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Bonus Slots

A. Antonova (editor) |

An Introduction to the Mechanics of Bonus Slots

Bonus SlotsSlots are the most widespread type of game in both online and brick-and-mortar casinos, and given their simplicity, it is not difficult to see why. Practically anyone can play because the rules are simple to learn and no previous experience or skills are required in order to scoop a massive payout. Slots come in all shapes and forms, not to mention the unprecedented diversity of themes and betting limits will suffice to meet the expectations of the most demanding slot enthusiasts.

However, there is one category of online slots which are in especially high demand among fans of the game, namely the so-called bonus slots. As the name itself suggests, such games come with a great number of additional features which aim at assisting players in ending their betting session with more substantial profits. We have outlined some of the most important features of online bonus slots below but first, let us start with a few words on the games’ interface, gameplay, and visual characteristics.

Gameplay and Interface

Slots Bonus GamesAs the name itself indicates, this is a slot variation which offers bonus games and other special features as an additional incentive to players. Most advanced 5-reel slots, available in the gaming collections of established online casinos, fall into this category. WMS was the first slot manufacturer to introduce an additional bonus game on a separate screen, Reel’em In.

This innovation can mainly be attributed to the introduction of the microchip technology in video slots as it enabled developers to broaden their scope and add greater entertainment value to their offerings. In addition, bonus slots allow for greater interaction with the players as their bonus games and features typically revolve around the slots’ storyline and general theme.

Apart from the additional games and features, bonus slots are no different than less advanced, classic slots. Players will hardly notice any major differences when it comes to gameplay and interface. One is again required to adjust their coin value, multiplier (or the number of coins per line) and activate the paylines they wish to bet on. Of course, if the paylines are fixed, players will have no other option but to bet on all of them.

Take a look at a bonus slot’s paytable and you will immediately notice some additional symbols are listed there. Some of them may trigger the bonus game, others may unlock a round of predetermined number of free spins. Please note that bonus games typically load in a separate screen and are not part of the base play.

Slot Wild North Bonus Game Paytable

Screenshot of Slot Wild North Bonus Game Paytable

In bonus slots, players can usually trigger a round of free spins but the number of the extra spins is game-specific. Both bonus games and free spins are unlocked at random and do not involve players making additional bets. However, the payouts depend on the amount of the initial bet players have triggered the bonus feature with.

Bonus slots are considered more elaborate, especially when it comes to graphics and animations. The visuals are exceptionally realistic and crisp, while the depth of the sound effects adds an extra dimension to the games. The storylines are more complex as players are often required to complete different achievements.

Some bonus slot titles allow players to save their achievements during a bonus round and proceed where they have left off the next time they load the game. In addition, there are bonus slots which are based on popular blockbusters or TV series. These typically start off with a short animated introductory clip and may feature actual footage from the movie whenever the player, unlocks the bonus round or hits a winning combination.

In most cases, players are guaranteed to collect an additional prize once they succeed in triggering the bonus game.

Types of Bonus Games in Slots

Types of Bonus Games in SlotsOne important thing to remember is that there is not much slot players can do to trigger a bonus game. Bonus games are typically unlocked at random either by landing a specific number of bonus symbols or by hitting three or more scatters on the reels. The additional games you can come across when playing bonus slots can be categorized into several groups – pick-to-win, pick-to-match, wheel games, and free spins.

Pick-to-Win Games

Slots Bonus GameThis must be the most common type of bonus game to be found in advanced slot variations. These are quite straightforward and therefore, easy to play. Pick-to-win bonus games are unlocked at random, typically when the player succeeds in lining up a given number of bonus symbols during base play.

In many cases, the bonus symbols need to land on specific reels in order to trigger the mini-game. This is the case with Betsoft’s Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde where players are required to land the bonus symbols on the second, third and fourth reels in order for the bonus game to start. In NetEnt’s Bloodsuckers slot, one needs to land three or more bonus symbols on an active payline in order to trigger the bonus game and select several vampire coffins containing a specific number of extra coins.

Once the pick-to-win game is unlocked, players usually need to click on specific locations on the screen to uncover different prizes or multipliers for the amount they have won on the last spin in base-game mode. At the end of the pick-me-bonus game, players are awarded all the winnings they have accumulated during the bonus round. More often than not, slot fans get to choose one or more boxes or treasure chests with hidden cash prizes or multipliers, but this also is game-specific and varies depending on the slot.

Pick-to-Match Games

Slots Pick-to-Match GamesAnother popular feature you may come across on some bonus slots is the pick-to-match game. It resembles the aforementioned pick-to-win variation, but there are a few small deviations. The bonus game is again unlocked at random by lining up a given number of special symbols on the reels.

However, players are presented with the option to try and pick two or more matching items or cash amounts, hidden in different locations on the bonus game’s screen. If successful, players are rewarded with the corresponding payout, depending on the symbols they have matched.

In some instances, players get to win one of several progressive jackpots when they unlock the pick-to-match bonus game. One is again required to uncover several matching symbols. Each symbol is associated with one of the progressive jackpots. Such was the case with some slots from Playtech’s popular but now defunct Marvel series.

Wheel Bonus Games

Slots Wheel Bonus GamesLike most bonus games, those that involve spinning a wheel are also triggered randomly and do not call for any skills. After the players have landed the bonus symbols that unlock the wheel game, they are simply required to set the wheel in motion.

The wheel is divided into several segments and each one contains a specific number of extra coins to be won or different multipliers that will boost the player’s winnings on the last spin in base-game mode. Occasionally, the wheel may reward slot fans with free spins. Once the wheel comes to rest, the player collects the prize indicated by its pointer.

Free Spins Rounds

Slots Bonus Spins SymbolThese are considered the most common and basic bonus games to be found in video slots. Rounds of free spins are also triggered randomly, usually, when players land several scatter symbols across the reels. The number of spins you get often depends on how many special symbols you have hit. Bonus spins are typically played at the same bet amount the player had used prior to triggering them. Some have multipliers attached to them, allowing you to boost your winnings but again, this is game-specific.

Depending on your slot of choice, you may be presented with the option to potentially retrigger more free spins during the bonus round. The free spins are often retriggered when the player succeeds in hitting the same number of bonus symbols that have unlocked this bonus feature in the first place. Note that you will not be able to retrigger the spins indefinitely as most bonus slots allow for a set number of spins to be unlocked in a single bonus round.

Community Bonuses

Community BonusesGame designers attempt to make slot play a more interactive and social experience through the introduction of community-style bonuses where several players can simultaneously participate in the bonus event.

The first-ever slot of this type was Bonus Road Rally designed by A. C. Coin. It featured a racetrack with ten cars for each game linked to the Bonus Road Rally bank. The game enabled players to progress the cars on the racetrack by placing bets. The player whose vehicle crossed the finish line first received the largest bonus.

Some community-style slots enable multiple players to win a share of the bonus wins. One example is the Monopoly Big Event by WMS Gaming. Launched in 2005, the slot allowed spinners to play a side board game, rolling virtual dice to advance and earn credits for landing on different Monopoly properties.

WMS also introduced the Reel ‘Em In: Compete to Win slot where participating players compete against each other and try to “catch” fish of different sizes to pocket bonus winnings. The prizes were of different sizes, depending on what fish you caught. At the end of the bonus round, the player with the largest bonus wins won the derby and received an additional prize.

Skill-Based Bonuses

Skill-Based BonusesIn slots with skill-based bonuses, a specific percentage of the overall theoretical return results from the player’s skill during the bonus game. However, the long-term odds are still skewed against the players, earning long-term profits for the house. One example of such a game is IGT’s Tully’s Treasure Hunt where you must navigate a turtle through a sea maze with a joystick to pocket bonus credits.

The bonuses increase when the turtle passes through certain symbols. IGT also designed the Centipede slot where players again use a joystick along with some additional buttons to shoot at a moving centipede. Those who manage to kill the creature progress to the second level, which comes with increased difficulty and larger bonuses.

Mystery Bonuses

Mystery BonusesMystery bonuses are major excitement boosters as here the bonus games trigger at random rather than by a specific symbol combination aligning on the reels. Such mystery triggers are currently common in multiple-level progressive jackpot games, although some slots with fixed jackpots also offer them.

The random number generator launches the mystery bonus and catches players by surprise since there is nothing to indicate the free game is about to start. Some mystery bonuses start at randomly chosen times, while others commence after you have played a randomly selected number of credits. In progressive slots, the surprising bonus game can trigger whenever the prize pool has grown to a randomly selected sum.

Other Important Features of Bonus Slots

Other Important Features of Bonus SlotsMost bonus games pose as an extra incentive for slot fans to play the game some more and aim at maintaining their interest for longer periods of time. However, there are some additional special features incorporated in bonus slots, which would further diversify one’s gameplay and enable them to potentially bag more substantial profits. You will be able to find more detailed information on these extra features below.


WildWilds are commonly incorporated in bonus slots and have become somewhat of a standard in such games. These are considered some of the most lucrative symbols in video slots as they serve the same purpose wild cards do in some variations of video poker. In order words, wilds can replace other symbols on the reels and thus, enable players to complete more winning combinations. One thing wilds cannot substitute for, however, is the scatter symbol. The same applies in full force to other bonus symbols, utilized within the slot. More often than not, wilds need to land on specific reels or active paylines in order to render a payout.

Shifting Wilds

There are many different subtypes of wild symbols, which vary depending on the slots players choose. For instance, once expanding wilds appear on the screen, they eventually cover all remaining symbols on the reels, thus lending more winning combinations. Shifting wilds are a favorite of slot fans as they remain on the screen on subsequent spins and shift to different positions on the reels after each round.

Walking Wilds

Walking wilds resemble shifting wilds but can move either to the left or right or sometimes, in both directions. The stacked wilds also enjoy a great popularity among players, which is hardly surprising considering they stack on top of each other to cover an entire section of the reel.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky wilds are a big hit among slot enthusiasts and there is a good reason why. They function like regular wilds as they replace symbols on the reels and help players land more winning combinations. However, this wild variation “sticks” on the reels for a predetermined number of subsequent spins. Usually, these are found either during a round of free spins, or are part of other special features.

Transferring Wilds

Transferring wilds are normally available in slots featuring several sets of reels. Such games often include one large reel set along with two smaller ones positioned to the side. Fire Queen by WMS is a great example as it has one larger 6×3 reel grid along with two smaller 2×2 sets of reels on its left side. When a wild symbol lands on the first reel set, it will transfer to its corresponding position on the other reel grids, considerably increasing your odds of forming winning combinations.

Wilds are game-specific so players are strongly recommended to check the paytable to get a better idea as to what to expect in terms of extra features.


ScatterScatters probably rank as the single most lucrative feature of bonus slots and are what most slot fans are hoping to see on the reels. Unlike wilds, however, scatters do not necessarily need to land on specific paylines in order to pay. Also, they serve a different purpose – if the player lands several scatter symbols on any of the reels, they will unlock other extra features such as rounds of free spins or bonus games.

At times, scatters simply function as regular symbols and pay out on winning combinations. In some cases, scatters can also boost the amount players have won as they function as multipliers, depending on the game. Some slots feature the so-called expanding scatters that function similarly to expanding wilds, the only difference being they do not substitute for other icons. They usually appear during rounds of free spins.

The software selects a symbol at random and if it lands during the special feature, it expands to cover the entire reel. Expanding scatters can potentially lead to some massive wins, especially in five-reel games where the player lands them on all five reels. Popular slots with expanding scatters include Book of Ra by Novomatic and Luxor Valley by Viaden.

Tumbling Reels

Tumbling ReelsSlots that utilize the tumbling reels format resemble traditional machines at first glance until you score a win. The software will pay you out according to the paytable. Then all symbols from the winning combination will disappear, making room for other icons to slide down into their places. The process usually continues indefinitely until the player fails to make a winning combo. In some games, however, the reels can tumble a preset number of times.

Many slots that use the tumbling mechanic also feature multipliers that increase with each successive win. The tumbling reels, also known as cascading reels, offer two main benefits to players. On one hand, they give you the opportunity to register multiple consecutive wins with a single bet.

On the other hand, the format adds to the excitement of each spin since there is no knowing how long your winning streak will last. You can find this mechanic in games like Betsoft’s Birds!,the NetEnt hit Gonzo’s Quest, Golden Ticket by Play’n GO, and Thunderkick’s Esqueleto Explosivo.

Split Symbols

Split SymbolsSplit symbols can double up as two individual icons that occupy the same position on the reels. In essence, the player is landing two icons simultaneously, which can result in some serious wins. Normal icons, scatters, and wilds can all appear as split symbols, depending on the slot you play. When appearing as scatters, they can improve your chances of triggering the bonus feature.

The biggest benefit of split symbols is that they double your profits when landing on two or three grids on an active payline. Players who are lucky enough to fill the entire reel grid with these lucrative symbols will scoop a nice jackpot. On the downside, wilds commonly cannot substitute for special icons, split symbols included.

Another disadvantage is that games with split icons often have medium or high volatility, which renders them unfitting for under-bankrolled spinners. Other than that, you can find this feature in slot releases like Microgaming’s So Much Candy, Shadow of the Panther by High 5 Games, and Perfect Gems by Play’n GO.

Respin Feature

Respin FeatureSome slots are equipped with a respin feature, allowing players to spin any reel of their choice independently. The respin comes at a cost but the exact amount you have to pay depends on which reel you respin and the symbols on it. The exact sums are displayed below their corresponding reels. The other four reels will remain locked into place during the respin.

Many slots with this feature allow you to respin your selected reel as many times as you wish for the chance to achieve the desired win. The feature can be useful whenever you are a symbol short of scoring five matches. More often than not, only winnings that involve the respun reels are paid out. Slots where you can take advantage of the respin include Microgaming’s Bikini Party and Reel Gems.

In some games like NetEnt’s popular Starburst release, the respin feature comes at no extra cost. Players must trigger it by landing a concrete symbol combination (wilds on the second, third, and fourth reels). When they succeed in doing so, all five reels will automatically respin potentially resulting in extra winning combinations. Unlike the paid feature, here the maximum number of free respins is limited, in this case to three times.

Multiplier Symbols

Multiplier SymbolsSome bonus slots incorporate special multiplier symbols. Whenever these land across a given active payline, they multiply the payouts on winning combinations by a predetermined amount for each coin the player has bet on this spin. Sometimes, multipliers are available only to players, who have bet the maximum number of coins allowed in the game.

Multipliers are typically incorporated into the rounds of free spins or bonus games and are less common in base-game mode. Some symbols function both as wilds and multipliers simultaneously, thus doubling the player’s payout.

Bonus Buy Feature

Bonus Buy FeatureSometimes bonus games are difficult to trigger or players simply do not feel like waiting for the bonuses to drop. Impatient spinners can take advantage of the bonus buy feature available in some slot releases, which is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than waiting, you can instantly trigger the bonus from the base game by buying it for a specific amount.

The exact sum is game-specific and varies from one slot to another. For instance, the free spins feature in Pragmatic Play’s Voodoo Magic costs 80x the current overall wager. In Quickspin’s Golden Glyph 2 slot, you can buy your entry into the free spins by purchasing one, two, or three wilds.

Respectively, the theoretical return of the buy feature ranges from 96.30% to 96.60%, depending on how many wilds you buy to unlock it. As tempting as buying your way into bonuses seems, you should not overdo it.

More often than not, you will end up with smaller winnings that will not suffice to compensate you for the amount you have originally paid for the feature. Other than that, you can also find this option in slots like Sticky Bandits 3 by Quickspin, Templar Tumble by Relax Gaming, and Elemento by Fantasma Games.

Top 5 Bonus Slots

Enter the realm of bonus slots, where every spin could lead to more than just a winning combination; it could catapult you into a round filled with extra thrills and, most importantly, the opportunity to pocket some extra cash. Below, we have reviewed the top 5 bonus slots that have players returning for more. These aren’t your everyday slot games; they’re your ticket to a world where bonus rounds reign supreme. Each game offers various opportunities to win and a gameplay experience that can entertain slot aficionados for hours on end. From the comfort of your home or on the go, these slots promise a blend of excitement, challenge, and the lure of the jackpot. Ready to explore the slots that have everyone talking and offer a plethora of chances for massive wins?

1. Money Train 3 Slot

All aboard the hype express! Money Train 3, one of Relax Gaming’s top titles, takes you on an exhilarating ride through a futuristic world, building on the legacy of its predecessors with even bigger thrills and wins. After the runaway success of Money Train and Money Train 2, this sequel dares to dream bigger with a maximum win potential of 100,000X your bet. Ready to embark on this high-octane adventure and see what fortunes await? Let’s dive into the action-packed world of Money Train 3.

Money Train 3 Slot

Screenshot of Money Train 3 Slot

Money Train 3 Slot Details

Min. Bet$0.10
Max. Bet$10
SoftwareRelax Gaming
Release DateSeptember 2022

Pros and Cons

  • Fresh futuristic theme with innovative gameplay.
  • Exciting features like Respin and Money Cart Bonus Round.
  • Massive win potential up to 100,000X.
  • High volatility may not suit all players.
  • The complexity could be daunting for newcomers.

Symbols and Theme

Transitioning to a futuristic vibe, Money Train 3 departs from its steampunk and wild west roots, set against a backdrop of a high-tech train station. Available on all devices, the game showcases an array of symbols from lower-value suits to high-value characters, each bringing their own flair to the reels. The wild and scatter symbols pave the way for exciting gameplay, promising a multitude of ways to win big.

Slot Features

Wild Symbol and Respin work together to amplify your winning potential, with the Respin feature offering a second chance at victory on non-winning spins. The Money Cart Bonus Round elevates the excitement, with special symbols that can unlock additional reels and reset respins, creating endless possibilities for big wins.

Bonus Buy

For those eager to get straight to the heart of the action, the Bonus Buy feature offers a shortcut to the bonus game, with options tailored to different strategies and budgets, and an RTP of 96.50%.

Money Train 3 promises an unforgettable journey filled with riches and excitement. Ready to take the leap?

2. The Dog House Megaways Slot

Who let the dogs out? Pragmatic Play did, with The Dog House Megaways! This slot takes the beloved original to new heights, or should we say, wins. With the Megaways engine powering up the action, you’re looking at wins that can fetch up to 12,305 times your stake. Think about it – that’s almost double the original’s max win. And here’s a pro tip: go for the Sticky Wilds Free Spins feature. Why settle for less when you can have up to 7 sticky wilds per free spin? It’s a clear choice, even if it means fewer free spins. Pragmatic Play has thrown the usual Megaways formula out the window, and frankly, we’re all the better for it. Unique, fun, and with multiplier wilds that can lead to tail-wagging wins, The Dog House Megaways is a true gem. And let’s not forget the newer sibling, The Dog House Multihold, bringing sticky wilds and even more excitement to the table since its release in February 2023.

The Dog House Megaways Slot

Screenshot of The Dog House Megaways Slot

The Dog House Megaways Slot Details

Paylines64 to 117,649 ways to win
Min. Bet$0.20
Max. Bet$100
SoftwarePragmatic Play
Release DateJuly 2020

Pros and Cons

  • Breaks away from the standard Megaways formula, offering a refreshing and unique gameplay.
  • The Sticky Wilds Free Spins feature presents an irresistible winning potential.
  • High-definition, cartoon-style graphics and an upbeat soundtrack add to the fun.
  • High volatility may not be suitable for all players, especially those on a tighter budget.
  • Lack of cascading wins and mystery symbols might disappoint Megaways purists.

Symbols and Theme

Welcome to the canine suburbia of The Dog House Megaways, where the reels are snugly placed within a charming dog house. The game radiates a cartoonish charm reminiscent of The Secret Life of Pets, complete with a cheery soundtrack to keep you company. From the low-value cards to the high-value doggy quartet, including a dachshund and a Rottweiler, the symbols are a delight. The Dog House symbol stands in as the wild, ready to substitute and boost your wins, adding a touch of whimsy to the reels.

Slot Features

Wild Multipliers Feature – Watch out for the wilds on reels 2 through 5, each possibly carrying a 2x or 3x multiplier. When multiple wilds join forces, they can amp up your wins with a multiplier potentially reaching 126x.

Free Spins Features – Land three or more paw print scatters to unleash your choice of free spins: the rain-soaked Raining Wilds or the Sticky Wilds Free Spins feature, each with its own way to lead you to big wins. And if you’re not in the UK, you can buy your way into this free spins bonanza with the Buy Free Spins feature, choosing your preferred type of free spin adventure.

The Dog House Megaways isn’t just another slot; it’s a fun-filled escapade in a charming canine world packed with features that promise both excitement and big wins. Ready to unleash the fun?

3. San Quentin Slot

In the world slots, few games can present a challenge that only the brave dare to accept. Nolimit City’s San Quentin xWays is certainly one such title, giving slot mavens the opportunity to tackle life behind bars head-on as they fight to the top for the opportunity of winning 150,000x their bets. This iconic game essentially redefined how we see slots, and soon after its release in 2021, many asked the same question: could Nolimit City top their previous successes? San Quentin xWays stepped into the spotlight, answering with a resounding yes.

San Quentin Slot

Screenshot of San Quentin Slot

San Quentin Slot Details

Paylines243 (Default)
Min. Bet$0.20
Max. Bet$32
SoftwareNolimit City
Release DateJanuary 2021

Pros and Cons

  • Breaks the mold with a unique and immersive prison theme.
  • Unprecedented winning potential, with up to 150,000x on the line.
  • Innovative features, like Enhancer Cells and Lockdown Spins, add depth and excitement.
  • Extreme volatility might deter casual players.
  • The high-risk, high-reward nature could lead to rapid bankroll depletion without careful management.

Symbols and Theme

San Quentin, the infamous prison, sets the stage for this high-stakes game. It’s not just a setting; it’s a declaration of intent. Nolimit City isn’t playing it safe; they’re taking us straight into the heart of one of America’s most notorious penitentiaries. With a 5-reel, 243-pay way setup surrounded by the grim aesthetics of concrete and barbed wire, the atmosphere is palpable. Bets range from $0.20 to $32 per spin, and with a volatility rating of 10 out of 10, the rewards can be as monumental as 150,000x your bet. But beware, this game is not for the faint of heart.

The cast of characters reads like a who’s who of people you’d rather avoid: Beefy Dick, Loco Luis, Heinrich 3rd, Biker Bill, and Crazy Joe. These hardened inmates, along with an assortment of prison-themed symbols, bring the gritty reality of San Quentin to life. Two types of wilds, including a Split wild, add an extra layer of strategy, cutting through the reels and potentially doubling your chances of a big haul.

Slot Features

San Quentin xWays is packed with features designed to keep the adrenaline pumping. The Enhancer Cells, sitting ominously at the top and bottom of each reel, can spring open to unleash high pay symbols, wilds, Razor Splits, or xWay symbols, cranking up the intensity of the base game. Scatter symbols, depicted as guard towers, trigger the Lockdown Free Spins, a feature sure to become a highlight reel favorite. This mode kicks off with Jumping Wilds on the board, their number determined by the scatters that landed.

But that’s just the warm-up. The real game changer comes with the Lockdown Spins. Here, the Enhancer Cells reveal their true power, offering free spins and selecting one convict symbol to carry a multiplier through the feature. Jumping wilds, now with potential multipliers up to x512, dance across the reels, dramatically increasing win potential. And for those looking to jump straight to the action, the feature buy option allows direct access to the Lockdown Spins, with RTP adjustments favoring the bold.

San Quentin xWays isn’t just a game; it’s an absolutely thrilling slot crafted by Nolimit City. It challenges players to brave the notorious prison’s walls for a chance at freedom and fortune. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

4. Big Bass Floats My Boat Slot

Ever heard the saying about the two best days of boat ownership? Well, Big Bass Floats My Boat offers the thrill without the bills, courtesy of Reel Kingdom and Pragmatic Play. Building on the success of Big Bass Bonanza, this latest voyage doesn’t stray far from its roots, employing familiar symbols like the Fisherman and money symbols, but sets sail in a new direction with its visuals and mechanics. Out on the open sea under a golden sky, players navigate a 5×3 grid, casting their lines in hopes of reeling in some big wins. Let’s dive into what makes this slot a catch for fishing-themed slot aficionados.

Big Bass Floats My Boat Slot

Screenshot of Big Bass Floats My Boat Slot

Big Bass Floats My Boat Slot Details

Min. Bet$0.10
Max. Bet$250
SoftwarePragmatic Play
Release DateFebruary 2024

Pros and Cons

  • Delightful fishing theme with upbeat graphics and music.
  • Potential for substantial wins due to high volatility.
  • Creative free spins feature with multipliers enhances gameplay.
  • Ante bet and buy feature options add strategic depth.
  • Accessible betting range from $0.20 to $250.
  • High volatility may deter casual players seeking frequent payouts.
  • Specific theme might not attract all players.
  • Limited to 10 paylines, which may reduce winning combinations.
  • The ante bet feature increases stake with a slight RTP variation.
  • Buy feature costs can be steep, particularly for the super free spins option.

Symbols and Theme

Big Bass Floats My Boat is unapologetically devoted to the fishing theme, presenting simple yet effective graphics that set a light-hearted and jovial tone. The soundtrack is equally upbeat, ensuring a fun gaming experience. With a high volatility and an RTP of 96.07%, the game offers stakes ranging from $0.10 to $250 per spin. The ante bet feature spices things up, boosting scatter symbols’ presence on the reels at the cost of a slightly lower RTP when activated. Symbols range from 10 to A card ranks as the lower-paying symbols to thematic high pays like tackle boxes and boats, with the Fisherman symbol playing a pivotal role during free spins.

Slot Features

In true Big Bass fashion, the game centers around collecting fish money symbols, which can randomly award values between 0.2x to 50x the bet in the base game. The real excitement, however, kicks in during free spins, where the Fisherman wild collects money symbols, each potentially boosted by multipliers that increase with each fish caught. Free spins are abundant, with up to 20 spins up for grabs and innovative mechanics to ensure scatters and Fisherman wilds appear more frequently, thanks to the handy work of an octopus changing the tides in your favor.

Buy Free Spins

Eager to get straight to the good part? Big Bass Floats My Boat allows players to buy into the free spins feature, with options for standard or super free spins. This direct route to the action costs 100x or 300x the bet, respectively, offering a different strategy for those looking to hook the bigger prizes more directly.

Big Bass Floats My Boat is an expedition on the open sea with the promise of treasure beneath the waves. With its charming theme, exciting features, and the potential for big catches, it’s time to set sail and see what fortunes await. Ready to cast your line?

5. Immortal Romance Slot

Immortal Romance stands as a testament to slot game design, achieving a legendary status among players. Crafted by Microgaming and utilizing the engine behind Thunderstruck 2, it ups the ante with even greater payout potentials. The game’s allure isn’t just in its mechanics; it’s in the storytelling, the captivating soundtrack, and the intricate weave of love, mystery, and the supernatural. With a high RTP of 96.86% and a volatile nature, it promises thrilling gameplay and the chance for substantial rewards. Immortal Romance is a saga that invites players into its enigmatic world, making it a staple in the realm of online slots.

Immortal Romance Slot

Screenshot of Immortal Romance Slot

Immortal Romance Slot Details

Min. Bet$0.30
Max. Bet$30
Release DateDecember 2011

Pros and Cons

  • Engrossing vampire theme intertwined with a rich narrative.
  • High RTP (96.86%) and significant max win potential (12,150 x bet).
  • Diverse and rewarding bonus features with progressive access to free spins.
  • Iconic soundtrack and high-quality graphics enhance the immersive experience.
  • Broad betting range accommodates all types of players.
  • High variance may lead to less frequent wins, challenging player patience.
  • Complexity of bonus features might overwhelm new players.
  • The dark and gothic theme may not appeal to all tastes.
  • Lacks a progressive jackpot, which could be a drawback for jackpot hunters.
  • Some players might find the game mechanics dated compared to newer slots.

Symbols and Theme

Released during the Twilight saga’s peak, Immortal Romance taps into the vampire craze with finesse. The game spins a tale of forbidden love and eternal intrigue, featuring four central characters: Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah, each with their own backstory enriching the gameplay experience. The gothic aesthetic is meticulously crafted, with symbols ranging from haunted castles to the game’s protagonists, set against the backdrop of a gothic mansion. Immortal Romance isn’t just played; it’s experienced, with each spin unraveling part of its dark yet enticing story.

Slot Features

Immortal Romance is a treasure trove of features, with the Wild Desire feature offering up to five wild reels randomly, setting the stage for potentially massive payouts. The heart of the game lies within The Chamber of Spins, a multi-layered free spins feature unlocking progressively, each tied to one of the game’s characters. From Amber’s 5x multipliers to Michael’s Rolling Reels, the game ensures a diverse and engaging experience, with the potential for re-triggering spins and multiplying wins, making each entry into the Chamber a new adventure.

FAQ: Bonus Slots

Bonus slots elevate the excitement with extra features like free spins, bonus games, and special symbols. Unlike the straightforward play of classic slots, bonus slots offer interactive gameplay and storylines that unfold as you progress, making each spin a part of a larger narrative or challenge.

They are absolutely worth it! Bonus features not only enhance the thrill of the gameplay but can significantly boost your winnings through multipliers, free spins, and interactive mini-games. They’re not gimmicks but strategic elements that can lead to bigger wins and more engaging gameplay.

Most bonus features are triggered by landing specific symbol combinations, like scatters or bonus symbols, on the reels. The conditions vary per game, so always check the paytable for how to unlock these lucrative extra rounds. 

While slots are games of chance, bonus slots can offer more opportunities to win through additional features and gameplay options. Success still largely depends on luck, of course, but engaging with bonus features smartly can potentially increase your winnings.

While you can’t influence the spin outcome, managing your bankroll, understanding the game’s bonus features, and playing slots with higher RTPs can form a good strategy. This approach maximizes your playtime and increases your chances of triggering bonus rounds.

Look for slots with bonus features that match your interests and playing style. Consider the game’s theme, RTP, and the type of bonuses offered. Trying games in demo mode can help you find your favorites without risking your bankroll.

Yes, many online casinos offer free spins and bonus credits that can be used on bonus slots. These promotions provide a great way to try out new slots and familiarize yourself with their bonus features without dipping into your deposited funds. However, keep in mind that it is important to always read the promotional terms of these offers.