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Casino Deposit Options Available to Canadian Players

A. Antonova (editor)

Canadian gamblers, much like gaming aficionados in the rest of the world, have taken quite a liking to remote casinos. Websites that cater to iGaming enthusiasts have, therefore, started to gain more and more ground in Canada over the past few years, with many players making the switch from brick-and-mortar casinos to interactive ones. If you are considering doing the same, do keep in mind that you will need to find an online casino that is not only reliable, but that supports Canada-friendly payment solutions.

Of course, for many players, this is easier said than done. Those new to the concept of wagering online tend to fret over many potential issues and often feel uncomfortable with handing over some of their banking data to make casino deposits. Some gamblers are also wary of undisclosed fees or the potential issue of a payment solution not enabling them to manage their funds with ease.

While the aforementioned fears are not entirely unfounded, we can assure Canada-based gamblers that as long as they go with a reputable casino, they will have an excellent time both depositing and cashing out from their casino accounts. It is, of course, also crucial to choose a secure payment method.

If the idea sounds appealing, but you are not sure where to start, the good news is that you have more than one string to your bow as you can pick from various convenient and reliable payment solutions. It goes without saying that this will work to your advantage, as you will be able to go with the option that suits you best, and that will allow you to manage your funds effortlessly. In this article, we will try to elaborate on some of the most well-liked casino deposit methods for Canadians.

Best Payment Solutions for Canadian Players

Online Casino Games CanadaCurrently, casino mavens who live in Canada can greatly benefit from the technological advancements that have characterized the iGaming market in the past few years. Canada-based gamblers can play casino games on almost any device, be it their personal computer, their tablet, or their smartphone. Most importantly, they are allowed to pick from a host of payment methods when they want to top up their account. Even though most web-based casinos strive to offer as many banking solutions as possible, it is always a good idea to vet a casino’s cashier prior to signing up.

Some of the payment methods that enjoy the greatest popularity among gambling aficionados from Canada include credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers. There are also several payment services that have been designed to satisfy the demands of Canadian players exclusively.


Instadebit Payment Solution for Canadian PlayersWhile talking about the most preferred Canadian casino deposit options we should not forget to mention Instadebit. The banking solution is favored by avid casino fans due to the fact that it allows them to make both deposits and withdrawals, which gives it a decided advantage over some of the other ways of payment that are at players’ disposal. What further adds to Instadebit’s merits is the fact that gambling aficionados will have their funds credited almost straight off, which will enable them to wallow in the casino games they fancy right away.

It is worth noting that Instadebit is not a digital wallet, which means that Canadian gamblers will not be able to deposit funds directly to their Instadebit account. In essence, what Instadebit does is provide the needed platform so that users can transfer their funds to the account of a merchant directly via their bank account. Most importantly, the payment service will also allow you to transfer your funds from your bank account to your casino balance.

Gambling aficionados who have made Instadebit their casino payment method of choice should bear in mind that in order to take advantage of this banking solution, they first need to establish an Instadebit account. There is no need to fret over this as the registration process will take only a few minutes. Casino fans should be aware that while setting up their Instadebit account, they will be asked to provide some basic personal data such as their name, address, date of birth, a valid email address, as well as the last four digits of their SIN. Some basic information regarding their bank account will also be required. If you feel reluctant to hand over all this personal and banking information, rest assured that Instadebit will keep this data secure, and will not share it with any third parties.

Once you have subscribed, you need to wait until your identity is verified, which is not a time-consuming process. When done, your Instadebit account will be ready for use.

It is important to note that when you sign up for an Instadebit account, a small amount will be deducted from the balance of your bank account and it will be transferred to your Instadebit account. Generally, the said sum is a mere $2, and the aim of this is to verify your account. Canadian gamblers should also keep in mind that when they set up their account, fixed transaction limits will apply. The said limits will be increased after the verification process is complete.

If you have found a web-based casino that accepts payments via Instadebit, the next step is to log into your gaming account and to visit the cashier page. Once you have opted for Instadebit as a preferred way of payment, a pop-up window will appear and you will be asked to log into your Instadebit account in order to wrap up the payment. Thus, the transaction will be carried out almost right away and the funds will be deducted from the balance of your bank account and credited to your casino balance in a matter of minutes.

Visa Cards

Visa Payment Method LogoIf you are not a total rookie at gambling, you likely know that Visa ranks among the most preferred payment solutions. Indeed, a large number of web-based casinos facilitate payments via credit and debit cards of the brand, meaning that you stand a good chance of finding a decent casino that accepts payments via the banking solution.

The best thing about these cards is that they are accepted in more than 200 countries and territories, which will give you the chance to purchase goods over the Internet and most importantly, to transfer funds to your gaming account without effort.

Gamblers who live in Canada are enabled to obtain Visa-branded cards from numerous banks. In the event that you are also among the gambling aficionados who feel most comfortable with using their credit or debit card when they wish to load their casino account with cash, you need to visit the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Chase Canada, Home Trust Company, Industrial and Commercial Bank of Canada, Laurentian Bank, Desjardins, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, or Vancity Community Investment Bank in order to obtain such a card.

Once you have obtained your Visa credit or debit card, you just need to find the web-based casino that suits you best. In fact, casino players who live in Canada are highly unlikely to face any troubles while looking for an online casino that accepts payments via Visa as it is one of the most versatile payment solutions available. After you have established your gaming account and you want to top it up, you simply need to visit the banking section. Then, you will be asked to provide some additional information that includes your name, the expiry date of the card, its number, and its security code, which is also known as CVV. The last thing you need to do is to enter the amount you fancy depositing and to wait until the transaction is confirmed.

Canadian players who have used their Visa-branded credit card should be aware that the transaction will appear on their next statement. Still, one of the major downsides of using your credit card while gambling is that you can easily lose sight of the amount you initially intended to spend and profligate your funds. Canadian gamblers who are prone to spend more while wagering can invariably utilize their debit card as it will allow them to curb their spending.

If you are inclined to overspend, you will be thrilled to find that you can also make use of prepaid Visa cards. The manner in which these cards function is straightforward as gamblers who are domiciled in Canada simply need to obtain such a card from a bank institution, and after this, they can use them for various purposes, including wagering on the Internet. It is important to note that in most cases, you will be allowed to reload your card with a specific amount. One of the best things about these cards is that you are not even required to possess a bank account in order to take advantage of them.


MasterCard Payment Method LogoMastercard also lists among the most sought-after payment solutions in Canada, which is anything but surprising as it is characterized by both speed and security. In addition to this, Mastercard ranks among the most widely accepted payment methods across the web, which makes it an even more appealing option.

In the event that you have not acquired a Mastercard yet, you will be capable of doing so as long as you visit ATB Financial, Bank of Canada, Brim Financial, Capital One, CIBC, BMO Bank of Montreal, Canadian Tire Bank, Desjardins, CUETS Financial, National Bank of Canada, Rogers Bank, RBC Royal Bank, MBNA, People’s Trust, or Walmart Canada Bank.

Available in more than 200 countries around the globe, Mastercard also presents its customers with debit, credit, and prepaid cards. As far as prepaid cards are concerned, they can be found in a wide array of bank institutions and merchants, meaning that you can easily obtain one. Once you have used up all the funds in the card and you wish to reload it, you will be able to do so by visiting the bank institution that issued the card or by visiting the merchant from which you have obtained it.

Canadian casino players who want to make use of their Mastercard-branded credit or debit cards in order to load their iGaming accounts with cash just need to navigate to the banking section of the interactive casino where all supported ways of payment will be enumerated. You just need to go for Mastercard as your banking solution of choice and to provide the needed data.

Once again, casino lovers will be asked to enter their name, the expiry date of their card, its 3-digit CVV code, and the number of their Mastercard. Gamblers should also make up their mind about the amount they are willing to transfer to their account and, last but not least, they should confirm the transaction itself. One of the best things about using your Mastercard in order to fund your gaming account is that your funds will be visible in your balance forthwith, which, in other words, means that you will be allowed to revel in the casino offerings you are fond of immediately.

Canadian casino lovers should be informed that some casino operators will not allow them to withdraw their funds to their Mastercards, which is why it is important to check what cashout solutions are available in advance, before you create an account. Despite this potential setback, the payment solution remains one of the fastest and the most straightforward ways of uploading funds to your gaming account, which are things that will be appreciated by Canadian gamblers.


PaySafeCard Payment Method For Canadian PlayersPaysafecard is yet another payment method you can go for when you want to make a casino deposit. Paysafecard is among the most popular banking solutions online, especially when it comes to remote gambling. This payment service allows Canadian casino lovers to make payments easily, in no time, and most importantly, without disclosing any of their banking or personal details.

If you are not familiar with this banking solution, you should know that Paysafecard is a prepaid payment method, which means that you need to purchase a card in advance. Canadian gamblers are not required to possess a bank account or to set up some additional accounts if they wish to give their balance a boost via Paysafecard. Instead, they just need to visit one of the 600,000 sales outlets and to buy a prepaid card, or purchase one online. Casino lovers should know that Paysafecard is available in several denominations that include $10, $30, $50, $100, $150, and $200.

Some of the best things about using Paysafecard for gambling purposes is that your privacy is guaranteed due to the fact that while making a deposit, you do not need to enter any personal information, credit card, or bank account details. In addition to this, gambling aficionados will also appreciate the fact that payments via Paysafecard are simple and instant, and you can thus start placing your real-money bets straight away.

In essence, the way Paysafecard works is simple as once you have navigated to the payment section of your casino and you have selected Paysafecard as your payment solution of choice, you just need to provide the unique 16-digit code of your prepaid card. Once you have done this, the preferred amount will be transferred to your balance.

Despite the fact that Paysafecard has several undeniable perks, a major downside remains that interactive players cannot retrieve their funds back to their prepaid card.


iDebit logoAnother payment solution that is extremely popular among Canadian gambling aficionados is iDebit. The main reason for this is that the payment solution functions in a straightforward manner due to the fact that it is just the middleman that will help you to transfer your funds from your bank account to the web-based casino where you have established your gaming account. This means that the banking solution will allow you to make secure and real-time payments, without handing your personal or banking information to the casino operator, which will definitely appeal to more security-conscious interactive players.

Prior to making use of the payment solution, gamblers will need to set up an account due to the fact that this will also allow them to withdraw their funds using the service. While signing up for an account, you will be asked to provide some personal information such as the last four digits of your SIN, your name, address, date of birth, and a valid email address. It is worth noting that you should double check the information you have entered due to the fact that any mistakes can result in a termination of your account.

It is also important to note that the banking solution offers a demo version, which means that you will be able to take advantage of iDebit even if you do not possess an account. The problem is that if you decide to make a payment using the demo version, you will not be able to cash out your winnings via the payment solution. Still, this option is a great opportunity due to the fact that it will enable you to decide whether this way of payment suits you.

Canadian gambling enthusiasts should be aware of the fact that they will be allowed to transfer their funds via iDebit as long as they have an account in one of the following banks that include the National Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Desjardins, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, and TD Canada Trust.

Making a deposit to your web-based casino of choice a process as well, as you just need to go to the banking section and to select iDebit as a way of payment. Then, a pop-up window will appear and the next thing you will be asked to do is to log into your iDebit account and select your bank. Once you have confirmed the payment, your funds will be transferred to your gaming account forthwith.


EcoPayz Casinos LogoEcoPayz, which was recently rebranded to Payz, is yet another banking solution that can be found in a plethora of Canada-friendly interactive casinos. The banking method is available in more than 30 countries and it will allow you to carry out transactions over the Internet with the peace of mind that third parties cannot get access to your sensitive information.

In fact, ecoPayz is a digital wallet, which makes it an extremely efficient and reliable payment method. In the event that you want to manage your funds via ecoPayz, first, you will be required to set up an account, which can be achieved in a matter of a few minutes. You will then be asked to provide your name, address, date and birth, and email address. You will also need to select your country, choose a currency, and provide your phone number. Once you have filled in the form, your account will go through a verification process, after which it will be ready for use. It is important to note that there are Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP accounts, and the level of your account will hinge upon your activity.

Loading your casino account with cash using ecoPayz is simple as you need to visit the banking section of your web-based casino and pick ecoPayz as your preferred payment method. After you have done this, you will be taken to the website of the payment service where you will be required to log into your account. The next step is to enter the amount you wish to deposit and to approve the transaction. Payments via ecoPayz are processed immediately.

One of the ecoPayz features that Canadian gambling aficionados can greatly benefit from is that the payment solution is also available for withdrawals, which further adds to its merits.

Interac Online

Casino Deposit Method - Interac LogoInterac Online is one of the easiest and safest ways to make payments on the web. What distinguishes Interac Online from other banking solutions is that it is easy to use, secure, and most importantly, it allows you to wrap up transactions immediately. In fact, what Interac Online does is provide the needed gateway for the transaction, so that you could make payments using the funds you have in your bank account. Even better, Interac Online can be used for gambling services as well.

It is worth noting that you will be able to take advantage of Interac Online as long as you have an account in one of the participating financial institutions. That is why it is advised to visit their website and to check whether your bank is listed among the financial institutions that offer the service. You should not worry about this as the list is quite comprehensive, meaning that you stand a good chance to find your bank there.

Gambling enthusiasts will be glad to find out that they will have the opportunity to make payments via the banking solution using their existing online banking account. Hence, this will save you the hassle of establishing separate accounts and memorizing new passwords and usernames, which is a major plus.

Once you have joined a Canada-friendly web-based casino that accepts payments via Interac Online, you just need to visit its banking section, go through the list of the supported ways of payment, and select Interac Online. Once done, you will be redirected to Interac’s portal and you will be prompted to select your bank. Then, you just need to log into your online banking account and to approve the payment.

One of the main reasons why Interac Online is so popular among gambling enthusiasts is that while making a payment via the banking solution, none of your personal or banking information will be shared with the casino operator. The fact that transactions are wrapped up through your bank means that the highest security banking procedures will be followed.


Canadian Paymenth Methods ConclusionAs you can see, gambling aficionados who live in Canada can pick from numerous payment solutions that will prove to be both convenient and secure. The aforementioned banking methods will also allow them to carry out their transactions almost instantaneously, which is important, especially when you are using them for gambling purposes.

Still, it is important to note that this is only a handful of all the payment methods that are at gamblers’ disposal. That is why it is all up to you to decide which payment service best corresponds with your personal needs and preferences.