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Baccarat Advanced Betting Strategy

A. Antonova (editor) |

Advanced Strategy to Incorporate into Baccarat Play

Baccarat Advanced Betting StrategyPlaying baccarat does not require any advanced skills, with the main decision players need to make is choosing the side to place their wager on. This makes the gameplay extremely simple and easy to master, allowing both beginners and experienced players to enjoy an equally entertaining casino time. Even though baccarat is a game based on luck, that does not mean that there is no point in learning the odds and probabilities of the three bets in the game.

Like any other casino game, baccarat can also be played using a strategy, with players handling their bet sizes often enjoying longer gaming sessions. If you have already set up a budget and you know the best bet to place on each coup, you might want to learn how to incorporate strategic play into your baccarat sessions. While there is a basic strategy allowing players to use a scoreboard to keep track of results, there is an advanced variant that many players believe to be more effective. Below, we have provided detailed information on using advanced baccarat strategy as well as odds in baccarat that are essential to know.

The Odds in Baccarat

The Odds in BaccaratAnytime you flip a coin, you know that the chances of landing a head or a tale are 50/50. Almost the same thing applies to baccarat, however, if we ignore the possibility of a tie, it can be said that the “Banker” side has a 51% chance to win at baccarat. This is a bit overstretched, however, as there is always the existence of the house edge. This being said, baccarat has one of the lowest house edges and is considered an advantageous game. The house edge is 1.4% when betting on Bank which is definitely quite the low casino advantage.

If we have to be accurate with the winning odds in baccarat we have to make it clear that winning the “Player” bet is possible 44.62% of the time, while the winning probability of the “Bank” is 45.85%. This being said, players who place their wagers on “Bank” owe the house a commission of 5% whenever their bet is a winning one.

For those who are interested in the game, it is important to take a look at the true odds of baccarat. While many players are tempted to place their money on “Tie” which offers a payout of 8 to 1, the true odds are much higher. What is more, the house edge for this bet is 14% which is the reason why players are not advised to put their money on the “Tie” betting section. This being said, if you feel adventurous and want to take a higher risk, do feel free to test your luck.

Although it is quite a rare case, it is possible that the game of baccarat may result in a tie. The probability of this outcome is 9.53%, however, the house edge of this bet is quite high.

The reason why the “Banker” side has better odds of winning is the fact that the Player card is always drawn first which gives the Banker the opportunity to determine what card is needed to be drawn in order to beat the player’s hand. While winners who have bet on “Bank” owe a 5% commission, the house edge for this bet is 1.17% which is still lower than the casino’s advantage of 1.36% on “Players” stakes.

Unlike other casino games, such as blackjack for instance, with baccarat, you do not have the opportunity to affect the outcome of the game once the cards are dealt. However, by understanding the rules and odds of the game, you will be able to decide whether baccarat is the game for you and choose the best betting option.

Ways to Keep a Score on Baccarat

Ways to Keep a Score on BaccaratBefore we delve into the advanced strategies that some baccarat players like to use, we must talk about the right way to keep up with your score. When you join a baccarat table, you can ask for a card and a pen which will help you to keep track of the results.

The standard way to use the scorecard provided by the casino is to hold it upright so that you can utilize the “P” and “B” sections at the top of the card. Let us say that Players is the winning hand in the first game, then you will place a “1” in the “P” column. If the next win is yet again for Players, then you will write down a “2” on the second row of the “P” column. The same goes for the “B” column which indicates the winnings for Banker. Instead of numbers, some players use “X” and “O” to write down the scores. It does not matter which method you prefer, as long as you are able to keep track of the game’s flow.

Although scorecards were designed to be used in this way, rarely will players resort to this method of keeping a score. In fact, if you see someone using the standard way of tracking winning patterns in baccarat, he/she is probably a player used to betting on American-style baccarat usually popular across land-based casinos in the US. The majority of baccarat players rely on the alternate method to keep a score.

The more commonly used way to keep track of the game’s wins is to turn the scorecard horizontally and have the “P” and “B” sections as a single column on the left, which you will not need to write down the results. When you are using the alternate method, you simply start in the first box of the first column by writing down either “P” for a Payer win or “B” for a Bank win. If we assume that the first hand was a win for the players, you put “P” on the first row of the first column. If the next hand is yet again won by players, you put “P” on the second row of the first column, just below the previous “P” box. When the flow changes and the Bank wins, you move to the next column and write down “B” on the first row. You move to the following column, every time the winner of the hand is changed.

Thanks to the alternate method, players can easily spot the trends in the game by keeping track of singletons (wins that are not followed by another row of a win for the same side) and runs (two or more rows of wins for the same side).

Advanced Betting Strategy on Baccarat

Baccarat Advanced StrategyIf you are trying to calculate your moves while playing baccarat, you can always resort to the good old 50/50 chance to win or lose. If you have made plans to play 1,000 hands, then you should expect to have an equal number of Row Twos and runs with more wins of the same side. Out of 1,000 runs, you can also deduce that 500 will be with just two wins in a row and 500 will be with three or even more wins in a row.

If you decide to use a basic strategy, you are not concentrating on winning big but rather on minimizing your losses. The main goal of players who resort to playing baccarat with a strategy is to break even. Let us presume that you have opted for bets of 3 units instead of 1. This would mean that in a series of several shoes, you may enjoy quite the payout if you are on a winning streak. If you maintain the size of your bets the same, you might actually experience a losing streak in the next few shoes which will result in bigger losses. In the end, however, you would enjoy a fruitful game since you have broken even thanks to the big payouts and equally big losses.

If you do not like to go through a series of losing big units while trying to break even, you might want to resort to using an advanced baccarat strategy. This type of betting tactic is more suitable for high-rollers who can afford to double their bets, without having to worry about losing all of their money if luck is not on their side.

Differences Between Advanced and Basic Baccarat Betting Strategies

Playing Baccarat in CasinoIf you want to use a basic betting strategy when playing baccarat, you would have to act whenever there is a two-in-a-row win. The most simple way to explain this betting tactic is to place your money on something that is highly unlikely to happen. If there were two Player or two Bank wins in a row, you stake a single unit that the runs will not continue with a third win of the same side. Against your gut feeling to stop betting after you have lost three times in a row, you should increase the betting units and still bet on two in a row not happening three times in a row.

You may lose again but you need to repeat the aforementioned steps. If your bad luck has followed you four times in a row, you should wait for the next shoe.

With the basic strategy, you do not have to play every single hand. You can wait until there is a two in a row and start applying the betting strategy. By giving yourself some time off, you can have a better grip on the game’s flow. Compared to other tactics where you simply have to make fast betting decisions on every hand, you will make around 15 bets in a shoe since you will only place your money once there are two PP or two BB in a row.

If you decide to use the basic betting strategy on baccarat, you can enjoy a decent payout. Due to the well-known 50/50 chance, you actually have the opportunity to break even on baccarat, while making use of this type of strategy. In fact, if you use the basic betting system, you can expect to win about 55% of the time, experience losses in 45% of the cases, and the rest is left for getting a tie.

Players who are on the lookout for bigger wins, however, often resort to advanced strategies. Although considered quite risky, these types of bets can actually bring lucky players great payouts and make their game extremely lucrative.

Players should keep in mind that the advanced betting strategy, however, requires quite the bankroll. Since players must increase their stakes, it may be a tad troublesome for non-high-rollers to utilize the advanced betting strategy. While players may start their advanced betting just like when they do with the basic strategy, they need to significantly increase their stakes if they want to hopefully enjoy better payouts.

Variations of the Advanced Strategy

Variations of the Advanced StrategyIf you are hoping to rack up bigger wins by using an advanced betting strategy, you should know that there are multiple ways to resort to advanced betting while playing baccarat. Each of them presents a different level of risk and can reward wonderful payouts if you are lucky and smart enough to know when to stop.

The first way to utilize the advanced betting system is to start just as you would with the basic strategy. This would mean to bet on two in a row not making three in a row. The difference is that after the second time you lose the four-bet series, you stake twelve units on two in a row not becoming three in a row. If you win, you should stop playing. However, if you lose again, you should wager twenty-four units yet again on two in a row not making three in a row. The objective of this betting strategy is to continue doubling your bet until you break even and then quit the game.

The reason why many players find this type of advanced betting useful is the breaking-even point. Even if you have lost quite a few rounds, by using this betting system, you have the chance to get wins bigger than your losses and enjoy a good net amount at the end of your baccarat game.

While you play this game, you may hear the term “riding the pony”. Simply put, this means to bet on trends that are very unlikely to happen. Although this is very risky, it may be quite rewarding for lucky players. If you play baccarat for quite some time, you will notice that there are often players who have placed their chips either on “Player” or “Bank” and they do not change their choice throughout the game. Although it is rare, sometimes there are runs that can continue for seven, eight, or even more rounds. This would absolutely destroy the player who resorts to the first type of advanced strategy and puts his/her money on two in a row not making three in a row.

The thing that is important to keep in mind is the fact that the losing possibility in baccarat is always 50/50, at least that is true when we do not take the Tie option into account. This is why it is quite risky to keep on betting on runs that will continue over 8 times. Due to this fact, another advanced betting strategy is to resort to betting against eight in a row making nine in a row. If you lose, you should repeat your bet by doubling it and adding another unit. You should not bet against those runs, however, if they have begun after the middle of the shoe. If you resort to this strategy, you should be mentally and financially prepared to lose at least 8 hands in a row.

If you want to try and “ride the pony”, you are advised to get all of your money after nine in a row and bet just a certain amount of your funds on ten in a row. You can continue with this system of betting on runs until you lose the bet. Yet again, you should not use this betting option if the run is happening after the middle point of the shoe.

The Importance of Money Management

Casino Money ManagementOne very important aspect of every player’s gambling experience should be money management. This way you would be able to maximize your wins and enjoy a good bankroll that will not vanish in a split second.

As it was previously mentioned, advanced betting baccarat strategies are mainly suitable for high-rollers as they will be able to afford to lose bigger sums in order to rack up better payouts in the long run. Not to mention, that sometimes they can not reach the point where they break even and they may lose quite a lot of money.

Even if you have the funds to place risky bets on baccarat, it is still important to know how to manage your money. This way you will know when to make riskier bets and when to walk away from the table.

You can start the game by picking a pretty high stake. It really does not matter whether you play with $5 chips, go higher for $25 per hand, or even bet $100 on each hand you play. As long as you manage your money the right way and you have the funds to back your strategy up, you can be comfortable while playing baccarat.

Tips to Help You Win at Baccarat

Baccarat Live PlayThere are a few tips that you should follow if you really want to enjoy a lucrative baccarat experience. The first step that you would have to incorporate into your gameplay is to keep up with the scores. Even if you are not making bets, write down the winner of every hand as this will help you choose the right strategy and the time to engage in a betting session.

You are also advised to stick to using the basic betting strategy until the flow of the game has changed to a ratio of at least 4:1 of Row Twos and Row Threes. Using the advanced strategy of betting a single unit on Row Twos not making Row Threes three times in a row and continuing by increasing your stake, despite losing is also a good system. Once you have lost the series of four bets, you should double up your wagers until you end up as a winner. The only thing to remember is to ignore this betting system if you are close to the end of the shoe.

One of the most important advice that any advanced player will give you is to know when to stop. No one can tell you when the right moment to walk away from the table is but it is important to remember that even if you are on a winning streak, the possibility of losing or winning is almost always near 50/50. This is why you are advised to quit playing once you have broken even or when your bankroll cannot handle more risky bets.