Poker Rules

What makes it different from other casino games is that in Poker players who bet against each other, instead of playing against the house. There are numerous variants of Poker, the rules of which differ in some aspects, but the basics of the game are common for all variations.

The goal in Poker is to win the "pot" - all bets made from players during a single play. The winning player is the one that has the highest hand at the end of the play, or has bluffed other players to "fold", giving up the bets they have made so far. The number of players varies from 2 to 14, according to the different variants or on how players agree before the game starts. The deck used for Poker includes all 52 cards - 2 to Ace from all suits. It is also possible for additional wild cards to be used. Suits are of no matter in Poker, and the ranking of cards is according to their face value, where 2 is the lowest and Ace is the highest. The number of cards dealt each round of the play varies with the different types of Poker, but the final hand at the end of the play is always consisted of five cards.

Players always take turns in being the dealer and the dealer's position is marked with a disk or a chip called the "button". The cards are dealt to the left of the dealer, after which each player places a bet that he holds the best hand.
A typical Poker game would start with a compulsory bet made from each player before any cards are dealt, called an "ante". In other variants of Poker there is a similar to the ante compulsory bet know as a "blind bet". Each play is consisted of several betting rounds, the number of which depends on the Poker variation. Players take turns in announcing their bet, having one of the following options:


A player can stay in the play only if his bet is equal to the bets if other players. By "calling", a player pays the amount necessary to make his bet equal to the highest bet on the table.


The player covers the maximum bet on the table and adds an additional amount. He then "raises" the bet and all other players who wish to continue with the play must cover his bet by calling.


If a player decides that his hand won't win, he could drop from the play. He would then "fold" without showing his cards to other players and would lose the bet he placed so far.


A player has the opportunity to stay in the game without placing any bet, or to "check". This is possible only when there aren't any other bets for the round. As soon as one of the players makes a bet, checking is no longer an option and the others would have to call, raise or fold. When the betting rounds are over, the players left in the game then show their hands and compare which is the best one. This is called a "showdown" and requires at least two players still playing. The one with the highest ranking hand wins the pot and the new deal can commence.

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