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Philadephia’s Live! Casino Operator to Reveal More about Proposed Category 4 Casino

Pennsylvania’s gambling expansion is expected to bring more to the region but for the time being the second winning bid for the construction of a new satellite casino venue in Westmoreland County remains in the plans only. The end of this week is set to witness more information being revealed in relation to the mini-casino which would be operated by Stadium Casino LLC in the foreseeable future.

Even though the topic has caused quite the stir in the local gaming field and many people have been interested in the latest development around them, mini-casinos remain one of the projects which has not seen much happening in the past months. Interest towards participation in the said bids for a Category 4 casino licensing gradually declined and the last auction took place in April. It could be recalled that back in January the Stadium Casino LLC was one of the first enthusiasts willing to make a winning bid in the second auction for a satellite casino licensing which also turned out being one of the larger ones.

The bid itself amounted to some $40,100,005 and it was the largest one among the four proposed amounts for a casino permit. Stadium Casinos LLC is the casino developer and operator that would be overseeing the management of Live! Hotel and Casino currently being constructed in Philadelphia for $600 million. That venue is already on its way to excite the community and it is set to officially launch in 2020, according to the previously disclosed information. In the meantime, plans for the mini-casino development have been kept secret up until this moment.

The casino developer is willing to explore the field and what it has on offer, which is the main reason why it is striving to set foot in several directions, branching out its development. The proposed location for the satellite casino venue was set for to Derry Township, located close to Pittsburgh. Being one of the largest cities in the state, this would mean that casino patrons would find their way to the mini-casino easily. In addition to that, the casino developer is also going to have its development in Philadelphia, securing the two largest markets on a state level.

More Details on Mini Casino Coming Soon

Moreover, the casino developer is also willing to explore Pennsylvania’s online gaming opportunities with the help of a $10-million iGaming license. This proves that the company is willing to reserve a spot, making sure it has set the ground once operation commences.

According to the rules established when it comes to satellite casino venues, developers have to disclose their plans for the construction within half a year following the approval they receive. They should include information about the exact location of the casino facility in order for them to be granted a license for operation and green light to commence work on the construction.

The Maryland-based casino developer should make clear its intentions before the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board by the end of this week which is when the deadline is set for. Dough Harbach is the Spokesman of PGCB and he stated that further detailing of the proposed casino venue is expected by the authority by the end of this week. However, for the time being, the region is still only making guesses whether or not a casino location would emerge in the proposed Derry Township.

The Supervisor of the region Dave Slifka stated that if there were in fact plans for the development of such a casino facility, the community would have already found out about them. Meanwhile, Route 22 provides convenient lots for the construction of such mini-casino, offering easy access and they could be utilized by the casino developer.

If this weekend witnesses the details submission, this would mean that the Stadium Casinos LLC is the first operator to make the move and have its plans issued publicly. Next month was scheduled to see the deadline for Mount Airy Casino which is also another bidder for Category 4 license, but as it is known now, an extension was received and the developer would have until 12th October to decide on the exact location of its satellite casino venue.

 Author: Harrison Young

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