouts for landing a specific number of identical symbols on the active paylines. By quickly examining the paytable in advance, you will be able to get a better grasp of whether or not this particular title is worth your time and money. A good idea would be to look for titles which offer payouts for landing two identical symbols on a line as well as for three, four or five matching symbols. This would increase your chances of turning a profit. These are rare and hard to find, but they are well worth it.

The paytable contains important information on the high-paying and low-paying symbols featured in the game, as well information on the slot’s additional features like rounds of free spins, bonus games, bonus symbols, wilds and scatters. Sometimes, the average player return percentages of the game are also included.

Checking the paytable in advance will enable you to make a better-informed decision on which slots to play and which ones to avoid.

Choose Slots with Multiple Paylines

Fruit Shop Slot ScreenshotIt is impossible not to emphasize the importance of the paylines, and their number, to be more precise. Back in the day, the number of paylines on the slots was restricted to one, but nowadays players get to choose from a wide range of titles with 10, 20, 50 and even 100 paylines. The greater the number of paylines, the higher your chances of hitting a winning combination. However, you should also make sure the paylines are adjustable and not fixed as this would enable you to select which ones to play and bet on.

Consider the Number of Symbols

Consider the Number of SymbolsThe number of symbols the slot utilizes on each reel is also considered important. Before they start, players are recommended to take a quick look at their preferred slot’s paytable to check how many symbols can appear on the reels. Common sense dictates that the greater the number of symbols on the reels, the harder it would be for players to hit winning combinations.

Check the Coin Denominations

Check the Coin DenominationsThe coin denominations a specific slot utilizes are of essential importance because they may serve as indicators of the game’s payback percentage. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the available denominations, the bigger the payback percentage of the slot. That is why, games with smaller coin denominations are considered on the lower spectrum when it comes to return percentages and are to be avoided. Thus, slots with higher denominations of $1, for instance, may have a payback that exceeds 96%, while games with denominations of $0.25 usually can offer no more than 92% average payback.

Limit Your Maximum-Coin Play

Limit Your Maximum-Coin PlayAnother advice experienced slot players often give is to limit your maximum-coin bets, unless you are playing a slot with a progressive jackpot. With progressive games, it is usually needed to bet maximum amount in order to qualify for winning the accumulated prize. If collecting the jackpot is not what you are aiming at, you should probably steer clear from progressive slots altogether as they tend to pay out regular wins less frequently.

Look for Slots with Higher RTPs

Look for Slots with Higher RTPThe abbreviation RTP stands for the term Return to Player, which gambling establishments use to refer to the average long-term payback on all bets players have made on a given game, be it a slot, blackjack or roulette. The RTP, similarly to the house edge, is commonly expressed in terms of percentages. For example, if a slot is said to have a 97.10% RTP, this would mean that over the long run players are expected to get back an average of $97.10 per every $100 they bet on this game.

Pay attention to the words, “average” and “long-term”. While accurate, the RTP evens out to the specified percentage over prolonged periods of time where thousands and thousands of spins are involved. If we have to be realistic, you cannot expect to pocket $97 per every $100 you wager on a slot, at least not each and every time. The RTP percentages do matter, however, so you should always look for slots where the RTP exceeds 95% or even 96%.

Add Value to Your Game with Bonuses and Free Spins

Add Value to Your Game with Bonuses and Free SpinsThis is always a good idea, even more so, if one lacks previous experience on the slots. This is also the reason why so many people opt for spinning the reels online, instead of at landbased venues – there are plenty of bonuses to claim on a regular basis.

What is more, some of the promotional incentives target specifically slot fans. Taking advantage of these offers will extend your betting session without you risking your own funds, and will add greater value to your gameplay. For instance, some of the most reputable casinos in the industry offer free spins on selected slots games from their catalogs. A good way to boost your slot bankroll is to claim the casino’s Welcome bonus, if you have just registered an account.

Most online casinos reward their patrons with comp points per every wager they place. After the player has collected a specific number of points, they can choose to exchange them for bonus credits or occasionally, cash. The exchange rates vary from one online gambling operator to another, however.

Slow Down Your Gameplay

Slow Down Your GameplaySlots are among the most dynamic games one can possibly engage in in a casino, which means that you can win quickly but you can say goodbye to your entire bankroll just as quickly. Because of this, players are recommended to play at a slower pace and take their time. There is no need for you to hit the Spin button each and every second.

According to seasoned slot players, no betting session should exceed two hours in length. It is usually within this timeframe that one becomes fatigued both mentally and physically which, needless to say, causes them to make rash decisions. After you have played for a while, you should take at least half an hour break.

Grab something to eat, rest for a while, and you will soon notice you are in control of your emotions and thoughts again.

Adopt Proper Bankroll Management

Adopt Proper Bankroll ManagementAdequate bankroll management is an absolute must, regardless of which casino game you prefer to place your bets on. The first thing any slot novice needs to do is determine the size of their overall bankroll or the amount of money they are comfortable playing with and potentially losing. You can split the overall bankroll into smaller amounts depending on the number of your betting sessions for the month.

Once players have decided on the size of their overall bankroll, they need to ensure they stick to it. Knowing one’s limits is of crucial importance. Players should set a loss limit for themselves and quit spinning the reels as soon as they reach it. It is equally important to set a win goal for yourself and stick to it. Remember, it is wiser to settle for smaller but consistent wins rather than win a huge amount and lose it back to the casino out of greed.

If you succeed in doubling the size of your starting bankroll during your betting session, you can adopt the Guarantee and Excess strategy. You set aside half your net profits and add them to your starting bankroll. This would be your “guarantee” – in other words, you are guaranteed to end the session on profit. You can use the remaining half of the net profits, or the “excess”, to spin the reels some more.

As a general rule, players should under no circumstances attempt to chase their losses, especially after a devastating losing streak. Some people falsely believe that after they have lost a given number of spins, they are due to win on the next one. However, there is absolutely no guarantee that this would happen. With slots, the outcome of each spin is completely random and is affected neither by previous, nor by subsequent spins. Because of this, each bet should be treated separately, with no thoughts on what had happened on preceding spins.