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Best Real Money Baccarat Casinos

S. Stoynova (editor) |

Picking Online Casinos Offering the Best Baccarat Experience

Best Real Money Baccarat CasinosIf you are a fan of classic casino experiences, chances are, you have seen the baccarat-dedicated areas in top-class land-based casinos. This card game used to cater solely to high-rollers, with baccarat table limits often exceeding the betting ranges of other table games. Nowadays, baccarat is far from being exclusively available to high-rollers, with online casinos introducing plenty of variations of the card game, with reasonable limits allowing recreational play online.

Switching to online casinos has its perks, offering a far bigger diversity of baccarat options. If there is a variation you cannot find at a brick-and-mortar casino, chances are, you will be able to play it once you join a virtual casino. Not only will online casinos offer a glut of baccarat variations but you will also have extra chances of enjoying rewarding betting sessions.

With most reputable interactive casinos offering various promotions, you can play with extra credits and boost your winning chances. While online casinos offer a great baccarat experience, fans of the game may have a difficult time choosing the right brand to join. That is why we have provided a detailed article on casinos offering the best real-money baccarat gaming experience.

Who Should Play Real Money Baccarat?

baccarat live microgaming playboyMany online casinos enable their players to try the available baccarat variations in demo mode where they are granted a predetermined amount of free credits to bet with. If this is your first time playing baccarat online, we highly recommend you take advantage of this option. This will allow you to get a proper feel of the game and get used to the dynamic gameplay that is inherent to baccarat before you invest some of your money at the virtual tables.

The question is should you invest real money in baccarat at all? A set of certain characteristics and personality traits is needed even if one is to play baccarat only for entertainment purposes. If you do not possess those characteristics, you should probably stay away from the real money baccarat tables since you would be wasting your time, and above all, your money.

While it is true baccarat is a simple game to play, many beginners fail to invest the necessary time and effort in learning its rules in depth. Under no circumstances should you get yourself involved in a real money gambling game without first taking the time to learn its peculiarities to the tee.

It is recommended to understand which bets yield the lowest house edge in baccarat and which ones to avoid because they give the house a larger advantage. Having fun and enjoying your session is one thing, losing money in the long term out of sheer laziness and ignorance is another. The only way to become a consistent winner is to place the bets that offer you the smallest chance of losing and in all casino games, baccarat included, these will be the bets with the lowest house edge, respectively Player and Banker.

The way you emotionally respond to the game when real money is in play is also important. Some baccarat players get heated after losing several bets in succession and are desperate to win their money back. This usually results in rash decisions and a steep increase in the amounts they wager. Needless to say, the consequences of lacking self-control are often humbling.

Also, you should not get into real money baccarat if you lack the spare money to make one such investment. It takes money to make some money because of the swings you will inevitably face. You should join the baccarat table with a bankroll large enough to sustain you through these swings. The way you handle those swings also bears consideration. If several lost bets suffice to unnerve you enough so that you can no longer play rationally, you should probably stay away from the real money baccarat tables. Most of all, you should never play baccarat with money you cannot afford to lose financially or emotionally.

The bottom line is if you do not possess discipline, self-control, a good understanding of the game, and bankroll management, the reality is you most likely are better off investing in some other form of entertainment. Provided that you are confident you do possess these characteristics, you should continue reading further to learn what criteria you should look for when searching for a good real-money baccarat casino.

Selecting the Best Baccarat Online Casino

Selecting the Best Baccarat Online CasinoNow, choosing a real money baccarat casino is no picnic due to the vast scope of options you will be facing. Indeed, there is a proliferation of gambling websites accepting real money bets on baccarat so you need to be able to sift out the good from the bad.

Your pick should not be based on looks only, there are other more important criteria a baccarat online casino should cover, including versatility, flexible table limits, trustworthiness, mobile-friendliness, payment methods, and promotional offers.

Versatility of Baccarat Variations and Flexible Table Limits

Versatility of Baccarat Variations and Flexible Table LimitsWhen scouring the internet in search of a good baccarat casino, you should take the time to compare what different gambling operators can offer in terms of versatility. The RNG-based versions of the game are normally available under the casinos’ Table Games tabs, with some operators offering as little as a single baccarat variation. If you are interested in playing solely baccarat, chances are you will quickly grow bored of betting on the same variation again and again.

In contrast, there are online casinos offering multiple variations developed by different providers, with some of the most notable software brands being Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, and Playtech. Popular baccarat variations you can diversify your gameplay with include Mini Baccarat and Punto Banco, which is generally considered the North American version of the game.

It is recommended that you try the demo versions of online baccarat to see how they play, how the gaming controls work, and whether or not the graphics are in line with your expectations. The best games would offer you additional useful features like history boards with previous results, fast play, and even side bets with enhanced payouts but you best steer clear of those as they often come with a higher house edge.

Always make sure you check whether the casino you are interested in gives you the chance to play the game against live dealers. This is a great option if you are looking for a more socially engaging baccarat session but live far away from a land-based casino. Be certain you find an online casino where you can benefit from a high-quality live stream, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay.

In our experience, the casinos using software by Evolution Gaming offer optimal cinematic quality along with lots of interesting live varieties of the game, including Speed Baccarat, Baccarat Squeeze, and No Commission Baccarat.

Check and compare the table limits at different online casinos in order to find a gambling operator offering you baccarat variations that correspond to your budget. A good baccarat casino would cater towards the needs of the larger crowd, providing options for both casual bettors and high rollers. Bets in most RNG-based varieties start as low as $1, while table maximums would rarely exceed $500 or $1,000. Live dealer games provide plenty of high-stakes action, with maximum limits sometimes going as high as $50,000 per hand.

Trustworthiness and Licensing

Trustworthiness and LicensingLicensing is largely considered the alpha and the omega of trusted online casinos. Under no circumstances should you register and deposit at an online baccarat casino without verifying its reliability in advance. Otherwise, you risk experiencing a variety of problems, including poor customer support, lack of transparency, and worst of all, painfully slow and unfair payouts.

The easiest way to ensure a baccarat casino deserves your trust is by checking whether it has a valid license and a certification for the fairness of its Random Number Generator. You can find this information towards the bottom of the website’s homepage.

The majority of trusted gambling operators choose to apply for licenses from jurisdictions like Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Alderney, and Malta which are seen as tax havens for online casinos. The gambling websites servicing customers from the United Kingdom normally operate under local licenses issued by the UK Gambling Commission.

Some foreign operators would exploit legal loopholes and service baccarat players from markets where online gambling is illegal or unregulated. We advise you to approach such gambling operators with a pinch of caution. Registering with them is riskier since you practically have no legal recourse to resort to in case the operator decides not to pay out your winnings. If signing up with one such offshore operator is your only option, we urge you to do your research and find an offshore baccarat casino with an immaculate track record.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile CompatibilityFor many players, mobile compatibility, or lack thereof, is crucial when selecting an online casino. If you spend a considerable amount of time on the go, you may want to check whether or not the baccarat casino of your interest has been optimized for mobile play. Many casinos have already embraced HTML5, giving you a direct in-browser access to their mobile baccarat variations. Alternatively, some operators provide baccarat players with the option to download dedicated Android and iOS applications.

Payment Timeframes and Support Service

Payment Timeframes and Support ServiceIt makes sense that you need to deposit into your online casino account in order to play baccarat for real money. Online payment methods differ between countries, so you best check what banking solutions your casino of interest offers and whether they are available in your country of residence. Be sure to check whether the method you intend to use is suitable for both deposits and withdrawals.

A good baccarat casino would never drag its players’ withdrawals for indefinite periods of time. Quite the contrary, if the brand is a reputable operator, it will pay out winnings as quickly as possible. Compare the payout timeframes at several baccarat casinos that have grabbed your interest and choose the one with the shortest pending and processing times. Doing a little online research on your own and comparing other players’ feedback never hurts, either. The more currencies are supported by the casino, the better, especially if you do not intend to use the widespread options like EUR, GBP, and USD.

Efficient and prompt customer support is a common trait of good real-money baccarat casinos. Be certain to choose a casino that offers support via live chat, manned by professionals around the clock. There is nothing worse than hitting a snag during your online baccarat session and having no one to turn to for assistance because the support agents are off-duty.

Available Bonuses

Available BonusesIf you are a new baccarat player just starting to build a bankroll, it is highly advisable for you to register at an online casino whose bonuses and promotions you can capitalize on. Identifying good promotional offers is no picnic as most of the time, you will need to go through the casino’s full bonus terms and conditions to see whether or not a given promotion is worth your time.

Baccarat players are often robbed of the opportunity to extend their sessions through quality bonus offers because many casinos would either altogether exclude the game from bonus play or reduce its weighting to a laughably small percentage so that it takes ages for you to clear the wagering requirements. Respectively, the first thing you must check is whether bonuses can be used on baccarat at all and if yes, how big the game’s playthrough contribution is.

Popular Baccarat Variations to Play Online

Popular Baccarat Variations to Play OnlineWhen you are playing baccarat online, you can come across a variety of options that can offer a different type of gaming experience. Although all variations stick to the standard rules of baccarat, some offer additional betting options that can make the gameplay more enticing. What is more, as Live Casino technology is integrated more and more into virtual casinos, players have the chance to enjoy a baccarat experience that comes very close to the one offered at classy brick-and-mortar casinos.

No Commission Baccarat

One of the more attractive versions of baccarat that various players may enjoy is No Commission Baccarat by Microgaming. The game offers an enticing experience thanks to realistic graphics, immersive sound effects, and great betting options.

No Commission Baccarat
Screenshot of No Commission Baccarat

Those familiar with the classic game of baccarat will have no issue playing this Microgaming title. This being said, even inexperienced players will have an easy time making their bets and fully enjoying their time spent with No Commission Baccarat.

This is an RNG game, meaning the results on every hand cannot be predicted as they are generated on a random basis thanks to specialized software. The game uses 8 standard decks and it incorporates a squeeze feature that allows players to slowly reveal the cards on the table.

No Commission Baccarat has a betting range between $5 and $800, making it a great option for both recreational players and high-rollers. As the name of the game suggests, there is no commission on the Banker bet, giving players a higher hit rate.

In addition to the standard Player, Banker, and Tie bets in the main game, there are also side bets that one can make while playing No Commission Baccarat. The additional wagers that one can make include Banker Pair and Player Pair. These bets pay out when the respective hand forms a pair, with each of the sides paying 11 to 1 for a successful side bet.

In the base game, both Banker and Player pay even money, while a tie pays 8 to 1. The game’s RTP stands at 98.76% and the no commission rule gives players quite the advantage.

Baccarat Squeeze

Evolution Gaming has added several live baccarat tables to its portfolio but Baccarat Squeeze is definitely among the more exciting ones. While the game utilizes the standard rules its squeeze feature makes the gameplay a lot more thrilling for players.

Baccarat Squeeze
Screenshot of Baccarat Squeeze

Since Evolution Gaming uses real professional dealers for its games, one could enjoy the squeeze feature performed by charming dealers who can keep you on the edge of your seat. While the squeeze of cards does not affect in any way the result of every deal, it makes the reveal of every card more exciting.

Excluding the tension created thanks to the squeeze option, everything else about Baccarat Squeeze is the same as in any other baccarat variation. You can make the standard Player, Banker, and Tie bets. In addition to that, you can make side bets on Banker Pair and Player Pair.

The game uses 8 decks and offers the standard even-money payout for Player and Banker. There is also the usual 5% commission paid on winning Banker bets. The Tie bet pays 8 to 1 and the side bets pay 11 to 1 for a successful bet on either Banker Pair or Player Pair. The live table can be joined by different players as the betting limit ranges between $5 and $2,000.

Knockout Baccarat

Another great baccarat variation that you can enjoy online is Knockout Baccarat. It can be found at interactive casinos that use the software platform of Ezugi. While you will have the opportunity to enjoy a great experience with Ezugi’s charming dealers, there will also be a chance to make one’s betting session more exciting thanks to several side bets.

Knockout Baccarat
Screenshot of Knockout Baccarat

As usual, players can make the standard Player, Banker, and Tie bets while playing Knockout Baccarat. Both Player and Banker pay even money but winning Banker bets come with a 5% commission collected by the house. Tie wins award the standard 8 to 1 payout.

Of course, if you wish, you can enjoy simple gameplay, making the standard bets in baccarat and reveling in the fun that comes with the live-dealer games that Ezugi is offering. If you have joined a Knockout Baccarat live table, however, we recommend trying its additional betting options.

The side bets of this live baccarat version allow players to place money on the total value of the winning hand. The highest payout for the side bets is for a winning total of 1, 2, 3, or 4, offering odds of 7 to 1. If you place a side bet on a winning total of 5 or 6, a successful bet will pay out 3 to 1. One of the lower payouts is offered on a winning total of 7, awarding 4 to 1. A winning total of 8 pays out 3 to 1, while a total of 9 will pay out 2 to 1 for a successful side bet.

Knockout Baccarat is also offering one final side bet option, giving players the chance to bet on a Natural Player Win or Natural Banker Win. This additional wager pays 4 to 1 if your bet was successful.

The Best Online Casinos for Real Money Baccarat

The Best Online Casinos for Real Money BaccaratOf course, being the obliging guys that we are, we have done the hard part for you and searched high and low in order to find the best online casinos offering the classic game of baccarat. We have personally tested our five picks to ensure they cover all the criteria we have outlined in the previous section. The baccarat casinos below are all reliable, offer a decent range of baccarat variations, allow for secure payments, boast quick payouts, and have bonuses with manageable wagering requirements and clearly expressed terms and conditions.

Trada Casino

Trada Casino
Screenshot of Trada Casino

Trada Casino is a modern-looking online gambling website that gives players the opportunity to experience a broad variety of video slots and table games like Punto Banco. These are supplied by a plethora of software providers of great prominence, with some of the most notable names being Microgaming, Quickspin, iSoftBet, Playson, NetEnt, and WMS. The casino also gives players the chance to take on real dealers in a game of live baccarat, blackjack, roulette or poker.

Fast payouts are Trada Casino’s biggest claim to fame as withdrawals clear from players’ accounts within 24 hours. Additionally, there are lots of trusted banking methods for you to choose from, such as Skrill, Mastercard, Visa, Neteller, and ecoPayz, not to mention the casino supports a variety of currencies like NOK, AUD, CAD, SEK, USD, and EUR. Players can enjoy their favorite games on portable devices via an intuitive in-browser app. TST and iTech Labs routinely audit the casino’s portfolio for fairness. Trada operates under the licensing of the UK Gambling Commission, th Malta Gaming Authority, and other reputable regulaors.


Screenshot of 888casino

888casino is a long-standing casino games provider, launched over twenty years ago. The Gibraltar-headquartered online casino features a variety of high-end games, some of which run on software provided by giants like NetEnt but a decent portion of the gaming library uses proprietary software, courtesy of 888 Holdings Plc. The website offers a diversity of online slots, casino specialties, and table games, including a decent range of baccarat varieties like Punto Banco, Live Dragon Tiger, and Speed Baccarat. Table limits cater to a broader player base and range between $1 and $5,000. Players can load the gaming library in the browsers of their desktop or mobile devices.

The casino is designed to cater to players from various international markets, allowing them to choose from over ten languages. Its appealing, user-friendly website features a wealth of great promotions, an innovative loyalty rewards scheme, and a handy blog that will introduce you to all you need to know about casino games, including baccarat. Throw in professional customer support and enough safe banking options into the mix and there is pretty much nothing left to be desired here.

Rich Casino

Rich Casino
Screenshot of Rich Casino

Rich Casino was established in 2009 so it would be fair to say the operator has plenty of experience in the industry to draw upon. The casino welcomes players from a number of locations and has been issued a license under the jurisdiction of Curacao, allowing it to legally service customers.

This gambling website indeed offers a rich experience as it features more than 450 top-notch titles, courtesy of multiple suppliers like Betsoft, Octopus Gaming, and Pragmatic Play. The collection of slots does not disappoint but more importantly, there are several high-end baccarat varieties, including games hosted by professional live dealers.

Rich Casino gives players the ultimate flexibility of accessing its lobby from all locations, at all times. The casino runs a mobile-responsive website that can be loaded via the browsers of most smartphones and tablets. Payments are conducted in a variety of currencies. Support can be reached via live chat and email.

Yako Casino

Yako Casino
Screenshot of Yako Casino

Established in 2015, Yako Casino may lack the experience of some of the gambling operators we have suggested above but this is not to say it offers subpar gaming to its customer base. On the contrary, players are made to feel at home on a smartly designed website that aims at providing a premium, highly personalized experience to all users. This is a fully legitimate gambling destination that operates under the licensing and regulations of Malta and the UK.

The casino has become a safe haven for players who insist on getting nothing but the best online gaming experience, which is not surprising considering the website uses software from top suppliers the likes of NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Amatic Industries, and Microgaming.

Baccarat lovers will benefit from multiple variations of their favorite game. Our attention was drawn by the fact baccarat games are available in three distinct varieties depending on the table limits in place. You get to choose from low limit (with bets starting at $0.10 only!), regular limit ($1 – $100), and high limit ($10 – $1,000) variations of baccarat and Punto Banco. The casino does not disappoint where live play is concerned, giving patrons the chance to test their luck against experienced dealers in a game of Speed Baccarat or Baccarat Controlled Squeeze.

BitStarz Casino

BitStarz Casino
Screenshot of BitStarz Casino

BitStarz has invested a good deal of effort in crafting a superb online gambling platform that caters to a vast range of preferences and styles of play. The brand’s instant-play casino went online in 2014, with a license granted by the government of Curacao. As the name suggests, one of the most distinctive traits of this online casino is that it allows for Bitcoin and Ethereum payments.

A lot is going on at BitStarz in terms of games since the casino is home to an incredible suite with over 1,600 titles! The operator has opted to partner with many software suppliers in order to be able to offer this diverse gaming content. Players get to indulge in the creations of highly esteemed software studios such as NetEnt, Amatic Industries, Betsoft, iSoftBet, Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, and Evolution Gaming

You can fund your account via an enormous variety of payment methods. Apart from the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies, BitStarz also works with more conventional alternatives like Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill.

Baccarat fans will be thrilled by the versatility of options BitStarz presents them with. You can indulge in Baccarat Squeeze, Punto Banco, Dragon Tiger, Multiplay Baccarat, Classic Baccarat, and Baccarat Controlled Squeeze. The most loyal baccarat players are welcomed into the Salon Privé where they can compete for much higher stakes in an exclusive live-dealer environment.