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Microgaming Roulette

S. Stoynova (editor)

Several game developers have ventured into the online casino market but have failed to make their mark. One of the pioneers in the business is Microgaming which supports hundreds of casinos on the internet and has a stunning selection of games that range from regular table games to card games like poker and even slots. This software provider has been around for decades, first establishing itself in the distant 1994.

It was one of the first companies to start development of online casino software and it currently stands as one of the top software providers in the online casino industry. Among Microgaming’s brilliant games selection, the roulette games are especially well designed and are now some of the most popular out there. In this article, we will go over certain important aspects of Microgaming Roulette.

Pros of Playing Microgaming Roulette

pros signAmong the table games in casinos, the one that is most popular because of its simplicity is roulette. Roulette runs on a wheel that has 36 or 37 numbers on it depending on the variation. They are divided into two colors, red and black. You can wager on anything you like, be it a single number, several numbers, odd numbers or even numbers, red or black or a row of predetermined numbers. The winning is inversely linked to the odds of it happening so if you bet on a single number and win, you win 35 times the amount you bet!

Microgaming is among the best renderers of this universally popular casino game on the internet. It has provided it to hundreds of casinos on the internet and the game is very popular with players and critics alike thanks to its simplicity. Microgaming has further ensured that the ambience of a casino is recreated online with the help of a carefully designed roulette wheel and the animation of the ubiquitous casino ball that decides which number is the winning one. There are several variations of roulette games in Microgaming casinos. Almost all casinos offer both downloadable as well as instant online play versions for your benefit.

Since roulette is offered with various other games in a casino, you can always switch to another game should you get bored of it. Or better still, you can try out a different version of roulette. To play, just register for one of the Microgaming casinos and make a wager. You stand a chance of winning big now!

Cons of Playing Microgaming Roulette

cons signMicrogaming Roulette games are not without their issues, however, and some might find those to be less than ideal for their purposes. To begin with, certain Microgaming Roulette titles were released more than a decade ago. As it happens with all things digital, these games are beginning to show their age and when compared with other more modern titles, the differences are quite noticeable.

Furthermore, there are several ‘unique’ variations of roulette feature on Microgaming’s platform. While different, these games do not add anything new or exciting to the roulette experience. In fact, several of them actually feature worse odds than the traditional variations causing you to lose more money in the long run. Others do include some interesting side bet options, but those are often so unobtrusive that they go unseen and unplayed, failing to draw your attention. While there are plenty of worthwhile Microgaming roulette titles, there are also multiple that are simply not worth your time and are best left alone.

Many of the offerings that the competition offers certainly beat those of Microgaming in terms of design and feel.

Microgaming Roulette Played by Roulette Players

microgaming roulette vrMicrogaming’s roulette selection is suited to all kinds of players and budgets, allowing everyone to make good use of their bankroll, regardless how small or large it is. Casual players will have a good number of titles at their disposal that feature a minimum bet of mere pennies. Naturally, these titles all come with the original odds and payout ratios, allowing players to fully benefit from the low limits.

Mid-rollers will be able to enjoy the largest selection of games that suit their budgets. Many Microgaming roulette titles come with betting limits ranging from €1.00 to €200, allowing such players to place bets that comfortably fit within that size range. High-rollers, for the most part, should be satisfied with the previously mentioned betting limits, though certain betting options might feature lower maximums, such as the Straight Up bet.


microgaming roulette mobileIn terms of game performance, you should have no issues playing Microgaming Roulette titles. The titles are designed to run on any supported configuration without a hitch. Whether it be a downloadable casino, a desktop instant play interface, or a mobile in-browser experience, Microgaming is capable of delivering a great gaming experience.

Roulette titles by Microgaming feature excellent visual fidelity and run with buttery smooth animations. It is hard to ignore the work that the company has put in when building up their roulette selection and the effort is certainly commendable.

All in all, playing Microgaming roulette games is a joy and we are sure that you will have a great time doing so.


When all is said and done, we have mostly positive things to report about Microgaming’s roulette selection. The company has been in the online gambling industry for more than two decades and has mastered their craft. Microgaming Roulette games are available throughout the industry and they are certainly some of the most loved ones, judging by user reports. Moreover, every kind of player will be able to enjoy Microgaming’s work, from the most casual of players to the hardcore high-rollers.

There is very little not to like about Microgaming’s Roulette selection and even then, that only applies to individual games rather than to the whole package. Overall, we are happy to say that playing Microgaming Roulette is one of the best experience that you can have while gambling on the Internet and we highly recommend that try those games out if you are a fan of the genre.